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Vivien Leonid Sergeevich

( Russian actor, director, teacher)

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Biography Vivien Leonid Sergeevich
Vivien, Leonid Sergeevich (1887-1966), Russian actor, director, teacher. Born 17 (29) April 1887 in Voronezh. In 1910 he graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in St. Petersburg on specialty "Engineer of reinforced concrete structures'. In the same year he entered the Petersburg Theater School (class VN Davydova). As a student visiting the studio at Borodino at the invitation Vs.Meyerholda. Borodino was not only a studio, but the circle of people who are keen aesthetic ideas of restructuring the theater. In the production of "Masquerade" Meyerhold instructed Vivien role of Pierrot - this was the first role in "Masquerade, played Vivien. Since 1911, spoke at the Alexandrinsky Theater. During training played a role Zhadov "A Profitable Post" Paradise ( "Precipice"), Tomilin ( "Gust" Rakshanina), etc.. After graduation in 1913, was enrolled in the troupe Alexandrinka. He created the inspector general, Nesnamof, Glumov ( "Even a Wise Man Stumbles"), Higgins ( "Pygmalion"), Karandyshev ( "Bride"), etc.. In 1915 he toured in Petrozavodsk in the troupe B. Berthelsen. In 1916, for production of the play Andreeva Who Gets Slapped Vivien met with the director NV Petrov. Petrov made to Alexandrinsky 'MAT jet', but for Vivien time adjustment was particularly important. Together with Petrov them in the theater school was the lecture on performing arts school teachers.

In 1917-1918 was a member of the Interim Committee and the Council Aleksandrinsky theater, promoting change in the aesthetic and ideological foundations of the theater. By decision of the Council resumed Masquerade, and Vivien landed a role Arbenina. In 1918 was organized by the acting schools (SHAM, now St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art), and Vivien was appointed rector. SHAM goal was to teach the student skills and foster a conscious attitude to the art. In 1919, Vivien has established two mobile company to service in the Civil War. The spring of 1922 on the basis of acting schools and courses mastery stage preparations appeared Institute of Performing Arts (ISI), headed by Vivian. Simultaneously, he continued teaching work in the school-studio at the Academic Theater of Drama (formerly Alexandrinka). Cast Vivien's work of this period differed logical clarity of image building, workshop modeling characters: Peter ( "Philistines"), Protasov ( "Children of the Sun"), Yakov Bardin ( "Enemies"), Eugene (Eugene unfortunate "Toller), Iago, and others. He played the role of Bobrov ( "Fear" Afinogenov), Plato, Merlin, professor Zabelin ( "The Kremlin chimes"). In 1924 he made his debut as a director, staged "Virineya" Seifullina and Pravdukhina and Pugachevshchina "Trenev. In the 1930's tours extensively around the country.

In 1933 was appointed artistic director of Theater of the Red Army, formed on the basis of the State branch of the drama. (Subsequently, TCA was transformed and became known as "Theater under the direction of LS Vivien ', later - Realistic Theater. Performances - "Truth is good, but happiness luchshe2," Chapaev "," Storm "," Boris Godunov "). Placed them in the theater performance of "Think of Britannica Vivien became a landmark.

Since 1938 - the principal director and artistic director of the Leningrad Academic Theater named after Pushkin. In 1939 the theater the first time in full force arrived on tour in Moscow. In touring repertory performances were "Masquerade", "Forest", "Lenin", "Wedding" and others. In the same year Vivien approved in the academic rank of professor in the department of acting of the Leningrad Theatrical Institute.

At the beginning of the war, along with the theater was evacuated to Novosibirsk, where the indoor theater 'Red Torch' continues to work actively as a director and actor. One of his best work is resumed play "Plato Krechet Korneichuk, which acts as Vivienne Plato. Plays raised them in the period 1940-1950-ies, different depth of the disclosure of the director's intention, a clear psychological development of characters. Among his best directorial work - "Macbeth" (1939), . "Russian people" (1943), . "Invasion" (1944), . "Great Emperor" Solovyov (1945), . "Uncle Vanya" (1946), . "Life in Bloom" Dovzhenko (1947), . "Unforgettable 1919" Vishnevsky (1949), . "Seagull" (1954), . Gambler Dostoevsky (in 1957 with V. Ehrenberg),
. Since 1957 he headed the Department of directing the Leningrad Theatrical Institute. Among his students - V. Golubev, N. Simonov, VV Merkur'ev, EP Karjakin, OG Kazik, etc..

As an active member of the All-Russia Theatrical Society Vivienne attended the Leningrad branch of government, worked as part of the permanent commission for cultural and educational work. He played for the provision of managers of large theaters in the creative rights issues. Acted in films: Rostovtsev ( "Baltic sailors, 1937), Tyrtov (" Alexander Popov, 1949). In 1951 and 1959, Pushkin Theater on tour in Poland ( "Unforgettable 1919", "Twelfth Night", "optimistic tragedy", etc.). In 1950-1960-ies to stage performances: "The Inspector" (1952), "The Lower Depths" (1956), "Running" (1958), "All remains to people" S. Aleshin (1959), "Small Tragedies" (1962 ). Vivien failed to realize his dream - a new production of "Masquerade".

Vivian died in Leningrad on Aug. 1, 1966.

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Vivien Leonid Sergeevich, photo, biography
Vivien Leonid Sergeevich, photo, biography Vivien Leonid Sergeevich  Russian actor, director, teacher, photo, biography
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