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Alibasov Bari

( Producer)

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Biography Alibasov Bari
photo Alibasov Bari
Bari Alibasov (06.06.1947 years)

Producer of all time ugorazdilo born in the heart of the Kazakh steppe - 80 kilometers from the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site at the station Chara Abaevskogo Area. Mutation of the body of a young Barry Alibasov, he said, affected the inherent talents and his life's status.

His father - Karim Kasymovich - worked as manager of the Bank. Mother - Iraida Ibragimovna - worked as an accountant in kindergarten and concurrently worked in a depot. In their house lived governess-German deported by Stalin from the Volga Germans.

- Our family was so friendly that many of the neighbors jealous. Although the bond between father and mother, there were occasional quarrels. But their relations were so sensitive that conflicts and differences can not be imposed outside the home. Family fights in the yard was commonplace for the residents of our town, they were surprised no one. Our family is considered a model and was an inspiration for many villagers. It is through parents, through their "roots" I inherited a lot of valuable qualities, which then helped me in life! I inherited from ancestors combustible mixture of blood: Tatar, Kazakh, Khakasskaya, Lithuanian, Ukrainian ...

. In Bari, in the family had four children: Zoe, Rose, Bulat and Gaziz
. Childhood Alibasov was short, so he says sadly on that stage:

- I wanted to run, play hide and seek, football, but the concept of "economy" was magical. At 6 am I got up and fed the animals, and then drove the cows to pasture. But it also had a calf's mouth and potatoes spud. How I hate all this work since! Even pets are not looking for some no. We lived in a poor country, that our house was considered the most prosperous - only we vodilis sheets.

. Love on the sleepers

. Even in the age of four, my mother wore at Bari satin trousers, velvet vest with a skullcap and forced to sing songs and dance Tatar Gypsy Dance
. In the same age with little apparent Bari makings leader and organizer:

. - Barefoot kid, I would like the saddle and bend, and when a little older, a thirst for self-assertion manifested in the increased interest in sexual life.

. Already teenager Bari could not sleep at home for two or three days
. None of the relatives is not considered a disaster. He never sought. Left to itself, even then he could do anything:

- The scale of the village, I was known as a dangerous sexual bandit. But, strangely enough, not only does not deter me from the local ladies, but makes them even greater desire to make friends with me. The girl did not give me only one time in my life when I was a freshman Institute. True, he loved her long, only about a month and a half.

- She was your first love?

- No. My first love has happened before in 12 years. The girl, a neighbor, we walked to the river to swim ... Embraced, laughed, then kissed, and then I began to touch her, and she touched me happy. And then undressed and sleepers on the right ... The trains we rarely go. All peasant-style, all as expected.

- For women nursed in the same way, peasant-style?

- Why? Very imaginative. In school, I loved my classmates, who danced the Dances of India ... It fascinated me. I decided to make an artistic lighting for her number. Stole the traffic lights from the railway station. Blink switch: bits of glass, green, red, blue. And in the 10 th grade, I happened to have three love! And I absolutely loved the same! While each alone, I was convinced that she - the only. It does not happen, but to me it happened. The first one was my classmate, the second - a year younger, and the third - a teacher. She appreciated my youth. I always liked to tickle their nerves, for love fun I chose the most inappropriate places. I especially liked the teacher not to love somewhere, and in the garden at the house where he lived the headmaster who expelled me from the Komsomol.

. - It turns out that attention to women you do not lack ...

. - It amazes me when so many women and even - horrors! - Underage girls explained to me in love
. I was terribly frightened. I am even ashamed to say, I think: "Now all they have the right to the head?" How can you fall in love with the old, fat 55-year-old man with a nasty bloated mug? " My Baba Faye saw me for the first time in his life, wanted to call the police. I'll say who I like: the serial killer on chuchmeka on a mercenary bandit, at the Middle Eastern militant terrorist ... Grim criminal type with bushy eyebrows.

- Probably, the feeling of loneliness are unfamiliar to you?

- There was a period when I lived alone for a long time. Worked in the "integrals". Got an apartment, took Yugoslav bedroom ivory, blue tile ... And suddenly was horrified to find that nobody wants! I have no one to bring here and say: "This is - yours!"

- What saved?

- There was "Na-Na". This work took up all my time. And I was no longer to love.

Family. Lydia

- Tell us about your son-Alibasov the junior ...

- Bari now lives with me in Moscow, studying in 10 th grade. His mother remained in Saratov. The son is very clever, but, unfortunately, lazy. We have no secrets from each other. In the apartment, he often leads to sleep girls. Sometimes, as I have in my time, walking, not returning home. I am concerned only one issue - his health. I have and the second son, born in 67 th year, which I have never seen. Once he lived in Irkutsk, but the relationship is entirely lost, so I do not have any idea about it.

- You do not need a family?

- I got married very early in the first time. But, I think, not to create a family - rather to improve the practice of sex. I so liked it that I wanted to round the clock. But conservatism is annoying, and sooner or later cooling ... Yes, this is my grief, my misery - how could I not love a woman, I cool down to it sooner than I would have liked. Most, by the way, long-term relationship in this sense that I had with Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Because me the first time in my life I had to conquer a woman! For me it was being unearthly, unreal, mythological.

- How to Lidia Shukshina came into your life?

- Accidently. I already used to being alone. Five years I was nobody, and I thought to myself: "Everything is normal, I have a fifty ... Old people should not feel any sense ". And then suddenly appeared Lida! She for me was an idealized way: the wife's greatest living writer, a famous Russian actress. We sat in a restaurant. I do not know what to say, joking "by cash" ... But when we drank champagne, she was a hooligan, quite young and totally naughty! As a little girl! And so it was good that I just came home - immediately called her. And three years were happy ...

- Until now, some are confident that you and Shukshina - husband and wife. What prevented the sign?

- We discussed this issue with Lida. We were so good together that I was afraid to break this fragile happiness of some careless movement. When there is a stamp in the passport, there is no need for each other, and the obligation. And the desire to seek enforcement of these obligations. And it always leads to conflict ... Nevertheless, we have been together for three years. Before my relationship with any woman - no matter, his wife or girlfriend - numbered only some months. At more than I never in my life is not enough.

- Why did you part?

- There is a distrust. All passes ...

- The words "Love is corrupt, I know exactly" from the song "Fell hat" - yours?

- My. Love is corrupt, everyone knows that. Love inadequately assesses his partner. And after - 70% of families are divorced. I think of love to be treated in a madhouse.

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  • What kind of nonsense about the sheets? Station, and later the city Charskii far away from Abay district is located, most people in the railroad. A railroad in those days very well lived. For engine-drivers in the postwar period were treated as astronauts. My grandfather was a machinist of the locomotive. My mother told me the salary brought in a suitcase, did not know what to spend money. And nazhivshie state, moved to the city of Semipalatinsk in the 117km (by rail) from Charskaya
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    Alibasov Bari, photo, biography
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