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FAYZ Janick

( Director)

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Biography FAYZ Janick
Janick Faiziev (30.07.1961 years [Tashkent])

- Janick, you are no stranger to television and film, but it is difficult for you to inquire: all search engines give out links to sites that tell of Turkish Gambit and the director of this film. And who was Janick Faiziev to Turkish Gambit?

- I was born in 1961 in Tashkent and at first had no relation to the directors, except indirectly, because it was an actor. As a child, acted in movies such as waiting for you, man, man leaves for the birds, Youtube Genius. I think many will remember the Prince of the fairy tale movie Little Mook. This prince was I. He played such a lover, a little foolish young man. Rode and talked about his love. I graduated from the Acting Department of State Institute of Cinematography (Boris Chirkov workshop), but did not stop.

- Decided to devote himself to directing?

- Yes. Three years after the actor went to the director's office to Yuri Ozerov (but then went on to Irakli Kvirikadze).

. - Why did not immediately acted on the director's?

. - Good question: Really, why? Probably because a 22-year-old actor would be treated worse than a 22-year-old director
. Moreover, familiarity with the profession of acting did not stop me on my directorial career.

- The director of the film were not immediately?

- Not immediately. I spent several years in television, for example, participated in the TV project Leonid Parfenov Namedni. I managed to put the old musical songs about the main-2 and remove the first channel to stop on demand. And then - Turkish Gambit.

- Trained on serials, getting to the big movie?

- Well, not such a series and a small cinema. Of course, the level of modern Russian serials different. For example, Western X-Files or Ambulance - it is a great movie! Each episode draws to a good, decent movie with a great script. We also have a series of similar level, but they do not so much.

- A lot depends on the actors - not only from the script:

- Actor can play so that his role now will save. Or destroy. Today there are many talented young actors, who start with serials. And it is not so bad. I am sure that if an actor plays in the series, this does not mean that he was not able to play Hamlet.

- The Turkish Gambit both main roles are played by young actors. You are not afraid to risk:

- Egor Beroev and Olga Krasko, who played Fandorin and Suvorov, respectively, with good and talented actors. Beroev filmed earlier in the movie, and Olga - no. Nevertheless, both played well. Another thing - to be able to please. Here you read the novel?

- Yes, and not once.

- Well, as you Beroev as Erast Petrovich?

- I'll say this: I liked his game, but Beroev still not my Fandorin.

- Every reader imagines the book's characters in their own. Example, Fandorin - blue-eyed brunette. And you have read and understand: no, he must be a blonde! Whatever the directors did, picking up on the role of the actor, you are still unhappy. Beroev able to play 22-year-old youth, who behind the tragedy. And Olga was able to play an emotional and open girl, who came to her fiance, and some strange and wonderful way attached to Fandorin. We have made a heroine Krasko redhead young lady, that even these stressed her determination, her ability to make sharp, sometimes frivolous actions.

- Akunin has been agreed with the choice of actors?

- Yes. However, on Beroeve he said roughly the same as you - is not his Fandorin. Indeed, the book Fandorin has a wonderful blue eye color. However, if Yegor used lens, the audience would be deprived of this light in his eyes. Incidentally, when we began work on the film, we got the idea to create a composite sketch of Fandorin. We have prepared a description of the books Akunin and sent law enforcement officers who helped us.

. - Seriously? And who do you get?

. - Imagine: Al Pacino with a straight nose.

. - Janick, ending with another idea occurred to you?

. - No, this is the decision by Boris Akunin
. He wrote the script for the film, and masterfully approached this work. Akunin is better than anyone else knows his readers and his novels. He feels detective intrigue. If we kept the same ending as in the book, the film would lose the intrigue.

- Janick, and how you relate to the fact that many directors shoot themselves in their films?

- I play in his films consistently. Hands, legs, back: If you need a hand in the shot, I put on my glove and play a hand. This is easier than explaining statistician, how and what to do.

- You have a lot of scenes in the movie with horses:

- Without this, nothing. Oblige, first, genre: science is the action-adventure. Secondly, the time of action and historical era. Since we worked Valery Derkach and Bulgarian trainer, who put us tricks with horses. One of them all was called the Serpent, or the Dragon. It was pleasant to work with them.

- And, of course, no horse has not suffered?

- No! I say this with full responsibility. There are many issues associated just with the poor horse, who dies heroically in the frame. We, of course, used a fake. However, fake out a living. He even stood at the entrance to the Pushkin Theater during VIP-show on February 16.

- And in the windows movie theaters, I saw the costumes, which were filmed heroes.

- True. Costumes work of professional artists, all sewn on the pattern of the XIX century. If blockbuster not only epic, but also historical, it is important to observe the details. This applies to all aspects of Russian-Turkish campaign of 1878-88 gg. Which is a background picture. We helped a real general who advised and guided us.

- But not without flaws and cost:

- No flaws and can not do. We did not a textbook on the history and film. Of course, we wanted the maximum matching. But, as you correctly noted, were lyapy. For example, in one scene it comes to Murmansk, which was actually founded later, in 1916. Here is such a green bunny:

. - One user Rambler in an online interview to ask you a question about why the most important battle scenes you showed Russian troops as cannon fodder?

. - This scene is fully consistent with the historical era
. It is really very bloody. But, unfortunately, all the way and was. By that time, Russia has not yet passed the military reforms. The Turks had more weapons, modern and powerful at the time. In this war we lost.

- And what about the scene in which the general Sobolev yelling at the king? This is not a gaffe?

- Well, let's say, there is a small stretch. On the other hand, the general is young, he is emotional. He just lost his soldiers. The king saw the tragedy of war and could not understand the bitterness of the officers.

- Good. Tell me, shooting took place in Bulgaria?

- Most of the shootings - in Bulgaria. Beautiful, amazing country! Each valley, each cave surprisingly suited to shooting. Remember, the field of sunflowers? It is a real field. I was left with many impressions. Managed to keep and a small 'souvenir' to remember:

- You mean the story of a splinter?

- Yes. We filmed explosion. The most important thing in such cases - coordinated work of professionals. The slightest deviation from the designated schemes can lead to tragedy. When fired pyrotechnics explosion, I felt that I had bleeding on his leg. He looked - like a small scratch. Well, hooked a little bit, sometimes. Dr. processed wound that did not inflamed, and we continued to work. I soon forgot about it. However, the wound did not heal and continued to inflame. I asked the doctors, which surprised me a message that my leg was a long time: the metal fragment. I kept it. I am very glad that all ended this way. Fragment stared at my leg, but at the time of the explosion on the ground around me was my assistant, which could be hurt seriously.

- In the film a lot of special effects. Tell us a little about them.

- With us working guys from Sinematiki. Supervised all visual effects Yakhin Arman, who worked on the painting 72 meters. Special Effects went great. For example, the train of thought Erast Petrovich shown using digital graphics. It looks like a computer game. Thus we were able to transmit the deductive thinking of this young, intelligent young man, show the rapidity of his judgments.

- A good movie is not only a set of special effects, but also a great number of sound. It is true that you wrote the music for Goran Bregovic, who has been called the most famous musician of Yugoslavia?

- Is called a. Goran - author of the soundtrack of Emir Kusturica's Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dreams and Underground. Above the music, we worked with him eight or nine months. The film sounds the Balkan-Turkish theme. Romans, who sings the heroine Krasko, wrote Schwartz. And by the way, Olga sings itself.

- So, intrigue, a good script, great team, special effects, professional music series:

-: Plus a little luck:

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FAYZ Janick, photo, biography
FAYZ Janick, photo, biography FAYZ Janick  Director, photo, biography
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