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Arkan Arkady

( writer and satirist)

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Biography Arkan Arkady
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"The orange sun, orange sky, orange mother, orange camel ..." - Few people know that the words of this once popular song writer wrote Arkady Arkanov (together with Grigory Gorin). Each person has his own colors - AM very warm orange color, very sunny. No wonder he is so fond of sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds are not for the sake of a beauty for ...

He turned - scary thought - 70 years, but looking at his stern and a young person, it had never believe. I know that plastic surgery, currently fashionable in the metropolitan coterie, he did. Just the age he was the person who deserved it - the beautiful face of a splendid writer and wonderful person that very rarely combined. I'm always afraid of disappointment - not to touch the idols, because fingers can remain gilding. Idol was lively and warm person. I can talk about it, because I have the happiness to be sufficiently long familiar with this amazing phenomenon in our culture and just a man.

I never learned to call it Arkasha, as they call it all and he told me to call themselves. It's not a difference of age, in communion with AM, this distinction is erased immediately. He's young, amazing! While we smirnenko down in the elevator, he runs down the stairs, passing grunting technique. He does not need any youth slang, no cool-fangled odezhki - a sense of youth comes from within, not strained, but very organically. Well simply "confused" date of birth! Years 30-40 added "by mistake" ...

Someone wants me to rebuke: "What an ideal it?" Well, and there is no shortage? " Eat. But this is a detail near the virtues!

For me, the AM - one of human values, untouched by time, the embodiment of talent, decency and generosity. All that is now unfashionable, and lost every second. I love him for the squeamish disengagement from politics, for what does not bend before any authority, does not jump in the election camarilla, does not humiliate himself in front of the oligarchs. He believes that the satirist must always be in opposition to the government and under any circumstances, be himself. Well, a prominent writer. And he succeeds. It affects - the power not to see him defiantly. Remember the poem: "We need Saltykov-Shchedrin and such Gogol, so that we do not touch"? That and the Order who are not only catchy, but not obstinate Arkanov. I think their absence is compensated by a firm and devoted affection of his readers. While I understand - the love of praise than pudding, but for the circulation of books dividends tear sly businessmen - book publishers. Familiar!

- I do not know if the city had changed so much ... - As a discouragement and even with some surprise, "he said. His amazing memory (he remembers all the necessary phone numbers and even your notebook does not meet to get it!) Has retained an image of quiet, gluhomannogo, wooden town, where they were evacuated along with her mother and younger brother

. at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War
. In Krasnoyarsk, in 1941, he went to school. As life was to him then? But how everything: golodnovato and chilly. Remember that they evacuated with one suitcase, the new neighbors are not rich themselves, have helped to put the kids in the Siberian winter - lined boots, patched, but warm sheepskin. So it is not frozen Muscovites. Father throughout the war continued to work in Moscow, where they returned in April 1943. And a special affection and gratitude Siberians AM preserved through so many years. Maybe that's why we reacted to both cardiovascular. Since my husband Misha Ouspensky he befriended back in Moscow, once they crossed the road. And then he arrives in Krasnoyarsk. It wanted to meet him especially, and the budget we have a family then was not just a modest, very scanty. I pulled in our garden, narwhal strawberries and fresh dug potatoes, tiddly still such a laughing matter. Pan tossed in the towel, so hot, and we were on a visit to the hotel to the AM. With these now "gifts"! I'm not very shy person, but before it is elementary and lost terribly embarrassed its a cheap odezhki. Ten minutes later I had not thought about it, it seemed to me that we know eternity. And as I was happy that I did not have to be disappointed in him. And even 20 years later, he remained the same.

The family had evolved more than once. AM from his first wife, singer Maya Kristalinskaja ( "empty land without you"), lived long. I never dared to inquire why. Is how the fate. He has two children - two sons from different marriages;. Basil 36 years, he graduated

Faculty of Journalism and Faculty teleradiozhurnalistiki at the University of New York. He is now Special Correspondent NTV America. It is not so beautiful as the AM, but a kind of ironic detachment from his father took. Honestly - I do not think he is very talented, but his dad proud.

- He wrote wonderful, I do not think that it is delayed for a long time in journalism.

The second son at age two was taken away by his mother in Paris. They talk, but not often, the son of 25 years, he said in Russian. He wants to come to grips with political PR.

Brother for many years lived in Boston, a very good doctor. My mother a few years ago went to America - in Boston, better ecology, and medicine. Two years ago, died at the age, to whom we do not live to see.

I think that AM had a lot of novels, Khoi-what I have calculated, but it is not slippery Konchalovsky, to shoot the breeze about their women. Never! About anyone! Not a bad word! Silent as a partisan. Even in a state of drunk. By the way, in any state he remains charming and pleasant, even vodka does not alter its friendly nature.

- Alcoholic drinks like, but do not depend on it. This is the feature of an organism. One of my good friend, seeing as I drink a lot and not drunk, quite reasonably pointed out: "You'd be a spy!"

