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Panayotov Alexander

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Panayotov Alexander
photo Panayotov Alexander
Aleksandr Panayotov was born July 1, 1984 to Mr.. Zaporozhye (Ukraine) in a working family. At the end of the year Sasha and his parents Irina and Sergey moved to Leningrad. In 1987, when Sasha was only 3 years old, the family returned to Mr.. Zaporozhye.

Love for music and singing was manifested Sasha in early childhood. Already in kindergarten the whole staff of educators wondered unique vocal data Gifted Child. "I gave recitals instead of daytime sleep and collecting sold out", - says Sasha.

At 7 years, Sasha went to the Humanities class multi-face? 62 g. Zaporozhye. In high school Sasha always studied diligently and finished it without a triple, although, according to the actor, not too fond of physics and chemistry. Throughout the dominant thrust of the music and the arts. The school program also included two foreign languages - English and German, and in the primary grades - the basis of the French language. In his memoirs about the school Sasha regrets only that a few high school taught art history.

When he was 9 years old, he first went to the school scene with the song E. Krylatova "Beautiful far" from the movie "The guest from the future". Amazing singing by Sasha at school New Year's concert has predetermined its subsequent fate.

Sasha's family was not professional musicians, but the older sister Sasha, was engaged in a music school, played piano and sang. Sasha always froze when he heard music and sang along with inspiration. Responsive Heart Sasha's mother told her that the child should be given a musical education. When Sasha was 10 years old, Irina took him to a children's music school? 2. At the entrance exam Sasha sang a song from the repertoire of very popular at the time of the American singer Mariah Carey "Without you", than the incredibly surprised by the admission committee. It is there in children's music school, Sasha just decided to become a professional singer. Since then, no one concert at a music school has managed without Sasha's speech. Wherever Sasha may be, he never parted with his player and constantly singing favorite motifs. Until now, journalists remembered as a very young Sasha Panayotov said: "I decided that the break in the cake, but mark everything in its path and tear on the big stage".

. First public appearance Alexander Panayotova held June 1, 1997
. It was a concert in the central town square, Mr.. Zaporozhye, dedicated to the World Children's Day. Sasha sang a song from the repertoire of popular Ukrainian singer Alexander Ponomarev, NE ranku nochi "(" From morning till night "). "For me it was so responsibly, because I went to sing for the first time on such a huge area in front of a wide audience," recalls the singer.

After listening to the studio "Youth" Palace of Culture OAO DSS, "says the artist himself, his life has changed dramatically. Sasha took part in the competition for young singers "Morning Star" in g. Zaporozhye, won first prize in the competition of young performers "Zorepad" ( "Starfall") in g. Polye. After a year at the competition in g. Polye Sasha was awarded its first highest award - Grand Prix. He was never afraid of the stage, felt and behaved quite naturally and, most importantly, always smiling, as always bribe the public.

In 15 years, Alexander Panayotov began himself to write songs. It is in the studio "Youth" was recorded a few of copyright songs, the most famous of which is "ringed birds" and "Litniy dosch" ( "Summer rain"). With some of his songs Alexander Panayotov performed at various competitions. The head of the studio "Youth" was Vladimir E. Artemiev, who became the first producer Alexander Panayotov. It was his Sasha considers his first mentor, who gave him a microphone and helped out on the professional scene. "Here in the studio" Youth ", with Vladimir E. Artemyev, I used a lot of work," - says the singer. Also in the studio "Youth", was recorded song Boris Kukoba "Flower", which had planned to remove the clip. In Zaporozhye press Alexander Panayotova already at that time have repeatedly called a superstar, but Sasha never conceited, always worked hard and move forward.

. During this period, Sasha participates and wins in many of Zaporozhye, regional, and then in Contests
. In 2000. Alexander Panayotov was a finalist VI All-Ukrainian Youth Grand Festival Perlyny season-2000 "(" Pearls of the season -2000) in r. Zaporozhye. In the same year, Alexander Panayotov I won a place in the competition "Azov sails" in g. Berdyansk. The Competition Jury was headed by People's Artist of USSR and Ukraine, twice winner of State Prizes, Academician Anatoly Avdiyev and Honored Artist of Ukraine, Chairman of Association of pop art Victor Gerasimov.

. In 2000
. Alexander Panayotov won the Grand Prix at the III All-Ukrainian charitable children's festival "Black Sea Games" in g. Skadovsk. In the jury was well-known Ukrainian producer (band "Okean Elzy"), president of the association zvukorezhiscerov Ukraine Oleg Stupka, who drew attention to Alexander Panayotov and in the future become his producer. As the owner of the Grand Prix of the festival "Black Sea games-2000" Alexander Panayotov was invited to the XI International Festival "Tavria Games" in g. Kakhovka.

