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SANDS, Alexander

( parodist, film and theater actor)

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Biography SANDS, Alexander
- Alexander, you think, as many as 68 images?

- It is now 70 ... Recently asked me to do Khlebnikov. It turned out so well that I included it in the program. Then there was added Vetlickaya ...

- The young characters a lot?

- Yes. Glucose, for example, a group of brilliant. There is Katya Lel, Valeria, Yura Shatunov. With Katya, we recently filmed in the program culinary challenge, I decided to play it: came on stage in her image. There was laughter!.. Another, perhaps Cher in my new program will see. But I will not reveal all the secrets ...

- Well, at least a little ...

- This is a parody show on the Song of the Year. It's called Songs of Alexander Peskov. Among other things it will be guests of the program - the artists, phrasebooks, which will go on stage and greet the public. And the audience will be very surprised when they released the same Klara Novikova, will talk to them, and then come to find out ... that's me!

- Use a stool, when the hall working on?

- Never. Even when the concert come to my friends or acquaintances, I do not use them for partnership on stage ...

There was one case of funny. Amenities Lolita (well, when I was in her way) were, as I call them, sex scene with a man from the audience. I went to the first that fell among the men, and imagine it was my producer! I simply do not know! What brought him on stage, packed as Lola knows how to do, and ... microphone accidentally broke his polzuba. I had to then restore the tooth at its expense. Until now, we laugh with him when he remembers this incident.

- Once you said: It happens so bad that I do not want to go on stage. I am not a boy, the body is tired ... And at a recent party came in the form of an artist, and not parodist, and sang a song. Decided to become serious?

- No. It was just a piece of my show. Usually at the end of the program I go out to the audience and sing their song. What I can say unsaid, as an artist to turn to public. No solo career, I do not intend to.

- So - not tired?

- No, too early yet. I have a general session starts now ...

- ...?

- I am a second year student GITIS specialty circus direction. Variety and circus - as they are so close ... Being a student - it's just awful!

- Are you a diligent student? And classes are not skips?

- (Laughs) Well, actually I'm studying part time. But as far as possible try not to miss anything, take all the tails. You know, the exams I was just shaking like a kid ...

- At night lint over textbooks?

- Yes, exactly! At night I teach tickets ... I recently passed the exam on Louis. King Lear now from cover to cover, I know!

- Why do students in a go?

- Well, not all of life is going to jump. Learn, then I will teach young people to recruit children's groups, the change of train ...

- Do you think that is why today so demand way men in tights?

- And there are now not so much. I was always a little. Previously, tobacco, Mary Poppins was playing old ladies, well and Kalyagin aunts Charlie ... Today Nagiyev with growth, in my opinion, just a great couple. It has always been interest in the circus, and theater. But a woman can change into each, and it is necessary that it was still interesting and beautiful ...

. - Recently read that you had a fight with his double Serdyuchki ...

. - Yes, there was no fight! I have long been friendly with Andryusha Danilko and I can not calmly look at this disgrace: his look-alikes just have flooded the country, circling the cities and villages in the image of Serduchka
. And beyond all that they have so vulgar and dirty ... And because people believe buying tickets.

In Odessa, one of those parodists wanted to meet me and sit me at the table. I told him that against this. But he did not untying ... Then I say: I am with your circle of artists do not want to talk! You insulted my friend, and I'm not going to sit with you at the table. Fighting was. Just Peskov defended his friend.

- Is there a character for whom you watch with particular trepidation?

- Very much regret that Jeanne Aguzarova not on the big stage. This golosina absent ... So write: Peskov, a lack of Jeanne!

- The daughter Dasha in the footsteps of his father is not going to go?

- She also has set for itself a creative path. Finished school announcers at Ostankino. I said to her: Dasha, let's think, the farther you'll do! And she still does not solve, is at a crossroads.

Recently that's taken part in reality show. However, without my consent ... Thank God, now even in marriage is not going to. She, you know, me in 15 years, said: Dad, I'm getting married!

- And who was the lucky chosen one?

- Yes, a boy her same age. I said to her: Go! With songs! Changed her mind ... So I turn off a three suitors.

. - And what about the personal life of Pope? By employing the heart Peskova?

. - New show and GITIS.

. - Alexander, so often talk about your sexual orientation ...

. - There is no connection between what I put on women's skirts, and my personal life is no
. This is my profession and all.

- You amorous?

- Very.

- And what quality of women have not the first place?

- Vulnerability, whether that ... Maternal solicitude very appreciative. In our time, a woman must be very strong. Everyone is trying to find the money, not human. They should be the opposite: the main thing - a man and not his wallet.

- You are from the Arkhangelsk region. Provincial acumen helped you 15 years ago?

- Yes, and very. It so happens that all who are now in the art, a native of the province. Also Alla, perhaps. Not want to offend the Muscovites, but I believe that all are making just those who themselves, their feet trampling all tracks ...

- You superstitious?

- Well not exactly ... But when the stage go out, be sure to overlap. And even with all the members of my troupe kidding. Behind the scenes, go up to everyone and always something funny saying. And we all get!

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