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Anatoly A. KIM

( Russian novelist, dramatist)

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Biography Anatoly A. KIM
KIM, Anatoly A. (p. 1939), Russian novelist, dramatist. Born June 15, 1939 in s.Sergievka Tyulkubas district of Shymkent region. (Kazakhstan) in a family of teachers, the Koreans, whose ancestors had settled in Russia in the mid-19. He studied at the Moscow Art School 'memory of 1905', as both a painter and decorator own books. In 1971 he graduated from Literary Institute. Gorky. He began with the publication of stories and novels, . thematically related to the Far East and Sakhalin, and bearing the stamp of the Korean national outlook, . Life, . folklore and artistic imagery, . sometimes reminiscent of a clear and masterly graphic South Asian masters (stories "Brier Myoko", . "Watercolor" both 1973; story "Bow dandelion", . 1975; collections "Blue Island", . 1976, . Four confession ", . 1978, . Nightingale echo ", . 1976, . publ,
. 1980, "Jade Belt, 1981," herb gatherers ", 1980, published. 1983, with a dedication to 'my dear mother'). The tendency to the lyrical-philosophical meditative scene blur, slow, detailed, thoughtful deployment story appeared in the novel Kim, "The Onion Field" (1976, publ. 1978), . where the hero launched one of the characteristic of our native literature 1970-1990, . her apology autsayderstva, . types - seedy tramp, . endowed, . for all the disorderliness of life outside, . psychological subtlety and spiritual purity, . and 'ideological' load assume Transverse images of characters, . hallmark unity of humankind and nature,
. Rafting rhetoric, . semantic meaningfully ( 'false', . according to some critics), and poetic, . reinforced by the rhythmic organization of the verbal texture of the narrative and external anomaly, . altering the angle of view, . temporal and spatial localization, . Kim separates prose from the illusion of authenticity, . closer to the symbolic universality even in cases, . when the plot laid lifelike situation (story "Lotus", . 1980, . which describes the parting of the artist with his dying mother, . and Death, . the traditions, . close to Buddhism and Sufism, . acts as a process of transfiguration of the soul, . and Creativity - in the spirit of well-known Latin maxim of 'eternity' of art - as a way to give immortality of earthly existence),
. Reality and myth, . psychology and discourse, . zoomorphism and cross-cutting for Kim's thesis about the interconnectedness of all things and vzaimoperehodnosti, . embodied in the idea of transmigration of souls, . distinguished and one of the most notable works of Kim - a novel-a fairy tale "Squirrel" (1985),
. The fate of four friends-artists 'conspiracy of beasts', the problem of evil and 'beasts' (ie. Mephistophelean, of Satan) in human nature, continuing a productive lines of Western philosophical novel 20 in. ( "People or animals?" Vercors), . Kim allowed a ratio of finite and sinful human being with an eternal truth of art, . provides opportunities for people through the act of creation (soravnogo divine act of creation) in the long run to gain its highest, . anti-animal's essence and immortality, . bestowed as a reward to, . who 'will create your life as a human', . creating a, . not killing (because you can not become immortal, . taking away the life of another),
. Interpretation of the 'artist', . 'creative person' as the best representative of the genus, . opposing replete earthiness, . 'Animals' philistine (philistine, , . inhabitant), . has its first literary precedent for the concept of the German romantics (E. T. A. Hoffmann, . brothers AV,
. and F. Schlegel), . which (especially the first) Kim have in common and eclecticism 'mosaic' narrative, . mysterious and fantasmagoriynost multifaceted text (secret - one of the key concepts of poetics Kim), . verbal redundancy, . attention to the phenomena of reincarnation,
. The latter, coupled with a look at the civilization with space point of view, and dire forecasts about the future of humanity, manifested in the famous novel-parable, Kim - "Father-Forest" (1989). 'Poly' images of three generations of aristocratic family Tourayev, . destinies and thoughts are closely associated with the powerful and mysterious life of a large forest Meshchersky, . helping them to move from the hustle, . pettiness and anger in a bright sense of joyful confluence with the world, . merchant Ferrapontov, . Sergeant Obrezova and other, . interwoven with images of snake-dragon and a tree, . symbolizes so close to Kim the idea of unity of the planet, . in which a man brings disharmony, . mindlessly destroying forest, . natural environment is not only an invasion of her (valued image of the goddess of fertility Demeter, the Earth, . 'divorced' from the peasant and the 'mechanical' raped chemicals, etc.), . but a departure from the 'law' tree, . embodies the ultimate freedom: intensive inner work (Kim shares the Buddhist theory of spirituality of all forms of life on earth) in the absence of any violence, . denial of freedom of another,
. This becomes especially clear Christian trend that languished in the crucible of the manifold religious and philosophical strata prose Kim (in t.ch. outcome of the novel "Squirrel": '... must steadfastly and tirelessly work to build up a general power of good'). Christ himself is the Star (and sorry) guests at the end of the novel, . leaving his hero - a bunch of human passions and pain - one of hope: "In this new world I first die of hatred, . that comes from my solitude, . and then rise again from the love, . that can not die with me,
. And the land will grow a new forest, fragrant, without wrath and evil ... '

. 'Noosphere', . by definition, some critics, . artistic thinking Kim is modified in a fantastic, mythical philosophical parable in the story "Town centaurs" (1992), . where traditions, . to mind Dzh.Svifta, . writer tells about the conflict of two worlds: the visible, . vain and sinful, . in which people live and antagonistic, . Centaurs, . horse and Amazons, . and higher, . invisible - the all-powerful beings, . executors moral court over 'pet' world, . mankind, . eventually destroys itself by gravitation to the animal, . its selfish brute sensuality,

In the novel "Onliriya" (1995) philosophical providential symbols deployed writer on the basis of biblical texts and Manichean view of the history of mankind as the World Game, between God and created by the prince of evil. Here, however, Kim believes it is possible and the salvation of mankind, its resurrection in the kingdom of immortality Onlirii. Prose Kim is one of the options for continuing the line, . scheduled in modern Soviet literature science fiction scientists IA Efremov (novel "The Andromeda Nebula", etc.), . with the desire to cosmism and intellectual analysis - taking into account, . however, . greater lyricism, . complex metaphor, . Scene blur (especially in the early works), . introduction of religious and mythological symbols and heightened 'environmental' perspective for Kim and the sign of a fundamentally different relationship to the growing power of the technocratic man, . Kim estimated as arrogant and diabolical way to self-destruction.,

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Anatoly A. KIM, photo, biography
Anatoly A. KIM, photo, biography Anatoly A. KIM  Russian novelist, dramatist, photo, biography
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