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JAMES Phyllis Dorothy

( English writer, master detective)

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Biography JAMES Phyllis Dorothy
photo JAMES Phyllis Dorothy
James, Phyllis Dorothy (James, Phyllis Dorothy) (p. 1920), British novelist, a master detective, matured in the tradition of A. Christie, MI Ollingem and D. Sayers. The famous author of mystery novels and a historian of the genre Dzh.Saymons called her 'the queen of the novel about crimes'. Among the writers that have had a significant influence on her, James called, in addition to AD, Osten, I. In, H. Green, E. Trollope and D. Sayers.

James was born on August 3, 1920 in Oxford. Grew up in Cambridge University, visited the women's high school, due to lack of funds has completed formal education at age 16. During the Second World War, worked as a nurse under the 'Red Cross'. In 1941 she married E. K. B. White, who returned from the war mentally ill, and she had to take care until his death in 1964. From 1949 to 1968, worked to support a family with two children in the NHS, which served as the background of a number of her works. In 1968 was adopted on a competitive basis to serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has worked in various departments, including the Criminal Investigation (1972-1979). In order to devote himself to literature, in 1979 left the civil service continued until 1984 to work on a voluntary basis, in t.ch. magistrate. In recent years, actively participating in the liturgical commission of the Anglican Church.

First novel, James - "Close to her face" (Cover Her Face, 1962), it appears Adam Dalgleish detective investigating a crime committed in a typical English Manor. Unlike Sherlock Holmes or Lord Peter by D. Sayers, Dalglish - a professional detective, cooperating with Scotland Yard. Dalglish is shown as a sensitive man, polite, dug into himself, his politeness sometimes strives to obscure the professional acumen. The action of her second novel, "Murder in the clinic" (A Mind to Murder, 1963), occurs in a psychiatric clinic. Effects of the third, "The mysterious murder" (Unnatural Causes, 1967) - in the county of Suffolk, where Dalglish is on vacation. Events of the fourth book, "The Mystery of 'Nightingale'" (Shroud for a Nightingale, 1971), unfolding in a medical college. In this novel, the writer awarded the 'Silver Dagger', rewarding 'Association of the British detective and a political novel', and awards 'Edgar' award 'the Society of American detective'.

Novel "is not a woman's case" (An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, 1972) introduces readers to Cordelia Gray to head a detective agency, after its senior partner, committed suicide. James Gray uses, as well as D. Sayers - its Herriet Wayne (primarily in the novel "Holiday Night" - Gaudy Night, 1935), also as an occasion to raise a feminist theme. Adam Dalgleish is playing in this novel a minor role, but his brief contact with Gray, in particular the latter, lead to the delight of admirers and James Dalglish. The novel won 'Scroll', awarded by the 'Society of American detective'.

In subsequent novels Dalglish raises in rank and in the "Black Tower" (The Black Tower, 1975) he was lieutenant-colonel - the highest in its occupational title. The effect of this most beloved writer of the novel takes place in Dorset, homes for the disabled, where overly cautious killer indulges in all serious

. "The death of an expert witness" (Death of an Expert Witness, . 1977) sends a lieutenant Dalglish in the village not far from Cambridge to investigate the murder of a forensic laboratory, . where taken to the forensic evidence obtained by police,
. In the novel "Blood to blame" (Innocent Blood, 1980), deprived of official signs of a detective, James shows how evil can cause true. In the story need not find the killer, and the identity: Philip Polfri, adoptee in infancy, reached vosemnadtsatiletiya and wants to exercise their right to know who her real mother. After this novel for a writer's reputation Wizard. "The skull beneath the skin" (The Skull Beneath the Skin, 1982) returns readers Cordelia Gray. It is believed that the novel is a clever parody: his characters are lured to a remote island that looks like a plot situation "Ten Little Indians" (1939) A. Christy. In the skull, the writer carefully uses other narrative passages from different sources.

After protracted for fans of James and literary critics lack Dalglish, he reappears in the novel "The taste for death" (A Taste for Death, 1985). The plot is the discovery in the sacristy of one of London's churches two dead, and then starts one of the most difficult cases Dalglish. In the "means and desire" (Devices and Desires, 1989) Dalglish reveals secrets related to nuclear power, and James reaches heights in its genre. She again alters his novel "Children of men" (The Children of Men, 1992), whose action deferred to the future. England 2021 is presented in this cautionary tale as lost control of society, unable to reproduce, but still able to show love. The plot of the novel "Original Sin" (Original Sin, 1994) leads Dalglish to publishers. In "A certain justice" (A Certain Justice, 1997), he falls into a peculiar and self-enclosed world of the London courts and law firms. "Death in the spiritual dignity of" (Death in Holy Orders, 2001) - the last novel to date with Dalglish, who became the quintessential art James. The book immediately became a bestseller in England.

In 1971, co-authored with TA Krichli James wrote the book "the mallet, and pear" (The Maul and the Pear Tree) on the committed in London in the 19. murder, details of which are preserved in the archives of the city. In 2000 the book "It's time to talk seriously: A fragment of autobiography" (Time to Be in Earnest: A Fragment of an Autobiography).

In 1982, in London's West End was set her play "The Secret treason" (A Private Treason).

In addition to the title of Baroness, obtained in 1991, James was honored in 1983 with the Order of the British Empire, and in 1992 became the lady of the Order of the British Empire III degree.

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JAMES Phyllis Dorothy, photo, biography
JAMES Phyllis Dorothy, photo, biography JAMES Phyllis Dorothy  English writer, master detective, photo, biography
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