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Emma Shapplin

( Singer)

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Biography Emma Shapplin
Emma Shapplin

Emma Shapplin (real name Kristel Zholiton) combines in his art the romantic Italian opera of XIX century and modern electronic rhythms. Her debut album "Carmine Meo" (1997) soared to the top of music charts in 26 countries and only three months has become the "gold" and recently released CD "Etterna" consolidated the position of a young singer in the starry sky.

. Emma was born in Paris in 1974
. Her passion for music started at age 11, when she heard the Queen of the Night aria from Mozart's "Magic Flute". "I realized that I wanted to sing well," - she says. In 14 years, Emma met a teacher who could help her to realize those dreams.

Strong desire to sing soon transformed into a rather unconventional form: Emma joined the youth group of heavy -. Then she enrolled in the College of Music, although academic studies quickly disappointed her: Emma found him cold and formal, and soon left for New York. "There I sang rhythm and blues, which in some sense requires the Executive power of opera. This experience has greatly helped me find my own style "- says the singer. Returning to France, she again began singing lessons, but this time it was finally decided for myself that would not be purely an opera singer.

. Many thought that this statement was in the style of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli - at the intersection of classical and pop ...

. Emma Shapplin: I think that in contrast to Sarah and Andrea, I totally create your own show - with a special light, costumes, - and not just sing.

. And what about the reproaches of emergency mainstream: classic and pop music? ..

. E.SH
. You know, I think that any music can be something to give, something to add ...

But you still start with a pop?

E.SH. Rather, I started with football. Then he took up hard rock, and eventually brought his, well, just a roar up to the present soprano. I helped a famous singer Jean-Patrick Kapovill. Perhaps influenced by genes and. My father - a policeman, a lover of art and nature, mother - the secretary of the court, also in love with the art. Maybe at first it seemed strange to them that I decided to choose this path ... but I chose it. I had to work hard. But now came out three of my disc "Sarmine meo" became "golden" and went out in many countries.

So, Player of, popular singer, and now a classic ... And who do you still want to become?

E.SH. Maybe tsirkachkoy ... I'm only beginning and much remains to be learned.

And how did you like in Moscow?

E.SH. Oh, very much. I am not so much, though, saw. But it was in Red Square, bought a hat and tried to ... B... bscha ...

Borscht? ..

E.SH. That's right. It was the Ukrainian restaurant Shi ... sha ...


E.SH. Yes, it. I ate it as it should be - a wooden spoon. I'd never seen before in Russian restaurants. And what is "Shinok?

This Ukrainian restaurant - as a tavern, for example.

E.SH. I generally do not so often go to restaurants, but very fond of Italian cuisine and I love the Parisian restaurant "Little Sicily" where they serve spaghetti with seashells.

And you are not going to Kiev?

E.SH. I go there after the show at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg.

There is a real tavern and see.

E.SH. Probably. I have a very big tour - and in Russia, and Ukraine, then he'll be in the Baltics, then in Holland. And, perhaps, be sure to somehow come back to Moscow.

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  • Sir Kevin Parr Bt for Emma Shapplin
  • A dream of a woman worthy of love never seen her before but now I have the wait is worth it.
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    Emma Shapplin, photo, biography
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