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Nicholas TRUBACH

( Singer)

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Biography Nicholas TRUBACH
Nicholas Trumpeter (11.04.1970 years [Nikolayev])

. 'Ros little boy, he studied at music school, and then it came to poetry in his head' - as in a fairy tale told about the beginning of his career last to date the singer from the constellation of the Romantics Nicholas TRUBACH
. For him, Nikolaev - the most beautiful city in the world, where the platform had such celebrities as Valery Meladze, Alexander Serov, Igor cool as the band 'Dream' and 'Dialogue' and as himself.

. - We were promised that within six months you will become a superstar ...

. - Yeah, but I'm already an artist
. Stars - this Shulzhenko, it Vysotsky, those already in heaven. And I'm not going, I want to spend more.

- What were your first poem?

- About love, of course. I do not know what to throw out their wishes. No mom is talking about first love. I was a secretive man.

- And what role in your life is love?

- This is the engine of my creativity. I always find myself in a state of love. But I am looking for my true love and believe that someday find. I experienced a lot of disappointments in life, and he has disappointed many, probably. But I have mad love for a woman in general, respect for her. I sent into this world to love women.

- Are you an innate romantic or belief?

- My life is often blunt about romance, but I continue to live as a romantic - fast, bright and happy. So I have something to write songs - with their own lives.

- The fact that you moved from Nikolaev to Moscow, such as the impact on creativity? As written in Moscow?

- I write with the same success in Nikolaev, and in Moscow. In Moscow, moreover, writing for other artists: I wrote songs for Lada Dens, for Boris Moiseyev. Participated in the production of his play 'The Kingdom of Love'. I was there only Natural. Boris Moiseev - a great artist, a master. For me as a young composer and poet, was very interested to work with him. And I do not care what color his soul. In this play we are playing on the stage of history, which I came up. This is a small bombs for Russia - it is called 'Blue Moon' - a fantastic story of two brothers. One fell in love with the Queen, his fortune had given her heart. And another miracle chose loneliness - Blue Moon to blame ... And co-authored with Kim Breitburg I have a lot of burn.

- Kim Breitburg well remembered in Kemerovo. Could you elaborate on your relationship?

- This is my friend, colleague, native people. This is a man who once told me the same words: "learn how to play guitar, and then, when the fate of your bread gifted, friends do not forget half of return '. Kim for me, first, master, and secondly, the person who has done much for the culture of Russia. He is a master, not a hack. And I grew up under that cap this art. So do not accept hack. I studied music all his life: playing in the symphony orchestra on trumpet, he served in the Army in the regimental band, playing in restaurants, somebody help (for example, the latest album by Valery Meladze 'Sambo white moth' sound like my trumpet). Kim believed in me and sent on the road, which I need, which is my soul.

- It is interesting that such a talented man settled in Nikolaev ...

- He now lives in Moscow. Just our studio in Nikolayev - it is easier written. Technical differences are no where to write, but the soul is. Therefore Meladze brothers and their last album recorded in Nikolaev, though it has tried every possible studio. This is our own studio, our soul, our religion.

- When people talk about show business, they say that this cruel world. You notice that?

- And what the world is not cruel? I think in any business should be competitive and some ice life, because, as I understand it, a man in any business is driven only one - to be the first. But if there is no front, rear, top, bottom, left and right of people who also want to be first, then competition will not.

- How do you think there are symptoms of the disease and the star what are they?

- There. When people believe that they have longer legs than others, that the suite - it is a humiliation for them. My star fever is to work well in microphone and a glass of water on stage, because there is hot. When this is not, I can a little nervous. But I never grublyu people. My parents are taught to love people. I never judge a man in advance: a wolf he or bunny.

- And you will not be difficult with such ideas about life?

- It is difficult. Eugene Fridlyand - my producer - said that the biggest problem that its a bit frightening - my openness.

- In that case, you probably were lucky with the producer. They say he is a pragmatic and hard.

- Who? Zhenya? Never. After all, he took a particular artist, a specific person, he can dictate? What he want to break, to do 'Simons'? This is one option, when the producer writes music, poetry, said the actor what to do on stage, puts his. Another thing, when the artist writes, plays on half of the instruments himself, he writes, which has musicians - to me work from the bands 'Dialogue'.

- Who are your friends?

- These people are completely different life directions. But they always knew that I'll do her, because I was delirious idea to become a real artist with 13 years. Even then I was an independent man, he worked in a restaurant. I am without the help of parents earned his tools, did a mini-studio at home ... Friends - my most important wealth, without them I can not. I called every day for three or four times in Nikolaev. If possible, help them as they help me. Bring them, then betray him.

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Nicholas TRUBACH, photo, biography
Nicholas TRUBACH, photo, biography Nicholas TRUBACH  Singer, photo, biography
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