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Peter Hoffman

( Film producers)

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Biography Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman

Film producer Peter Hoffman is one of the largest Hollywood business. In the 90 years, Peter led the famous film company 'Carolco', . which created and produced such blockbusters, . as 'Terminator II: Doomsday', . 'Total Recall', . 'Universal Soldier', . 'Red Heat', . many, . many films, . among whom was a sensational thriller 'Basic Instinct',
. This picture came on the screens in 1992, brought its creators to tens of millions of dollars in profits and turned the then little-known actress Sharon Stone in the Superstar.

NOW Peter Hoffman directs his own film company '7 Arts Films'. Despite the significant role that Hoffman continued to play in American show business, it is simple in communication and gives the impression of an open and very friendly. Peter repeatedly visited in Russia and always very warmly about our country.

- Peter, I was told that you are seriously interested in Russia's literature. Is this true?

- Yes, absolutely true. My ancestors were immigrants from Germany, and I represent the fourth generation Hofmann, who live in the U.S.. But if you talk about Hollywood, then perhaps, all the American movie business was built by immigrants from Russia, and Eisenstein, I think the first real directed. My acquaintance with Russia's culture, there were more than 20 years ago, . When I first read 'Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and was literally shocked by the depth of this book! I still believe this work Bulgakov's greatest literary works of the twentieth century.,

. - Several years ago, you produced the film 'Onegin', in which the main roles played by Rafe Fiennes and your godmother's daughter Liv Tyler:

. - And, in my opinion, Liv has done with the role of Tatyana Larina! I hope that those are your readers who watched this movie were not disappointed.

. - In Russia, as in the rest of the world, persistent rumors of a possible extension of 'Basic Instinct'
. What do you think about this?

- The author of the script of the second part of this movie was my friend, Henry Bean. This scenario was interesting, though, in my opinion, too extreme. But, unfortunately, was missed an opportune moment for the continuation of 'Basic Instinct'. Michael Douglas refused to participate in this project. They talked about the candidacy of Kurt Russell, but he declined the offer producers. Now more and Sharon started all these trials:

. - What are the claims Sharon Stone?

. - Stone said she had been promised a central role in the second part of 'Instinct' and, as she awaited the start of filming, she had to give up some very competitive bids
. Now Sharon demands a huge amount of compensation. Produced by the same answer that the contract was not signed and the actress were only preliminary, nor to non-binding oral talks. So the question of whether it would succeed Sharon Stone once again demonstrate their 'basic instinct', continues to remain open. Fortunately, my relationship with Sharon did not suffer, and perhaps she will take part in one of the closest pictures that run in my Studios. True, the genre, it will not be an erotic thriller, and action games.

- How can you explain the declining interest of American audiences to the genre of action games?

- First, it is the tragic events of 11 September 2001. Premieres several paintings have even been moved since the autumn of last year in the spring of this. Secondly, one should not forget that a huge part of the audience are women, and they love to watch adventure on the screen, rather than a continuous shooting and fighting. And, thirdly, in the movie business, like any other, there are certain cycles. This means that if today the interest of the audience to the works of some of the genre falls tomorrow, when working correctly, it could again grow.

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Peter Hoffman, photo, biography
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