. Not me personally it is the writer's Role more likable! A book, "From light bulbs to Lenin, I think one must have in every home and teach children stories on it - just brilliant!

. Why in the comic genre of so many Jews?

. Yes, indeed, an objective in the genre of humor are more - not only in Russia but also in other countries
. Perhaps Jews are more ironic to me than other nationalities?.. And if the jokes on them, they do not take offense. But in general, of course, is inexplicable phenomenon.

Father and mother spoke AM in colloquial Yiddish when they wanted, so she and her brother did not understand. They Gorin changed names in 1966. It was a way of survival. As the name Steinbock raises many questions, Arkady hinted that a good idea to change the name on the Russian Jewish. Since then he has Arkanov not only on stage but also on the passport. But thank God, the brutal side of domestic anti-Semitism spared his side. Peers loved him. Of course, especially women. No Jewish customs AM does not comply - he is a man of Russian culture and on Saturday could graft. Koi-what Jewish dishes she could prepare his mother, but did so rarely, they lived a rather poor. From the wives of such culinary delights he did not ask, because his food was indifferent and eats little.

- I do not think that humor - is the work. Never considered it a profession. Humor - it is something else

way of his perception of life. An additional body of the human senses, the degree of his intellect. And once a human quality, and exploit it and make it a profession - a thankless task. It is necessary to spend very carefully, carefully. Laughter - to some extent, medical procedure. It is a kind of negative energy out. It should always be hard. It is important to that satire should not prevail. If there is a positive start, the country will turn into a madhouse: all laughing, laugh, point fingers at each other disadvantages. And nobody did nothing. Alas, today we often find ourselves in a similar situation, when our house - madhouse. In the Soviet period was skewed in the opposite direction: a satire suppressed pathos.

- I started with the pop genre - skits, monologues, sketches, short stories. Now I have the impression that the monologues were left alone. No dialogue, no story is left entirely - a complete monolozhestvo. And now, humor itself is not included in the system show-business. For me, Estrada became a kind of training ground, but I was drawn to the printed word.

- Formerly known humorists concerts were sold out with. Now people are no longer breaking their performances. Genre Pop satire die?

- Genre, of course, does not die, but it is heavily dependent on the consumer market. Most people today prefer miserable, "nizhepoyasny" humor. The music is called "pop". What I can not stand, it is apathy. When the sake of eloquence not spare the mother-father - a cynicism. There is no taboo for me, no, there is the concept of tact and tact. For example, I'm fine with parodies of our politicians, but when, parodying make accentual innate spot on the head, other than stupidity and rudeness, it can not be called. Unfortunately, often our satirists, humorists, and are tasteless and tactless. And if you remember the artists of the genre of spoken ... It is sad that our humor has become meaningless and light, as in the U.S.. This can end this bad, people stop to think. I hope that this is a temporary phenomenon. For example, I now do not fit into the concept of variety and humor of the genre - in the form of its mass. But I do not want to fit. I do not want to say swear words, but I'm uncomfortable fit in this genre.

Once he called the "Anshlag" factory reginovyh products. Bitter, but this action claimed. Stop the first 100 random passers-by on the street, and 75 of them will say it - super. And only 25 spit.

- According to the level, taste, structure, Anshlag "I am not interested. I'm not going to humiliate him - think of it, stuff on vegetable oil! - And somehow compete with. Who likes, let him watch, but I anshlagovtsami cases do not want to have, though, because any collective work, in my opinion, dehumanizes people.

I know many who do not like Petrosyan. I too am not a fan of. And if the concert will Petrosian 5 thousand people, but on my 700 - it will be my hundred, to me this is enough. Attendance Petrossian will not be there. My audience expects from me, bright lyrics and some sadness. Bulldog will never come to mind envy lapdog because she is, you see, graceful, full of bows and her love and caress. Everyone lives in their breed. At any collective concerts, I never betray my notion of subtlety and grace, his attitude toward life, self. The audience, having paid for a concert, do not want to think and philosophize, for my money they want to have fun. In this case, the humor often falls lower and lower. Today it is urgent to remove his pants on stage and turn to the hall naked butt. The public is exciting.

- You often participate as guest in a well-known television programs. Many may get the impression that you are swamped with money.

- Not at all, unfortunately - despite the fact that shooting can continue for 4-5 hours. The fee for participation, as far as I know, actually provides. But, according to the customer, I should be glad that I was invited to do, and I once again shone. Vicious practice no country in the world.

- And for the program "White Parrot", which you are doing?

- I love her so much. Now, when there are two former leading, changed style, but the channel remained. Cooperation with the Ren-TV brings me some small money, and I'm not going to abandon him.

