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GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead)

( American musical group)

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Biography GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead)
GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead), an American musical group. Was formed in 1965 in San Francisco. Initial composition: Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia) - Guitar, . Vocals, . Bob Weir (Bob Weir) - Guitar, . Vocals, . Phil Lesh (Phil Lesh) - bass guitar, . Vocals, . Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan (Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan) - keyboards, . Vocals, . Kroytsmann Bill (Bill Kreutzmann) - drums,

'Greytful Dead' - is not only a band, but a special kind of social and cultural phenomenon. Little known in Russia, . in many countries around the world and especially in the U.S., this group is a cult in the literal sense: in addition to ordinary listeners and fans 'Greytful Dead' community there is very loyal fans, . called 'Dead Hedz' (Dead Heads, . that slang means 'possessed' Greytful Dead''),
. Since the late 1960's 'Dead Hedz' followed the group everywhere, wherever it appeared (a 'Greytful Dead' has toured extensively). After the death of band leader Jerry Garcia in 1995 and the formal dissolution of the collective 'Dead Hedz' did not cease their activities, supporting the group of former participants 'Greytful Dead'.

'Greytful Dead' - one of the main representatives of the psychedelic rock. This music is largely determined by the hallucinogenic experience, which reflected either in texts or in music or in fact and in another. The difference between 'Greytful Dead' from other groups of the psychedelic direction lies in the fact that the starting point of their work was not so much the musical avant-garde and not only the electric blues, as with most bands end of 1960. They are in their songs were based on the traditions of American folk country music (country).

The phenomenon of the group, but not limited to the musical side of their creativity. They are always surrounded by a special atmosphere, maintained and supported by the musicians and their fans. Being in the late 1960's, along with Jimi Hendrix, . 'Jefferson Airplane' (Jefferson Airplane), . 'Love' (Love), . 'Pink Floyd' panelists bright psychedelic movement, . era hippies, . they transferred the value of the time and in subsequent decades, . with the, . that in the early 1970's, many other large groups of the movement collapsed or abandoned old ideas,
. 'Greytful Dead' remained virtually the only preserved the spirit of the time, and they became symbols of the era of free. Despite the rather ominous name and symbols, music and reputation of the group was very soft and positive.

The core of the group took shape in 1964 when Jerry Garcia, McKiernan, and Weir came together in a collective 'Mather McCreath Aptaun Jago Chempionz' (Mother McCrees's Uptown Jug Champions), played by traditional American music: folk and country. Garcia from his youth fond of country music, in particular style of Bluegrass (bluegrass), which is clearly evident as in music 'Greytful Dead', and even brighter - in his solo projects.

Some time later, influenced by McKernan, the group changed its direction and began to play electric blues. Under the title 'Ze Uorloks' (The Warlocks) have become known as a permanent team of 'merry prenksterz' (merry pranksters / 'merry Prokaznikov'), . Community, . which was led by celebrated author Ken Kesey (Ken Kesey), . author of the novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest",
. They preached free lifestyle and experimentation with psychedelic drugs, in particular, even if not forbidden LSD.

In 1965 they took the new name 'Greytful Dead' / 'The grateful Dead' (the same name by folk songs telling about the funeral of the poor). By the time the group had considerable popularity, which continued to grow. The main element in speeches was improvisation: any song turned into a monumental psychedelic painting by a long and inventive solos Garcia, Weir and other members.

The effect produced by the music amplified using complex svetoapparatury that specifically for the group gathered experimental scientists Ousli Stanley (Stanley Awsley). That's live performances were the main means of interaction with listeners, musicians, . and even many live albums 'Greytful Dead' can not fully convey the atmosphere of these performances, . which could last up to 5 hours or more and were not only musical performances, . but also special rituals for the fans,

Studio album contain compressed versions of songs, so they were more commercially successful. In 1967 released their first album, titled simply "Greytful Dead", consisting mainly of short rhythm and blues numbers. Was followed by "Anthem of the Sun" (Anthem of the Sun) (1968) and "Aoksomoksoa" (Aoxomoxoa, . 1969) - albums with a distinct psychedelic sounds, . nominated 'Greytful Dead' in the first series of groups of American acid rock (acid-rock, . 'Acid Rock' - widely used in the 1960 term, . denoting music, . is associated with LSD),

In 1970 the band released two albums in a different way. Semi-acoustic, containing almost pure country music and folk-rock, these discs ( "The working man is dead" (Workingman's Dead) and "American Beauty" (American Beauty) is one of the best and most popular in the history of. They include such classic numbers, . as "Uncle John's Orchestra" (Uncle John's Band), . "Casey Jones" (Casey Jones), . "Ripple" (Ripple) - a kind of anthem fans), . "A friend of the devil" (Friend of the Devil), . "While traveling on the bus" (Truckin '), etc.,

. Other successful studio discs Group - "Blues for Allah" (Blues for Allah, . 1975), . gravitates towards jazz, . "Metro Water Car" (Terrapin Station, . 1977) and the 1987 album "In the darkness" (In the Dark), . released after years of interruption and commercially successful single, "Smear gray paint" (Touch of Grey),

. Among the concert recordings stand out albums: "Living Dead" (Live Dead, . 1970), . containing one of the most famous of their songs - "Dark Star" (Dark Star), . triple-disc "Europa-72" (Europe'72), . "From the hotel 'Mars'" (From the Mars Hotel, . 1974), . "Payment" (Reckoning, . 1981 - acoustic concert),

Multiple entries continue to go after the group disbanded in 1995. Musicians officially allowed students to freely make notes during the concert, thereby demonstrating its respect for students and disregard for the laws of show business

. 'Greytful Dead' repeatedly gave charity concerts, the most spectacular was the performance at the foot of the pyramids during a lunar eclipse in support of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities in 1978

. Throughout history, the core group remained Jerry Garcia, leader and chief ideologue, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh
. In 1973, he died from gastric bleeding is one of the founding team - Ron "Pigpen" McKiernan, who took a seat klavshinika Godsho Keith (Keith Godchaux), which led to the group and his wife - on backing vocals, died in a road accident in 1980. Next keyboardist - Midland Brent (Brent Mydland) died in 1990 from an overdose of drugs. In August 1995 death of Jerry Garcia summed up the final stage in the history of 'Greytful Dead'.

Survivors musicians 'Greytful Dead' do solo work and occasionally act together under the title 'Other' (The Other Ones). Own projects from members of the group appeared in 1970, a special activity showed Jerry Garcia, collaborated with different musicians, including country musicians. He was also known as an artist, and some of his drawings were the basis for design through tie, appeared in the 1980.

With Bob Weir called 'Pat Dog' (Rat Dog (Dog-rat)), have their own teams from Lesch, percussionist Mickey Hart (Mickey Hart) and other musicians.

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GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead), photo, biography
GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead), photo, biography GREYTFUL DED (Gratful Dead)  American musical group, photo, biography
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