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Wayne (Morrison), John

( Actor)

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Biography Wayne (Morrison), John
photo Wayne (Morrison), John
John Wayne (Morrison) (26.05.1907 years [Uinterset (pc. Iowa)] - 11.06.1979 years [Los Angeles])

. Annual opinion polls show that his favorite actor believes most American moviegoers man, who died June 11, 1979 in Los Angeles, surrounded by seven children, proceeds in three marriages.

. Today at the Hollywood firmament is no lack of 'star' and 'heroes'
. To the joy of the audience (and in favor of the checkout) abruptly climbed 'young but the early' - Brad Pitt, Matt Dilon, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage, Will Smith. Regularly demonstrate the presence of powder in the flasks by the representatives of 'old guard' - Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis. However, the annual opinion polls show that his favorite actor, most American moviegoers believed man, who died June 11, 1979 in Los Angeles, surrounded by seven children, proceeds in three marriages.

. Unsuccessful football player and lawyer who failed to, . actor grace of God and the very strong anti-Communist, salting, . powerful story and a cool character, . season amateur conversation unparliamentary expression: In the late thirties, he was replaced by 'dumb' Thomas Mix on a pedestal 'chief cowboy America' and to this day retains the title for themselves.,

. Born Marion Michael Morrison (this is the real name of actor) 26 May 1907 in the town Vinterset, Iowa
. He started his career in the football school in 1925 entered the law faculty of the University of Southern California. During student vacations guy was moonlighting as an extra, property master and stuntman in the film studios 'XX Century Fox', where he was last seen their future 'godfather' - directed by John Ford. That Ford invented the pseudonym 'John Wayne', and by his own advice 'young talent' was the first major role in Westerns of Raoul Walsh, 'Big Trail' (1930).

. The following nine years after a successful initiative Wayne removed dozens of low-budget westerns 'Class B', portraying the good guys with fast revolver
. All of these films was quite arbitrary and theatrical, except for: very John Wayne. This extraordinary, just a spontaneous organic in the proposed westerns images and circumstances could not remain unnoticed. And in 1939, still the same John Ford offers his protege a major role Ringo Kid in the film 'Stagecoach'.

. In the late 60's, talking about this work in a documentary film by Denis Sanders 'American West of John Ford', Wayne recalled a very special atmosphere of the kinogruppe Ford
. Each participant will shoot up to the last extra on, could be a sponsor of the future masterpiece, prompting a fresh idea or making a sensible suggestion. 'Papula' (so-called director's friends and associates) nobody denied the right to vote, but all the new ideas kept in an iron lid on their own solutions.

. During the six weeks of shooting John Wayne is well absorbed and has adopted Ford's three rules of good cinema
. First, a little more action. Secondly, less chatter. And third - again a little more action. The first joint of Ford and Wayne's movie was released on screens, called the criticism of 'fundamental Westerns', 'base for all that followed him' and 'pattern, in which the film singing'.

. 'Stagecoach' became a hallmark of the genre, and John Wayne found his hero for many decades ahead
. Since then, we say 'western', we mean - John Wayne, we say 'John Wayne', we mean - Western. By the way, "Stagecoach." was the only westerns released in the Soviet hire.

. Note that Western, despite regularly experiencing ups and downs in popularity, to this day remains the 'root' genre is not only the American film industry, but also the American kinomentaliteta
. Western tells about real people and events of the era of development of the Wild West and becomes 'American history'. Western tells the story of the eternal struggle between good and evil and becomes 'American Myth'. And so it happened that history and legend, and myth westerns for different generations of moviegoers were embodied in one person. Change the names of heroes, not change the hero John Wayne. What he did on the screen, can not be called a game, creativity or play-acting. John Ford once aptly described the manner of Wayne as 'job work'.

And the actor's performance was amazing. He mastered spaces kinovesterna with the same zeal with which his ancestors had mastered the Wild West. Having worked in film for half a century, she appeared in more than 130 films, John Wayne defeated countless noble sheriffs, pretty thugs, honest soldiers and harsh cowboys. And he loved them all. Loved for what they looked like himself.

On screen and in life he was a loner (even with three wives and seven children). But like a true professional, able to work in a team.

All his life he was engaged in what could best be. His strong kinoyunoshi, kinomuzhchiny and kinostariki Wild West bad films pulling on his own shoulders, and good deeds great. Each decade career, Wayne noted films, which became the pride and westerns, and American cinema and world cinema.

Big fame brought a lot of money. Starting with petty episodes, Wayne on the set of 'Stagecoach' is already receiving $ 200 a week, until it was bought by the company 'Paramount' for $ 1200. By 1956, he became the highest paid actor of the world. 'XX Century Fox' to pay him for every film 500 thousand dollars, and the fee for the 'true virtue' amounted to $ 1 million plus 35% of the total hire revenue. The absolute record for that time!

. THE TURN OF THE 1940's and 1950's, during the McCarthy 'witch hunt' and check on the loyalty of Hollywood, Wayne was almost the only major actor, who supported Senator McCarthy and admired him
. He actively participated in the purification of American cinema from different kinds of 'commies'. It is not surprising that two of his biggest film project were pro-American, ultrapatriotichesky nature. On 'The Alamo' joked: 'This film is longer than the battle'.

Sam Wayne played the legendary hero of the Wild West Davy Crockett - the defense of the Texas Alamo from the Mexican army of General Santa Ana. In the 'Green Berets' he acted as commander of U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Michael Kirby, governing the protection of the fort again, but lost in the jungles of Vietnam. After that, the already considerable popularity Wayne was just a huge. His audience were thousands of American soldiers and veterans of the Vietnam War.

. However, the happy fate of John Wayne threw a serious challenge to the courage of this man, when in 1964, during an operation for cancer, had to remove the left lung and two ribs
. 'Big John' did not surrender and the last 15 years of his life continued to work actively, remove, set and produce films.

. In 1976, dying of cancer Wayne plays: dying of cancer, John shoes, famous in the past, the legendary arrow, which is seeking the last resting place in the present
. Don Siegel's film 'Last of the great shooters' was for Wayne and his heroes at the same time and anthem, and the requiem. Requiem, because along with the last giant thing of the past all the 'golden age' westerns. Hymn, because in the final film actor miracle happened. Ill, . broken, . exhausted pain old man (and hero, . and actor) arrives at the saloon - the place of his last fight: Should be, . strength of all its sheriffs, . soldiers and cowboys moved into this moment in Wayne, . because in the late 70's he entered the door saloon just as easily, . elegantly and casually, . as among the top ten of the same saloons in the 30's, . 40-x, . 50-and 60-ies: buying smile, . waddled gait and slightly bent right arm, . ready to throw a revolver,
. And it was not the actor's image or the mask of the hero. It was he - great for westerns and indispensable for the history of film John Wayne!


The last film of John Wayne his partner was actress Lauren Bacall, the widow of the famous Humphrey Bogart (also died of cancer). She remembers that all her complaints about the everyday and creative turmoil Wayne answered his favorite saying: 'If you woke up this morning, consider this a happy day! "

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Wayne (Morrison), John, photo, biography
Wayne (Morrison), John, photo, biography Wayne (Morrison), John  Actor, photo, biography
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