In August 2000, Mr.. G. Sorry, Ukrainian qualifying round of the largest music festival in Ukraine - International Contest of Young Performers "Slavic Bazaar". For the right to represent Ukraine fought 18 vocalists. The finalists were Zaporozhye student Alexander Panayotov (80 points) and Victor hmelnichanin Shaida (67 points). X International festival of arts "Slavic Bazaar-2000" held in Kiev in September 2000. The Competition Jury was headed by world-famous French composer Michel Legrand, . The jury consisted of Joseph Kobzon, . Nikita Bogoslovsky, . Tamara Gverdtsiteli, . Robertino Loretti, . Taisiya Povaliy, . Yuri Rybczynski, . Rose Rymbaeva, . Other prominent artists from different countries,
. Alexander Panayotov took third place in the competition. Sharing his impressions of "Slavonic Bazaar-2000", Tamara Gverdtsiteli said: "I liked the young Ukrainian artist," young talent "Alexander Panayotov.

May 24, 2001, Mr.. onstage DK "DSS" (r. Zaporozhye) held his first solo concert Alexander Panayotova "Song", which became a kind of farewell to his creative childhood. Two hours of live sound and sincere communication with the audience showed that Alexander Panayotov became a professional high-class. The singer performed for more than ten songs, of which only three were written by other authors. Particularly liked by the audience of his song "Dream", "slave", "L? T? Th dosch" and "Mama". In the same year was published the first album with the participation of Alexander Panayotova "Sluhay@zp.ua" with its author's song "L? T? Th dosch" ( "Summer rain"). The album was released Zaporozhye music studios "Navigator" and "Youth" with the support of City Hall and State University, Mr.. Zaporozhye. In 2001. Alexander Panayotov added to the red book of honorary citizens, Mr.. Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhya Chervona Book ").

2001 brought Alexander Panayotov numerous awards at various competitions and festivals. Among them - I place in the contest "Golden Hit" in g. Mogilev (Belarus). At the International Festival "Discovery" in g. Varna (Bulgaria) in April 2001. Alexander Panaiotov won the II prize. "For me, this victory means the same as second place at Eurovision Song Contest for Alsou. I may not be the first, but not the third: ", - said Alexander Panayotov reporters in an interview. After the triumph of Bulgarian Alexander Panayotov invited to Kiev to record songs by American composer Paul Thorsen "Love I was surprised by you" in a duet with famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak.

. In September the same year in the VII television festival "Sea Friends" was held the International Competition of Young Singers of Popular Music "Yalta-2001"
. Of the 300 applicants to participate in the competition "Yalta-2001" Organizing Committee has selected 22 of the Executive, who received a four-song marathon in Yalta. The first prize was shared Alexander Panayotov (Ukraine) and Tamara Gachechiladze (Georgia). By results of voting experts Ukrainian National Award "Golden Firebird" in 2001, Alexander Panayotov was added to the list of candidates in the nomination "Opening of the Year.

. In July 2001, after graduating from the Lyceum and the music school, Alexander Panayotov enter college pop-circus arts in g
. Kiev class pop vocal and perezzhaet in g. Kiev. In college, Sasha met Andrei Danilko, currently known under the stage name Verka Serduchka. In November 2001, Alexander Panayotov College is pop-circus arts at the festival "Kiev Gaudeamus", where III receives award. In the same year, Alexander Panayotov II gets a place in the competition entertainers in Kiev.

In 2002, Alexander Panayotov arrives in Kiev National University of Art and Culture at the Department of pop singing (Head. Department of People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor OV. Bilozir) Faculty of Musical Arts (Dean of the Faculty of People's Artist of Ukraine professor S.E. Pavlyuchenko). Here, the teacher of Alexander vocal becomes People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor Victor M. Shportko. Currently, Alexander Panayotov finished 2 nd year of university.

. In 2002, in Kiev within the framework of the festival "Yak, do not you love Ki? Ve m? Th ..." ( "How do you not love my Kiev:"), on the Day of the city, Alexander Panayotov took part in the international festival "Song of the Year"
. In the same year the singer won the I prize at the Festival "Songs of Vilnius (Lithuania). In summer 2002, Alexander participated in the IV International Competition of young singers of popular song "Golden Scythian" in g. Kiev. Under the rules of this festival the participants may be only the winners of regional competitions for the Performing. Chairman of the jury was People's Artist of the USSR and Russia Iosif Davidovich Kobzon. The jury consisted of well-known masters of arts Anne Veski, Alexander Zhurbin, Konstantin Meladze, Alexander Ponomarev, Dmitry Kharatjan etc.. Alexander Panayotov, representing Mr.. Kiev, shared second prize with Natalia Lavrushko from Donetsk. In July 2002, Alexander Panayotov was invited to participate in a gala concert at the opening of the V All-Ukrainian Charity Children's Festival "The Black Sea Games" as the winner of Grand Prix 2000.

