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Khmelevskaya John

( Writer's ironic detective)

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Biography Khmelevskaya John
photo Khmelevskaya John
Joanna Chmielewska (02.04.1932 years [Warsaw])

Tortured fans, Joanna Chmielewska, agreeing to an interview with the correspondent said: "With pleasure, only to find an interpreter". Pole bystanders came to the rescue: "But the lady speaks to you in Polish!" "Indeed!" - Laughed Mrs. John. - I'm so tired that I do not understand the language they speak with me and what I say to myself. "

. - Why is it ironic detective?

. - Yes because it amuses me, and entertains.

. - And if you treat this literature seriously?

. - I do not why I do not belong seriously.

. - Even for life?

. - God in my life so much funny! Even in the most tragic situations you can find something funny, and then it becomes easier.

. - Most of your characters - real people that exist outside of books
. For example, Anita. She had a claim for what you put her in jail in his book "All the red"?

. - Why? She enjoyed it very much: Anita chose to be a criminal, rather than a victim.

. - Are not you afraid that in the end someone of your friends will kill you for what turned out to be the hero of a detective?

. - I like to describe the reality, I am essentially a reporter, and I was easily able to create a fiction based on something concrete
. The easiest way to "redo" and friends ... Of course, I warn them beforehand, and if someone is totally against that, I leave him alone. Of course, if it is not my enemy (laughs).

- When transferring your books from Polish to other languages misunderstandings happen?

- Most of my books being translated into Slavic languages. There have been attempts to make translations into German, Italian, English, French, Danish, but all in vain: either the book do not translate to the end, or they simply do not understand. Once the Brazilian translator decided to release a book in Portuguese. God, that started here! At first he wrote to me that my heroine for the Brazilian reader is too old and too ugly. I responded: "Please, make it seventeen girl, the most beautiful in the world". Then he found a new obstacle: she lives with a male as with a cohabitating without marriage, and for the Brazilian society is unacceptable. I said: "Well, let them at least four marriages conclude". But he still did not work.

- In Russia, the novel "What did the dead man" film, which finally saw and Polish audience. Your opinion?

- This is one of the most successful film adaptations, because it most fully and accurately conveys the content of the book, which was not in the other cases. March Klubovich superbly played its role, and the only thing you can blame her - she somehow nestilno dresses. But then, perhaps, to blame the director.

- However, the plot of the film differs substantially from the book's contents. Some people like it, someone - no. You are upset?

- Since the film was made for the Russian public, subject to some changes - some better, some worse. Some - generally appalling. The most incredible departure from the content: Brazilian mafia in a French castle sings Russian songs! Another point that does not match reality: witness claimed to have seen the escaped character endured trash. But in Denmark, with 60-ies do not know what a trash can, because to throw trash in plastic bags. And a man with a bucket would look just as strange, as if he was battling his way through the crowd with a club. I do not really like men in the film. Domogarova - such a fine actor - "killed" in the very beginning, boss - too old ... As for the Polish heroes who appear at the end of the film, one of the book - an interesting man, just no, but that there is a handsome man - well, I just do not understand what she found in it?

- We know your gambling. You have to go to Moscow casinos?

- Naturally, I was not there - I had neither the time nor the energy. But when the case went to go there myself, of course, without any escort.

- Mysteries, intrigue, murder, and suddenly - Cooking. Why would it?

. - The idea originated as follows: after the book version in store, the heroine is trying to feed the investigator to extract information from it, I received many letters, where they asked me to tell you how to cook a particular dish
. I accuse: Recipes "cookbook" too expensive. Well, judge for yourself, do gnocchi with cheese - this is an expensive meal?

- Tell me, the problem with the censors did you have?

- Censorship was when I began to write. A vivid example - related to my book "The Crocodile of the country, Charlotte". The whole affair there was based on eavesdropping. I was told: "In Poland there is no eavesdropping can not be". I had to rewrite the book so that podslushka was conducted only among individuals. In one novel, I used the phrase "bad money". I was told that you can not use that expression because it gives anti-Semitism. You can write a separate "bad apples", separately - "money", and together it is impossible - the censor does not permit. The book "The Curse of the inheritance is not allowed to print, because it seemed immoral. The criminals there were senior people, and in the end they were not punished. Another problem was with the book "Marking". The hero escapes on a ship that was waiting for him. I said: "Well, not Polish. Any foreign ship. - "What is foreign?" - "Chinese". - "Well that's you! Chinese can not: we have excellent relations with China". - "German". - "We have just installed an excellent relationship with Germany. It will not go ". I listed a few more states, but they did not fit. In the end, the hero escaped to a vessel in an unknown country.

- You look in the Internet?

- God forbid! I can not be the Internet in the computer!

- Why?

- At any moment in my computer can someone enter. If I had two computers - please, but not in the one on which I work.

- Are you afraid of burglars?

- And the virus, and hackers, and people who sincerely would interfere. I like to work quietly.


Joanna Chmielewska (pseudonym), a writer, script writer, reporter. She was born and lives in Warsaw. Has two sons, two granddaughters. An architect. She graduated from Warsaw Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Architecture. Since 1970, deals only with literary works. The first book, "Clean", was published in 1964. In Russia, known as the author of detectives, but the list of her works also include humorous benefits, satirical articles, books for children. Khmelevskaya - winner of numerous literary awards, . including the President of the Council of Ministers Prize for Creativity for Children and Youth (1989), . two-time winner of the prize "AO EMPiK" (Poland's biggest sales network media carriers) (2000, . 2001),
. To date, it contains a bibliography of over 43 volumes of prose. Joanna Chmielewska books translated into Russian, Czech, Slovak and Swedish.

The writer has traveled extensively, from the principle of not flying on airplanes. Loves horses, makes bets at the races, playing in casino. In Poland it is popular among people who are more likely to precipitate the press.

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Khmelevskaya John, photo, biography
Khmelevskaya John, photo, biography Khmelevskaya John  Writer's ironic detective, photo, biography
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