One time Allegrova sang some hit, "My grandmother called I". Frankly, I was horrified to learn that he wrote his AM. He asked the composer to write for Cool Pugacheva. But that the word "grandmother" disown, and Allegrova took. Perhaps the song was laid irony that characterizes arkanovskih texts, but the singer is all disappeared under a thick-thick layer of impenetrable platitudes, and listen to the creation of these things were unbearable - Kabatsky rattle dull text. Or am I too much demand? A live-it must be! In the book fees are not much razzhiveshsya. He does not consider himself a professional. But loves doing it at ohotku.

But his video "Honduras in the fire" without laughing, I can not watch, and even thick Lolita there on the spot. Together with Levon Oganezova they sing songs, replete with allusions to favorite Arkanov Russian literature. I adore a sad story of Anya Karenina, with the "anguish" ...

- I never do not consider myself a singer, I do not and will not. My songs are ironic, I do not even sing, but rather singing. And it is much like. And many times it is like it, I do it with pleasure. I have no singing voice. But I have such a tone that is very often learn. Fold verse, to lay down a song - to me it is sometimes possible, but I never considered it a lesson poetry. Poetry - a special state of mind, a special talent.

There is a desire to burn a CD, which would have performed the songs - the former hits of the twentieth century, which we sang, which is now forgotten, but not lost their charm. And those hits have to be both Western and Russia's. In the western, I want to do your own translation of songs and perform them in Russian. The CD will be called "Good music for good people". If I succeed, I'll be very happy.

Once a journalist asked him for photos, but it is easily answered, that does not collect their. Most famous people to your image are very timid.

- Not me. I do not feel that it might be someone interesting. Maybe because I am calm enough to his stay on this earth, knowing that all of this briefly and bystroprehodyasche. But I once again look at the places where I was, nothing but sadness because now they do not have, not bring. You know, I always considered a matter of dull and uninteresting show albums of family photographs, or places where you once visited. I'm not running diaries, did not burn, even ideas that arise, remain in my head, because as soon as I record them on paper, nothing good comes of it. And if the idea a long time sitting in the head, then sooner or later it can be implemented. As a rule, it turns out alive. Phones I also remember it all by heart. I do not like and do not know how to use business cards. House full of them, and with them there is never any. I have a huge music library of jazz, classical music, and she, too, outside the. My friend Alexei Kozlov said: "Let me in two days do you catalog. But I do not agree. I have a mess on the table, in which no one will understand except me. But God forbid something to pass, then I lost everything, the whole system in the absence of pattern, in the chaos.

- I think that really I live only in a time when going on a journey. Even at such a distance, such as Australia, flying with pleasure, because the travel time is slowed down. For those who remain, it is being continued to go, but for me, until I move in space, it seemed to have ceased to flow. I during this time has not changed, but they - aged. In fact, my trip - is an attempt to stop time.

Over the past 15 years, becoming completely "visiting", he visited dozens of countries. Did you see a place on earth, which he particularly like?

- I love New York. It belongs to the category of cities, which are sometimes dream. New York, from my point of view - a living creature, and I know that many people can not stand it. They there scared, they're lost. I definitely know that if a person lives in New York, did not love it, the city will avenge him: he is cruel to those who did not love him. But I got into this city, at once became his captive. I was there thirty times. But still - as in my song: "And I, a dullard, I miss Moscow" ...

. When in 1978 on the radio "Freedom" passed his stories from the Metropole Hotel - friends do not know, congratulate him or sympathize with.

. - Of course, participation in the Metropole was a happy fluke
. Thanks to him in Paris, was published a collection of my short stories in French, and the first time I felt like a real writer. Although there were some difficulties. For example, I was "restricted to travel abroad": if before me sometimes produced in Bulgaria, then after me and she was ordered. For me the main thing - prose. It is a relief if the prose is not with ironic tones. General, I can not live without it. I can not finish a sequel "Manuscripts do not come back". But each line is given with great difficulty: routine, financial problems - to get away from all difficult. Today, a professional writer, not being distracted by underworking, to ensure a decent standard of living can not. If I had my will, I would only compose stories and writing stories. And since I'm in his gray years, forced to scatter as a boy. It's no secret that the writer's fee does not allow him to live at least until the next book. Therefore, do not give up speeches and travel, including overseas, although he nowhere rvus. My level of value and pay for it. As I braked, but I think that for long. Soon will take for the job.

. - I know that you do not like the definition of "writer and satirist.

. - Why not say: the writer-battle scenes, the writer-or seascapes, for instance, writer and landscape painter, who owns the word - Bunin? Paustovsky? The writer can work in any desired direction, including the satirical
. Satire - a deep and serious genre. If a satirical piece written, not a writer, it is not literature, but some wicked and funny shtuchka.

Misha Zhvanetskiy - I adored him - believed that Russia's satire and humor is higher than the Western. Why? Because Russia is social satire. How many more there will be humor in our national soil? I think a very long time. Probably not one Nikolay appears on this earth, and still had enough and so for humor and laughter on our reality, Russia. We have opportunities for Gogol!

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Arkan Arkady, photo, biography
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