In 2002, together with his producer Oleg of Kiev mortar Alexander Panayotov recorded the song "Charm Svit" ( "The Enchanted World"), which became very popular in Ukraine.

From August to December 2002, Alexander Panayotov took part in a televised contest "Popstars". This contest was the first acquaintance with Moscow and Sasha Russia TV. As a result of competitive selection of participants was to be created a group of five people. At the preliminary stage of the jury auditioned about 8000 people.

Alexander Panayotov arrived at the qualifying round of the TV project in Moscow, has passed all tests and was in the final ten. Even at the Moscow tour Sasha and appearance, and voice reminded the judges of Elvis Presley, which, however, Alexander did not bother, because Elvis - his idol.

Of all the contestants who took part TV project "Popstars" Alexander Panayotov was the most experienced. "If I get in the top five, will engage with members of the group, put them breath," - said Sasha. "Music for me - the only thing that I want to do. And its goal - to become a star - I intend to achieve in any case, even if you do not fall into the final five ".

Sasha was in the top ten, but failed in the final five, now known as the group "Other Rules". Noting a bright personality and outstanding vocal singer, . Members of the jury came to the conclusion, . that the scope of pop group were not allowed to singer Alexander Panayotov realize their full potential, . and advised the young artist to concentrate on his solo career,
. Thekla Thick, project host, specially came to Kiev to declare Panayotova this harsh verdict.

"Every loss - is the experience. And the loss of "Popstars" - is the experience. And it gave me strength and confidence. Of course, I am terribly worried. It was a shame to go through all this and not get. And when they told me that I missed, I was very upset. But a month later I realized that the Lord has protected me from this and that is prepared for me a gift. This gift I received in a year. But I realized that over a need to work, all this gave a specific stimulus. I lost 25 kilograms, has changed externally and internally, and decided that next year I just conquer Moscow. Climbed into the fire, water and copper pipes, and with pleasure will pass all these tests again, "-" Sasha said in an interview after the competition.

. Summer 2003, Alexander Panayotov recorded a duet with the owner of a unique jazz voice, the famous Ukrainian singer, a finalist of the contest "New Wave - 2003" by Eugenia Dubovoj.

. Alexander Panayotova next step was to take part in the TV project "People's Artist", which was launched in summer 2003
. A new contest Sasha learned in the last moment, without delay, took second-class ticket and rushed to Moscow. Money for the hotel was not, therefore, the future finalist of "People's Artist" had one night on a bench in the park VVC.

Translation contest began in September 2003. Viewers will immediately recognize in Alexandra Panayotova gifted guy from the project "Popstars". But unlike the previous draft is now the fate of the artists depended on viewers' voting. The main distinction of "People's Artist" from the popular, while "American Idol" was a performance of all the songs "live". Alexander went to the best of thirty, performing the song "This world is not invented by us". Then went into the top ten with the song "Only" Yes! ". During the many rounds Sasha performed as already known songs ( "Lady Rain", . "I remember", . "Jesus to a child", . "Campfire", . Madonna, . "Encore", . "Heaven and Earth", . "Delayla", . "Simple arithmetic"), . and new songs, . written by composer Kim Breitburg specifically for the project participants ( "The Edge", . "Moonlight Melody", . "People's Artist", . "Light it"),
. At one of the final rounds Alexander Panayotov after the stunning performance of the song "a pity" managed to avoid future competition winner Aleksey Goman. Sasha finds himself the most successful performance of songs "Encore" and "Heaven and earth" in the penultimate round of the competition. As a result of viewers' vote in December 2003, Alexander Panayotov was declared the silver medal of the competition "People's Artist". With him and other participants in the contest, which entered the final ten, the company "FBI Music" and producer Eugene Fridlyand entered into a contract for 7 years.

. Sasha says: "I believe that such competitions as the" People's Artist "- the only hope to show themselves
. If it were not for this contest, I would have sat in his city, and nothing would have happened. And now I have a contract with Eugene Fridlyand. I dreamed that he was my producer. I even prepared material to listen to him, long before the competition. And then I learned about the contest "People's Artist", learned that Friedland will be on the jury, and understood - it is fate. Came and conquered. The second place I also believe victory! ".

