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Terrence McNally

( American playwright)

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Biography Terrence McNally
McNally, Terrence (McNally, Terrence) (p. 1939), American playwright. Born November 3, 1939 in St. Petersburg (pc. Florida), but most of his youth in Corpus Christi (pc. Texas). In 1960 he graduated from Columbia University. A year later, McNally sent his first work of writer Molly Kazan, and she offers him a job in 'Hector Studios' as a director. In 1963 occurs Broadway debut McNally: he writes for Franco Dzefirelli new script for the drama Dumas' La Dame aux Camelias "

. Thanks received from the Rockefeller Foundation grant, . 1964 McNally puts in 'Guthrie Theater Tayrona' in Minnesota, his first play: an absurd farce "At night all kinds of surprises happen", . received mixed, . which has since always be accompanied by the appearance of his new works,

In 1966, McNally received a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. During this period, he basically wrote one-act plays for theater and television. Among them - "Journey" (1966), "Botticelli" (1966, shown on 13 channels in New York television in 1968), "Noon" (1967), "Cuba si!" (1968), "Witness" (1968) and "Sweet Eros" (1968). The biggest success of these years fell to the lot of the play "Next" set, Elaine Mei. The first 'full-length' work of McNally's play "Where disappeared Tommy Flauerz?" (1971).

In 1974, McNally was awarded the prize for Oubi play "Bad habits", representing two odnoaktovki, which takes place in a madhouse. This was followed by comedy "Ritz" (1975), which had a resounding box office success and has brought Rita Moreno Tony Award 1975 for Best Supporting Actress. In 1976, Moreno, co-starred in the film adaptation of the play, directed by Richard Lester.

Next McNally play "Broadway, Broadway" (1978) descended from the stage, and before reaching a stage of the New York theater, after which the playwright's career was a pause. And only in mid-1980's he wrote the musical "Rink" (1984), the play "The Lisbon Traviata" (1985), a new version of the play "Broadway, Broadway, this time known as" It's just a play "(1986).

In 1987 was set received universal acceptance McNally play "Frankie and Johnny". Her characters - two middle-aged single man, the plot - the history of their relationships, romantic and uncompromising at the same time. The premiere took place in June 1987 in the 'Manhattan Tietr Club', in December the same year the play was moved to the 'Westside Arts tietr'. 1990 can be considered a start for a kind of 'decades McNally': he receives a prize Emmy for a televised spectacle theater "America Pleyhaus'" Andre's mother ". The play is "Lips together, teeth apart" (1991), starting to win the boards with off-Broadway premiere, in the future was put in more than 50 theaters in the U.S.. The play "The inimitable Ganesh" (1993), which at that time, many considered it "the most valued piece 'McNally, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. In 1993, playwright won 'Tony' in the category 'best musical script' for the musical "Kiss of the Spider Woman. His next work - a play "Love!" Courage! "Pity!" (1994) had a huge audience success and in 1995 brought another McNally 'Tony'.

McNally is also known as a fan of opera. For many years, was the leading opera quiz, aired on Saturdays at intervals aired opera. In the play "Master Class" (1995), his love for opera and his passion for drama, finally, they agreed together. The play, where the role of the famous opera diva Maria Callas was made by British actress Zoe Caldwell, was a real Broadway hit of the season. "Master Class" has brought a third Tony McNally (1996).

In 1998, another Tony was awarded to him for best screenplay for the musical "Ragtime". In October 2000, the Opera Theater of San Francisco premiere of the opera "Dead Man's Steps to the music of Jake Hedge. The author of the libretto by Terrence McNally was. Simultaneously came musical "Monty magnificent, which formed the basis for the famous English film. At the moment, the playwright is working on the text of a musical based on the play by Friedrich Dц?rrenmatt "Visit the old lady".

McNally - a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the Dramatists Guild.

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Terrence McNally, photo, biography
Terrence McNally, photo, biography Terrence McNally  American playwright, photo, biography
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