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Sher Arkady Solomonovich

( cartoonist)

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Biography Sher Arkady Solomonovich
Arkady Solomonovich Cher (29.05.1934 years [Moscow])

Parish History Arcadia Shera in animation messy and not devoid of mysticism. He was born and at first lived on Kalyaevskoy (now - Dolgorukovskaya) street, next to 'SOYUZMULTFILM'. In the company of boys and girls ran around the studio, playing hide and seek, and with delight smelled of exhaust pipe sticking out from the large window. Years later he learned that smell so noxious gases from the casting shop, and then the smell of young Arkasha tied with a beautiful and unattainable art of animation.

. The boy did not let go of the hands of pencils, he loved to copy pictures from books, and my mother never tired of saying that he - Talent
. 'I drew better than anyone in her family - likes to point Arkady Solomonovich. - If we consider that in our own no one in drawing '. Neighbor Sherov worked on 'SOYUZMULTFILM' in the same 'poison' workshop fills, and my mother was talking with her son for employment. Arkady resisted: 'Well, where should I go? I am ashamed! I absolutely can not draw! " Thus Sher tried to cheat fate for the first time.

After the seventh grade Arkady went to train college. From there it - only with the course - drafted into the army. And not just in the army and the navy. Having served the day four years, Cher is back and learned that the separation of the engine management, where he studied, was closed as unnecessary. Destiny is not retreating, but so far nobody has heard. Where to go? My father gave Arcadia a draftsman in the design institute, and then managed to enter the third year Construction College. The young man felt that it - not his, but that - it he has not yet guessed. But the firm knew the fate and took a desperate step: Arkady Cher was in the hospital. 'Or you'll go to the studio, or you will die' - decided fate.

It was a severe test. Two and a half hours of surgery under local anesthesia, an incorrect diagnosis of an obscure disease, three months in the hospital ward: Arkady came out with the second group of disability. Handled only by the cold calculation of Destiny and Hot Love. It stood on shaky legs - just married. And left with Kalyaevskoy.

And then fate sends him a messenger in the person of his elder brother: 'Let's go faster! 'SOYUZMULTFILM' announces a contest multipliers. Take your pictures! " After a brief resistance Arkady took in one hand izrisovannoy pile of paper to another - a crutch, and the brothers went to the home street. 'Oh, we are artists need! " - They heard in the selection committee. But competition Arkady Sher failed, not enough experience. But immediately offered a job in the shop drawing, and he agreed. A new life.

At the studio Sher passed all stages of the profession: prorisovschik, assistant to the artist, the artist-producer, director. Participated in the establishment of many landmark films. Independently set plot 'case in the swamp' in the 24 th issue of film magazine 'The Merry Carousel'. And just to sixty years Arkady Solomonovich felt that he had something might even do something. Earlier doubts. But, unfortunately, the confidence came too late, along with chronic fatigue. And Sher immediately retired.

But, strangely enough, this work has not ended, on the contrary, opened a second wind. Arkady Sher became a regular and most beloved painter of children's publishers 'Samovar'. Sam wrote and illustrated two books - 'fairy tale' and 'Got a top on a hook' - now writes a third. He became known as 'living legend', 'outstanding artist', invite all sorts of festivals and exhibitions.

'I am a long time did not believe when I began to praise a book illustration - recognized Arkady Solomonovich. - Even readers came up at fairs and spoke not only about 'Buttermilk'. But I - soyuzmultfilmovskoe generation. And even now, drawing books, I can not get away from this animated figure. I was once accused of disneevschine, but this is my school, but in another I do not know how: '

Film art director Arcadia Shera
1979 - 'the break? 2 '(dir. E. Hamburg)
1980 - 'Holidays in Buttermilk' (dir. V. Popov)
1981 - 'The Adventures of Wasi Kurolesov' (dir. V. Popov)
1982 - 'Sweet spring' (dir. I. Aksenchuk)
1983 - 'From two to five' (dir. V. Popov)
1984 - 'Winter in Buttermilk Village "(dir. V. Popov)
1985 - 'We Sherlock Holmes' (dir. V. Popov)
1986 - 'Academician Ivan' (dir. V. Popov)
1987 - 'How donkey sadly ill' (dir. YU. Prytkov)
1988 - 'The Cat, who could sing' (dir. N. Lerner)
1989 - 'Stereotypes' (dir. E. Hamburg)
1990 - 'Kvazhdy qua' (dir. E. Fedorova)
1992 - 'Ball of Flowers' (dir. E. Fedorova)

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Sher Arkady Solomonovich, photo, biography
Sher Arkady Solomonovich, photo, biography Sher Arkady Solomonovich  cartoonist, photo, biography
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