. After the contest all participants in the TV project "People's Artist" had the opportunity to speak at leading venues in Moscow and other cities of Russia and CIS, . participate in the popular talk shows and television, . hold competitions among their fans,
. In 2003, Mr.. Alexander Panayotov recorded a song to. Breitburg "Moonlight Melody" in a duet with folk artist of Russia, LA. Valley. In February 2004, released their first CD project "People's Artist", which included the songs "On The Edge" and "Moonlight Melody" by Alexander Panayotov. These songs fall into a rigid rotation on the leading radio station in Russia. Since April 2004, Alexander Panayotov began to prepare his first solo album, whose release is planned for September 2004. In July 2004, Alexander Panayotov and other members of the project "People's Artist" were invited to the International Festival "Slavic Bazaar" in g. Vitebsk (Belarus) as guests of honor.

Interesting facts from the life of Alexander Panayotova.

First love Sasha met in kindergarten. A year later, the girl was transferred to another garden, and Sasha's heart was broken. A true love came in the tenth grade. A kiss on the day of the 16 th anniversary of Sasha finds the most remarkable gift in my life.

. Nickname in the life of Sasha was a lot, but usually called Pan, to which Sasha quite offended.

. Sasha first money earned, when he was 12 years old
. The future singer was washing cars in front of the central hotels Zaporozhye.

Despite the unique musical talents of Sasha, in his school leaving certificate is "4" for music.

Alexander is going to continue training in Russia Academy of Performing Arts, to improve their acting skills. Her dream is to play in a movie in the form of a negative hero.

The most unacceptable for Alexander qualities in people are the lack of professionalism in their business and the ability to commit treason.

Sasha never rests on his laurels. He is given to the work of one hundred percent and not allow himself moonlight, and his place.

Sasha prefers to work with complex material, which allows you to show the full range of his unique voice (almost 3,5 octave).

The disadvantage of the tour sees a lack of time to communicate with family and loved ones and the bad living conditions.

If Alexander Panayotov become president of the country, the first will bring together Russia and Ukraine.

Sasha loves people who know how to surprise, and he is not averse to be unpredictable. For example, after the contest Sasha radically changed her hair than was originally cast as a shock to many of his fans.

Sasha constantly monitors its physical form and is very proud that he managed to significantly reduce the weight.

From food prefer Japanese cuisine, often with friends visiting a sushi bar, occasionally eats ice cream and chocolate, like various salads (especially fruit) and fish, drinking low-fat yogurt or green tea with jasmine. Of spirits prefer brandy, martinis and white wine.

Sasha loves animals, especially cats. Houses in Zaporozhye he lived British black cat named Puzo, given to him by fans.

Alexander loves to read. Favorite author - Paulo Coelho and Jerome Salinger. Sasha and he wrote poems and stories. He is now completing a book title and genre of which we still retain in secret.

Alexander likes to travel, is very interested in Japanese culture, dreams of travel to the United States and fly to Mars.

In his youth, Alexander is very fond of magic. Friends gave him a valuable book on magic. Sitting in the magical mystery seriously, he once decided to put on this point, but still believes in the mystical signs and fate.

Idols - Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Pink, George Michael, Elvis Presley and a host of stars, singing in the style Rhythm'n Blues. Recently, Sasha was at the concert Whitney Houston and Pink in Moscow.

In his spare time, Sasha loves to go to the movies, it prefers fantasy, trying not to miss film premieres. Adores KVN.

But the main hobby throughout his life - this is music. He now works not only as a performer but also as a composer for many of his colleagues. Her dream is to conquer the whole world with their art.

Information from personal site: www.panaiotov.com

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  • Hello Sasha. Well, you know you're just a class. I just wonder how you won the hearts of many, and especially one of the most beautiful girl, and especially 9 km, and the capital Dushanbe tadzhisksoy Muhayo. These words from her posveschaetsya you: Again, the wind died down, . silence around, . Again lyutsya tears I sit by the window looking at you in my arms your picture Your eyes sparkle like stars, . Your smile is my dream and the most valuable thing that I have You are my idol, my star My thoughts are all about you and you in my heart trouble Daaaaaaaaa ! I would hope that you also stoish,
    . You know they say there is love Well then I just don `t know but seeing those very raised words come to believe that it actually is. if these words will reach you so I will hope that you otvetish. Well until. with respect Suhail. write to the mail muhayo90@mail.ru
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  • Hello Aleksand!. Well, you know you're just the coolest of the draft People's Artist! I immediately fell in love with you as an artist, beginning with the first song on your project! And my mother also on you crazy, especially when you eat more L. Valley. You're the best singer! CONGRATULATIONS ! If you can, ANSWERS п©пЎпІп°п№п?я?я?я?п° on this box, we'll be glad you to hear, especially from the п п?п?п?п?п?п·п?п· FOLK ARTIST !
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