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Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj

( People's Artist of USSR, and laureate of State Prize of Russia.)

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Biography Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj
photo Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj
Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoе?, was born December 17, 1928 in Kiev.

His father during the Civil War fought on the side of the red, then hit the apparatus of the NKVD and the mid 30-ies pretty high up on the service. In 1937, his "lucky" - along with his family just sent in a link in the Kirov region. In 1941 the family armor allowed to return to Kiev, but the war started and they were evacuated to Kazakhstan.

In 1944, Leonid graduated seven classes, and while studying he worked part time whenever possible. Last year, Leonid Bronevoj passed examinations for the remaining secondary schools, but to do journalism or diplomacy, as we wanted, he could not - interfere with the stamp of his son "an enemy of the people", so he chose the Tashkent State Institute of Theatrical Arts (TGITI them. A. N. Ostrowski).

After distribution Bronevoj since 1950 has worked in theaters in Magnitogorsk and Orenburg. In 1953 he took a chance and went to Moscow, where he was able to immediately enter the third year at Moscow Art Theater School. After high school studio actor again stayed in Moscow and Grozny was in theaters, Voronezh, Irkutsk.

Only in 1961, Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj settled in the Little Theater on the armor and became the leading actor of the theater. Most significant in this period were roles in set A. Efros: "Marriage" by N. Gogol, "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, "Tales of Old Arbat, A. Arbuzov," Director of Theater "I. Dvoretzky.

. More than twenty years of Leonid Bronevoy was devoted to this theater, and since 1988 he has played with Mark Zakharov at the Theater Lenkom
. Among the significant works in this theater is worth noting Krutitsa in the "wise men" (in A. Ostrovsky), Dorn in The Seagull "A. Chekhov, Norfolk in the Royal games "G. Gorin.

In film Bronevoj debuted in 1965, the role of gendarme colonel in the film "Comrade Arseny". The real discovery of Leonid armor as a film actor was the role of Gestapo Heinrich Mц+ller in the now legendary dvenadtsatiseriynom Tatyana Lioznova television movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (1973) - for the friendly guise of an oil and contented cat hides brutal cynic, . sinister actor reveals the essence of which is only occasionally, . bright and sharp stroke,

And in his other roles Bronevoj attaches special attention to seemingly insignificant details, through which reveals the deeper nature of his characters, no matter what age they may belong. Among the notable roles of the actor - Peter Dampfi in the "armed and dangerous", the Duke in "the very Munchausen", Manuilov in Aegon Velours in Pokrovsky Gate "A doctor in" Formula of Love ".

. Tank's ability to create a complete psychological profile, even in the episode is highly valued by many directors and one of the last works of such a plan - a small role tailor big man in the "schizophrenia"
. Whole Armor played over 50 roles in film.

A special page in the works of LS. Armor - participating in television productions, AV. Efros, "Just a few words in honor of Monsieur de Moliere" and "Boris Godunov".

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  • Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj
  • Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj

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Leonid Sergeevich BronevojLeonid Sergeevich Bronevoj

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Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj, photo, biography
Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj, photo, biography Leonid Sergeevich Bronevoj  People's Artist of USSR, and laureate of State Prize of Russia., photo, biography
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