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Izmailov Marat

( Footballer)

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Biography Izmailov Marat
It has long been in Russia did not appear such an original player, like Marat Izmailov. He loved it all - journalists, fans. The young man quickly rushed into Russia's soccer, and amazes all with his attitude.

Izmailov - not like all. Today, when the youth of his age tends to win some kind of outrageous, Marat takes hard work. Surprisingly it seems relevant: the first for him - work. Here, for example, his partner - Maxim Buznikin - creates its own image: drives a Porsche, devotes bare beauty Alina Kabaeva. Marat same - a modest, goal-oriented guy, is not affected by the stellar Diseases. Something like Michael Owen during his takeoff. Then, all British newspapers avidly relished the details of his personal life, when it was actually nothing to savor: a simple guy living in ordinary English house, faced with a normal girl, with whom is familiar with 12 years. In this regard, he countered David Beckham, whose novel about the singer Victoria Adams knows, it seems the whole world.

Like Owen, Izmailov - cool football. For it is now offering millions of dollars. His ability to take the game itself, perform a standard provision, and bitingly accurate shots began to appreciate football experts far beyond Russia.

To get the new man in the team hard. In Russia, given its characteristics, is doubly difficult to get in the team as a midfielder. How many talented players there do not fall - Vladimir But, for example, Dmitri Loskov far from the main body of the main team of the country. A Izmailov broke into her. And the central axis of our team - Titov - Bridge - Izmailov now represents not only a formidable, but sverhgroznuyu force. And it is Izmailov hope fans throughout Russia. Apparently, lead a team of Marat still fail because of his age, but here sverknut at the World Cup - why not?

. Questionnaire

. Name: Marat Izmailov
. Date of birth: 21.09.1982
. Position: Midfielder
. Country: Russia
. Weight 70kg
. Height: 171cm
. Favorite band: Modern Russian music
. Favorite player: Maradona
. Favorite food: Ruska National
. Favorite drink: tea, juice
. Hobbies: karting, cinema, billiards, cards
. Favorite color: None
. Favorite brand cars: sports style
. What does in his spare time: Recreation
. Favorite movie: Meet Joe Black, The Thief
. Favorite actress: Klair Forlani, Denise Richards
. Favorite sport: soccer
. Favorite actor: under construction
. Favorite book: George Sand, Consuelo

. Biography of Marat Izmailov

. 1999
. November
. In part torpedovskoy School became champion of Russia among the players 1982. p. and receives a title - "The best striker.

March. After graduating from the football school "Torpedo-Luzhniki", goes to Moscow "Locomotive".
October 10. Conducts first match as a basis. In the friendly match with CSKA Moscow, ending with a score of 2:0 in favor of "Loco", Izmailov at the 46 th minute changes Janashiya.

March 10. Debut in the top division in the first round match with RostSelMash "(0:0), replacing the 74 th minute Maminova.
April 25. Having to replace the second half qualifying match with Yugoslavia (2:2), first in favor of Russia's youth team.
May 25. Opens through balls in official matches for "Lokomotiv", bringing to 80 th minute through a game of round 11 with a "Zenit" to 4:1.
June 20. In a dramatic match with "Anzhi" won the Cup of Russia. By passing the ball on the 90 th minute, "Locomotive" played four minutes later - after the transfer Janashiya scores Izmailov. In addition, 18-year-old midfielder is implementing a penalty shoot-out.
August 7. In the first meeting of the third qualifying round of the Champions League, Lokomotiv "plays with 3:1, Austria, Tirol, and Izmailov, a 37 th minute scored the winning goal in his debut in European competition.
August 15. In a friendly match against Greece for the first time out on the field as part of the national team, replacing the 62 th minute Titova. In the debut of "Loco" and the debut in the national team took only 158 days.
September 11. Meeting with RSC Anderlecht in the Dynamo becomes Izmaylova first match in the Champions League.
October 6. Enters the bar and makes the goal assist Beschastnykh in a match with the Swiss, won by 4:0, which hosts Russia secured a place in the finals of the world championship.
October 24. At best, for "Lokomotiv" match in the Champions League with Anderlecht in Brussels (5:1) compares the account on the 13th-minute strike with a penalty kick.
November 8. With the victorious goal from Obiorah the gate "Spartacus" in the last match of the championship "Lokomotiv" Izmailov and become holders of silver medals. At the end of the season midfielder "Loco" - the second player championship estimated "SE" after Titov.
December 30. It is the winner of the award "Sagittarius" in three categories, the first time in the history of this award: "The best attacking midfielder," "Most Valuable Player" and "Hope of the season".

May. Summoned to Russia's national team at the 2002 World Cup in Korea-Japan.

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  • п?п?п?п?п п? for Izmailov Marat
  • MARATIK I adore you!
  • El'mira for Izmailov Marat
  • Maratik you the best .... your Elmira =)
  • El'mira for Izmailov Marat
  • What is the name of your father and mother ???... very interesting to me ..=)
  • Ksyuntik_Funtik for Izmailov Marat
  • You're the best football player, even steeper Bekhema.Loko super !:)))
  • about for Izmailov Marat
  • you're cool and a Tartar I also I get sick of you and loco Biljaletdinov best
  • Detka for Izmailov Marat
  • Maratik, I'm faithful to you and most devoted fan of you. You're the best player, you laponka. I just adore you. If you want to chat write or call 89510590138
  • Anna for Izmailov Marat
  • Anna for Izmailov Marat
  • Marat, how often you visit in Russia?
  • Mariska for Izmailov Marat
  • Marat hi this is your cousin plemyanitsa.Iz Kamensko. Roma Izmailov your second cousin told me that you are familiar. If vspomnish us napishi.89022678014
  • SHAGUNKA for Izmailov Marat
  • I adore you. I like you VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY PLEASE! Would like to have to meet you.
  • Natasha for Izmailov Marat
  • but I never liked you .... ha ha.
  • Roma for Izmailov Marat
  • and I am Izmailov Roma
  • Diana for Izmailov Marat
  • sun you are the best))) I adore you! you sexy))
  • Ivangoth for Izmailov Marat
  • 1 I can not understand, . Marat why not take a team! Maybe Gus Hidingu records show appearances Marat! 2 I was really upset when Lokomotiv lost his talent! 3 wonder if Lokomotiv offered advantageous conditions to the player, . Marat would have returned or not?,
  • Sveta for Izmailov Marat
  • You're the best! You do not have enough in the team!
  • Anonymous for Izmailov Marat
  • Gulnaz for Izmailov Marat
  • Marat you're the best soccer player !
  • SoLiZmA for Izmailov Marat
  • Happiness, health, love, good luck! Well, let's you again have to hammer begin ! ALL RUSSIA With YOU ! THERE NOT Miss! If that come, we will be pleased! HAPPY
  • Katherine for Izmailov Marat
  • C 2002 watching your game, so keep! Strikes Appliances, waiting in the team and wish them health and success !
  • Vladlen for Izmailov Marat
  • Marat, I adore you you are the steepest
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