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Kutz, John

( South African novelist, critic, translator)

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Biography Kutz, John
Kutz, John (Coetzee, John) (p. 1940), South African novelist, critic, translator. Homeland often serves as a writer in his work background, which reveals the influence of a totalitarian society in the fate of people.

Born February 9, 1940 in Cape Town. In 1960, received a bachelor of arts degree in the University of Cape Town, the same in 1963 became Grand Master in 1969 at the University of Texas he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Back in 1971 in South Africa, taught English at the University of Cape Town, a professor read the general course of literature.

The first book Kutz "gloomy earth" (Dusklands, 1974) were two stories - "Vietnam Project" (The Vietnam Project) and "Jacob Kutz says" (The Narrative of Jacobus Coetzee). Recognized impressive debut, together they demonstrate the two possible outcomes of the conflict between the individual and society. The novel "In the heart of the country" (In the Heart of the Country, 1977) confirmed the professionalism of the writer, is putting the violence and alienation as the essence of the colonial policy of the White. The novel was greeted with enthusiasm and brought the world-famous writer. In 1977, Kutz received for his home South African literary prize. In the novel was filmed in the UK film "Dust" (1986).

The novel "Waiting for the Barbarians" (Waiting for the Barbarians, 1980) earned him second in the 1980 National Literary Prize, and awards, James Tate and Jeffrey Faber. As wrote E. Burgess, "Kutz succinctly and brilliantly marked one of the major challenges of our time: how to understand the mentality of allowing cruelty and injustice '. Fourth novel, "Life and Times of Michael K." (Life and Times of Michael K., 1983), was marked in 1983 the prestigious 'Booker'. The hero of the novel, a man of quite ordinary, it turns out during the civil war at the mercy of circumstances that he is unable to comprehend and which can not cope. While Kutz himself denies any conscious imitation, critics viewed the title character similar to the Josef K. Process of Kafka.

The author of the novel "rival" (Foe, 1986), which gives a new interpretation of the image of Robinson Crusoe, novels, The Age of Iron "(Age of Iron, 1990)," Master Pietersburg "(The Master of Petersburg, 1994).

Enthusiastically welcomed criticism of the novel "Shame" (Disgrace, 1999) remains the apex of creativity Kutz. An event in the literary world has been awarded writer of the second 'Booker'. 'Kutz, whose prose is stingy, but full of emotion, - wrote the critic - has created a work that will live long. The novel is fascinating, is in his power and is similar in that a stranger, Camus'

. Impressive creative productivity Kutz: a collection of essays "White write: writer's culture in South Africa" (White Writing: On the Culture of Letters in South Africa, . 1988), . "Secondary to the main point: essays and interviews" (Doubling the Point: Essays and Interviews, . 1992), . "Insulting: Essays on Censorship" (Giving Offence: Essays on Censorship, . 1996), . autobiographical experience "Scenes of provincial life since adolescence" (Boyhood Scenes from a Provincial Life, . 1997), . Life of Animals "(The Lives of Animals, . 1999),
. In addition to the literary and teaching activities, Kutz deals translated from Dutch, German and French, as well as Afrikaans.

Among the many awards received by Kutz, stands Jerusalem Prize (1987), awarded by the 'man, who managed to become a free person'.

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Kutz, John, photo, biography
Kutz, John, photo, biography Kutz, John  South African novelist, critic, translator, photo, biography
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