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Sidney Sheldon

( Writer)

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Sidney Sheldon (11.02.1917 years [Chicago, Illinois]) ivat

. Was published a new book of legendary novelist, classic detective fiction and the author of screenplays - Sidney Sheldon's "Are you afraid of the dark?" (Are you afraid of the dark?) And immediately hit the top list of best-sellers.

. - If you first arrived in Los Angeles today, that would have to do?

. - I went to the gate of the most famous Hollywood movie studios and say: "I - Sidney Sheldon, I want to be a writer"
. And then you know ...

. - Do you like Hollywood to the extent that they are ready to be back at the gates of Hollywood studios and the poor 17-year-old boy?

. - Hollywood terribly changed! In my time there everything was different ...
. During the 12 years I was one of 150 writers, working under contract to MGM
. Then I was invited to ABC, where I wrote scripts for television shows. When a few years, I call on the MGM back again, it is not found in the writer's dining table, where writers used to gather for lunch. A waitress recognized me and said that it was canceled as unnecessary. "You now will be very lonely, because you - the only writer at the studio". Imagine, had 150 writers, and was left alone! That so much has changed Hollywood.

- If you could now change something in Hollywood, what would you do?

- This is a very difficult question. (Sheldon grinned, then laughed). I would have tried to make the studio filmed more quality films. Today, with studios, one goal - to earn more money, but it is necessary that they wanted to shoot good movies. We have a shot! The fact that they now produce, terrible!

- In one of your novels the heroine came to Hollywood to become a star. But, once the world's film business, realized that to pay for the career she would have her body. Today the gates are opened whether Hollywood studios for women in the same way?

- Some ... Nothing has changed ... When I was a producer, people came to my office and said: "I'll do anything to be in your picture". Some women openly offered himself. Others were really willing to work well ... All this goes. Maybe not on such a scale as before ... I saw a lot of people, human lives, broken show-business. Hollywood - the most ruthless city in the world, but the most exciting!

- Usually, the protagonist of your novel - a brave woman, beautifully overcomes all obstacles in life. What for you is really important in a woman?

- Men not respect women. And I think it is time to change the situation. I love women and hate the nickname "dumb blonde". If a woman is pretty, it does not mean that it is dull. I shows the ability of women are not inferior to men in their merit, but not forgetting about their femininity. My mother was such. My first wife Georgie of the type of women. And my present wife, Alexandra of the same breed.

My mom worked all his life and died in 70 years. She loved to read, so I love to read, as they say, imbibed with mother's milk.

- In his novels, you describe the crime ...

- My ancestors - Russian. So I see, feel the drama. I know that inside me there is a certain core of violence. I feel that I can kill. My novels in which I describe the crime, help me get rid of the hostility. You know, I have a theory: if the world had no writers, it would be much more murderers, rapists and arsonists.

- This means that you are doomed to writing, otherwise ... was bad.

- Exactly. If I had not become a recognized writer, I would have become unrecognized writer, but I would still write. I chose freedom. The greatest freedom gives the narrative inherent in the novel. When you write a script, you depend on hundreds of people who participate in the process of film production. But when you're writing a novel, it's yours! I feel a sense of excitement from the fact that I think out the characters and decide the fate of the heroes. A week after I received the Oscar for the film "The Bachelor and the kid, I went to Europe on the ship Queen Mary. On board I met Abel Green - Variety Editor. He shook my hand and asked what I was doing lately. Now that leaves my new novel, I - Star! I was invited on television talk shows, parties, fall asleep letters and phone calls.

. Sidney Sheldon - one of the emblems of American mass reading matter, one of the patriarchs thrilling novel, based on action, action, and again the action
. He concedes to the intelligence of Stephen King (which is still present writer) can compete for the championship with John Grisham and clearly superior Dean Kunz. He clearly feels his readers. This is not surprising. His first novel, "A person without a mask," he wrote in 1970, being, however, is not debut in the literature. Back in the forties he was writing scripts for Broadway and this has earned considerable popularity. Musical "Red", put the script Sheldon, was awarded Tone. In the sixties, Sheldon works for television and wrote serials for which fairly regularly receives awards EMMY. So in the literature, he came with a solid experience in the mass audience. Experience will be useful, and from the first novel works Sheldon regularly fall into the bestseller lists: the "Other Side of Midnight" and "Blood Ties" and "Wrath of Angels" and "End of the world, however, can transfer up to infinity. All the novels to one person, . tailored to a measure with a clear eye on the subsequent screen version of: gripping prologue or detective seed (eg, . as a "person without a mask" - a sudden killing on the street) and the action, . jump from one storyline to another,
. Pretty simple psychology, sometimes with psychoanalytic overtones, a world of rich people and the criminal passions. In general, an ordinary American vinaigrette, in nemerennyh numbers came down on Russia's reader in the early 90's. And Sheldon in the cacophony, I should say, not the last ingredient. Sheldon prolific. He gladly publish and transfer, and the total circulation of his works is approaching 300 million copies.

In his autobiographical novel "The reverse side of me," Sheldon wrote: "The dream to become a screenwriter, I flew from Chicago to Los Angeles. Parents, I promised to return in three weeks, if not find a job: walking in 1934, during the Great Depression. I have been at the gates of the eight major movie studios, repeating the guards the same thing: "I'm Sidney Sheldon, I want to be a screenwriter. Who can I talk to? "The answers that I heard in diversity:" With no one! "Hearing that always busy producers need" script readers ", I wrote a" synopsis "of the novel Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men" and sent to all studios. Three days later I got a job at Universal Studios for $ 17 a week. In his spare time, along with partner Ben Roberts, we composed and tried to sell our own scripts. On the fifth time we were lucky. "

. After the death of his mother, Natalia Marcus Lead, and his wife (1983 and 1985) in Sydney were the two favorite women - the daughter of Marie and granddaughter Elizabeth.

. Four years after the death of George Sidney Sheldon married Alexandra Kostoff, until recently headed the advertising department at one of American companies
. He was 72 years old, Alexander - 46. On the list of guests at a party devoted to this event, it was possible to study the history of Hollywood. One admitted to this living history of Journalists has described Alexander as a "typical blonde" and "very Beverly Hills". You can imagine how angry Sidney, after reading it in the newspaper. Alexander, by his own admission - a very close friend of his. Over the past few years the couple traveled to 91 countries in the world, and Alexander personally photographed all the places that Sheldon later described in his novels. Everyone knows that Sydney will never write about any dish in a restaurant, if not try it myself, in whatever corner of the world, this restaurant is to be found! Journey - his passion, but only if it is connected with the theme of the next novel. For some of them he had just done one tour in Hollywood, which he knew like the back of the fingers and remembered how his own name.

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Sidney Sheldon, photo, biography
Sidney Sheldon, photo, biography Sidney Sheldon  Writer, photo, biography
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