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Kuzmin-Karavaeva Elizaveta Yu

( Russian poetess)

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Biography Kuzmin-Karavaeva Elizaveta Yu
Kuzmin-Karavaeva, Elizaveta Yu (1891-1945), Russian poet. In exile since 1919. In 1932 became a nun in the world, taking the name Maria (in honor of St. Mary of Egypt). The latter's lifetime collection of "Poems" (1937) was signed by 'The nun Maria'.
Born 8 (20) December 1891 in Riga. In his youth, was an active member of the St. Petersburg art life, . frequently attended meetings in the cabin Vyach.Ivanova, . She was friends with Alexander Blok, . who dedicated her poem 'When you stand in my way ...', . which gave advice to love the sky more, . than 'rhymed and unrhymed speech on the earth and the sky',
. Written in exile essay Kuzmina-Karavaeva "Last Roman" conveyed the atmosphere of coming to the end of the Silver Age, which is perceived as 'the dying time' when the prevailing 'senile all befell, cooled to the entire wisdom'.

Kuzmina-Karavaeva (nee Pilenko, the second husband - Skobtsova) was the first 'Poetry Workshop', but the impact acmeism on her poetry can be traced only in the early collection of "Scythian shards" (1912). It grew out of childhood experiences, held under the Anapa, and returns from oblivion 'fragments of the former', which will remind 'the feast of the dawn barrow' itself 'steppe, where with God through the ages the two of us'. Subsequently, it became much stronger influence Block, . Kuzmina-Karavaeva which were read to youth, . when the listener was philosophical department Bestuzhev courses (article "Meetings with the Bloc, it was published by the fifteenth anniversary of the poet's death, . 1936),
. Collection "Ruth" (1916), . Blok where the dominant theme of suffering, a spiritual path correlated with the image of the biblical King David's great-grandmother - she collects 'a scattered sheaf', . to leave the ears on the threshold of the, . who are poor, . - Identified the main lyrical theme Kuzmina-Karavaeva,
. He was wandering, . which leads to the heights, . but only then, . to, . lamenting the 'dead man's my soul', . done way back, . because of the man - to dwell 'among marine plains', . doing 'only cause of death' and are always mindful of the immortality, . of eternity,

. The idea of asceticism, . became a life's vocation Mother Mary, . ripen as early as the St. Petersburg period of his life Kuzmina-Karavaeva, . at that time belonged to the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, . and after the February Revolution did the mayor of Anapa and was almost shot Denikinists,
. After Constantinople and Belgrade in 1923, she got to Paris. During these years, and was written under the pseudonym Yuri Danilov published an autobiographical novel, "Plain Russian" (Chronicle of our day) (1924). Since the late 1920's Kuzmina-Karavaeva working in publishing 'YMCA-Press', for which she produced two volumes of the Lives (1927) and a series of short monographs on the Russian religious philosophers (1929). Her articles are published in the journals 'Path' and 'new castle', has as its goal the revival of Christian thought and ethics after the disaster left over Russia

. All their energy, . especially after the tonsure, . Maria gave her mother by her fraternity 'Orthodox Case', . which was the center of social and spiritual assistance to the desperate, . and the Religious-Philosophical Academy, . directed by N. Berdyaev (Kuzmina-Karavaeva was its secretary), . and the Orthodox community on the outskirts of Paris,

In the years of war and occupation of this community has provided shelter to many hundreds of people persecuted by Nazis. Here they receive a certificate of membership of the Orthodox Church, their children were transported to the province. Denounced by the Gestapo in February 1943 arrested the mother Mary, and she was sent to Ravensbrц+ck concentration camp and burned in a gas oven 31 March 1945. Posthumously came "Poetry, poems, mysteries. Memoirs of the arrest and camp in Ravensbrц+ck (1947) and the book "Poems" (1949), published by the Society of Friends of Mother Maria (1949).

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Kuzmin-Karavaeva Elizaveta Yu, photo, biography
Kuzmin-Karavaeva Elizaveta Yu, photo, biography Kuzmin-Karavaeva Elizaveta Yu  Russian poetess, photo, biography
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