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Olga Glebova-Sudeikina Afanasyevna

( Russian actress, dancer, painter, sculptor)

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Biography Olga Glebova-Sudeikina Afanasyevna
Glebova-Sudeikina, OLGA Afanasyevna (1885-1945), Russian actress, dancer, painter, sculptor. According to Anna Akhmatova, . Glebova-Sudeikina was one of the most vivid symbols of their time, . friend and muse of many contemporary poets (M. Kuzmin, . Akhmatova, . F. Sologub, . V. Knyazev, . I. Severianin, . Ivanova, . Vs.Rozhdestvenskogo), . mentioned in the letters and works of Alexander Blok, . the legend, . is devoted to her poem "In the restaurant" (1910),

Born in 1885 in St. Petersburg. Its main passion was the theater, in 1902 was admitted to the Imperial Theater School in St. Petersburg in the spring of 1905 received a diploma from. She studied at the famous actor Alexandrinsky Theater VN Davydova, . attracted the attention of participation in the examination performances (the Countess's granddaughter-in "Woe from Wit", . Bronk in the drama Przybyszewski S. Snow, . Claudius in "Children of Vanyushina" S. Naidenova, . Annie in "farewell dinner" A. Schnitzler),
. From September 1, 1905 to September 1, 1906 to play in the Aleksandrinsky theater troupe, where only accept the best graduates Theater School. It became a favorite student of this period K. Varlamov, remembered contemporaries roles Anya (The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov) and artist ( "God's flower garden" AI Kosorotova). In 1906, . attracting modern theater quest, . made an engagement at the Drama Theater Komissarzhevskaya (Berta in "Hedda Gabler" by H. Ibsen, . a nun in "Sister Beatrice" M. Maeterlinck), . met here with the director Vs.Meyerholdom, . artists Sapunov, . S. Sudeikin,
. Fashion painter and decorator from the younger generation 'World of Art', Sudeikin became her husband (1907). At the end of 1906 Glebova left with Sudeikin to Moscow, passing play. Returning two days later in St. Petersburg, learned that Komissarzhevskaya refused to accept an apology and fired from the company Glebov

. Since 1907, Glebova-Sudeikina completely subordinate the interests of her husband's life - demonstrating as a model created Sudeikin toilets, . becoming the first Russian fashion model (she is represented on several postcards 1910), . but in 1909 there has been cooling between the couple and Glebova-Sudeikina returned to the stage,
. December 27, 1909 suddenly became ill Vadimova actress, who served in the St. Petersburg Maly Suvorin. As a longtime admirer Glebova-Sudeikina, theater director and publisher Suvorin invited the actress to replace Vadimovu. Between January 2 and April 24, 1910 Glebova-Sudeikina 10 times played a major role in the play Yu Belyaev, confusion, or 1840 "the year. Simultaneously, the same role in Moscow's Maly Theater played OV Gzovskaya, but the success of the play in the theater of memory associated with the name Glebova-Sudeikina. An anonymous critic in the journal 'Theater Review' wrote: 'Mme Glebova lot of natural grace, taste and penetration in the era. It is stylish, and in this respect can not be two opinions'. Role played Glebova-Sudeikina, merged with her image in "Poem Without a Hero" Akhmatova. Thanks to the fantastic success Glebova-Sudeikina was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater in St. Petersburg (another name - The literary and artistic society or Suvorin Theater). In the 1910-1911 season, played Nightingale (Chauntecleer "E. Rostand), . Anya (The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov), . Berta ( "Conspiracy Fiesco" Schiller), . Countess La Motte ( "Youth of Louis XIV" by A. Dumas), . acted in productions of the musical works of M. Kuzmin (operetta "Fun virgins" and the comic opera "The Return of Odysseus, . or Women's faithfulness "),
. In the 1912-1913 season created one of her most famous roles - in the psyche of the same name play Yu Belyaeva. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Glebova-Sudeikina was especially gifted in the art of dance, participated in the performances of classical ballet and modern dance, performed dances in the private lounges and cabarets, dancing with Nijinsky. Also differ pantomimes (in 1918 Yuri Annenkov specially for her set to 'halt comedians' ballet-pantomime Debussy KAC-Walk ", . in the same year Glebova-Sudeikina played the role of Death in Harlequinade "Merry death" N. Evreinov to 'halt the comedians'),

. Among her talents also included poetry translation (in 1966 in the archives Persits T., . girlfriend Glebova-Sudeikina, . 4 results found notebooks and notebook, . which contains the Russian translations of 29 poems from C. Baudelaire "Flowers of Evil"), . making dolls, . figurines, . Writ paintings in watercolor technique, . Gouache, . oil,
. Even before the emigration Glebova-Sudeikina been making models for the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in Petrograd (the three figures are in the Russian Museum - 'Columbine', . 'Psyche', . 'Dancer'); in Paris fired her figurines produced at Sevres, . by placing them in the Museum Galliera (1934, . 1935),

Prior to exile for several years Glebova-Sudeikina lived together with his close friend Anna Akhmatova, in 1924, went first to Berlin, then in Paris.

Glebova-Sudeikina died in Paris on 19 January 1945.

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Olga Glebova-Sudeikina Afanasyevna, photo, biography
Olga Glebova-Sudeikina Afanasyevna, photo, biography Olga Glebova-Sudeikina Afanasyevna  Russian actress, dancer, painter, sculptor, photo, biography
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