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Biography Lana TURNER
photo Lana TURNER
Lana Turner (08.02.1920 year - the year 29.06.1995)

Proper name - Julia Jean Mildred Frances. American actress. During the Second World War it was called "Girls and Bad Girls". A melodrama shot 40's and 50-ies: "Peyton Place" (1957), "The Postman Rings Twice" (1946), "The Three Musketeers" (1948), "Imitation of Life" (1959) and others.

Lana was born in a small town Idaho family bootlegger - Traffickers alcohol. At the age of ten she came to the shelter. Her father was killed and his mother loved fun and do not care for the child. Unable to withstand the hard life in an orphanage, Lana decided to become a dancer in a nightclub in Los Angeles. When she was sixteen, it said Luis B. Mayer and proposed role in his film. Experienced Meyer saw a plump little girl a new image of feminine beauty

Lana Turner twenty years remained one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. Its rise began after the death of Jean Harlow, for a long time occupied the place of "sexual blondes in Hollywood". Lana radiated light, joy, excitement. Magazines always include it among the six most successful American women - those who smiled Fortune. It is also not too shy - that the press has stated that no one is able to embrace a woman is better than Tyrone Power, then in front of everyone going through a stormy affair with Frank Sinatra. She often changed men. She was interested not only bohemian men, not just actors, directors, singers. One of her husbands - billionaire Stephen Crane - was the king of all the restaurants in Hawaii. From him she had a daughter, Cheryl. But with Lana parted. She has ensured that it became a living legend - a femme fatale vamp, temptress, the devil in a skirt. This suited her glory. "I like night clubs, fiery music, the brightness of Jupiter, and most of all - men."

But neither the child nor the five marriages not bridled Lana. Divorced last time, she declared: "I never fall in love with a man" - and immediately began a new series of amorous adventures, for which he won in the media title of "modern Messalina."

. All these years, the daughter of actress educated nannies and maids
. Only from time to time she allowed to spend several days with his mother, but maternal love she never felt. She is like a pretty doll, appeared before the guests, made a curtsy, and sent away so as not to interfere entertainment mother.

Jaded old society, Lana began to seek adventure in gang circles. Night after night, she went on the most disgusting dens, and finally met with Mickey Cohen, the leader of the gang, drug seller, a landlord underground gambling and brothels. Knee bodyguard was a native of Sicily, 26-year-old Johnny Stompanato. He knew all of Hollywood.

Johnny Stompanato was one of the most "cool" her lovers. For a while she went crazy on the burning brunette, confirming an absolutely everything that ordinary Americans often think about the Italians - he was closely connected with the Mafia. Once, . attending as an observer, a lover on the set, . where Lana Turner play a love scene with Sean Connery, . he is in violation of all rules of filming and just went all decency and struck the actor's face - Johnny seemed, . that Sean too squeezed Lana,
. They said of him different - that he is a big thug that he was simply a petty thief that he would be a first-class gigolo.

Having an affair with a known gangster excited the whole Hollywood. Lana did not care.

. "Well, what of it that he a gangster? But he incomparable lover," - with a laugh, she explained to the reporter.

. The scandal raised by the press about Lana's connection with the criminal underworld, once again made it the subject of conversations and raised her concern on the part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "
. For the scandalous film needed was scandalously famous movie star. It required something unusual, out of the ordinary, to again achieve the high class fees.

. Lana Turner took the lead role in the movie "Peyton Place", shot by the notorious novel by Grace Metallius, and a contract for 200 thousand dollars.

. Cheryl, a fourteen daughter Lana Turner and King's Hawaiian restaurant, took a dislike Johnny Stompanato
. The girl is not too friendly to "Latin lover" mother, but, however, and did not require a break.

Mother demanded his own. It happened on Good Friday, April 4, 1958. There has never been such a man, who had not been able to give up sex blonde Lana Turner! But Johnny Stompanato, Italian bandit, did not want to miss what he thought long and undivided belongs to him. He struck her, was ready to kill, shredding her face with a knife, that she never went to him after. Oh, she refused to take him to the ceremony Oscars? She is ashamed of him! In his hands ominously glistening razor. Lana afraid of him and again and again demanded a break: it no longer wishes to see him.

But Cheryl, mortally frightened, ran to the kitchen and picked up a butcher knife. When she returned, Johnny Stompanato had already lifted his hand to strike. She preceded him, stabbed him in the stomach with a knife to the hilt. This is the version of the investigation.

However, many suspected that the defense had no mother, and daughter, which also attempted Throwing aside all restraint gangster. And when the deed was done, Cheryl took all the blame on myself, because by law a minor girl was safe.

Wines Cheryl has been proved, and she appeared in court. The press, taking advantage of this opportunity, raged against the unfortunate girl, blaming all the wrongs of this world. Blond Lana Turner was in court in dark glasses, her hair smooth, very elegant. Crossfire shameless and cruel questions she wept, fainted, fell into a swoon. Evil tongues, said that for this role - of injured innocence - she should have given an Oscar.

From that day began another period of her life. Soon, Marilyn Monroe, taken the place of Hollywood "vamp". Lana Turner is increasingly playing the role of age. But, . Hollywood celebrated historians, . that her slim figure, . which is always followed by a graceful boy hairdresser, . it remained for them the embodiment of eternal cheerfulness of spirit - until the last breath, Lana Turner: She died of throat cancer at age 75.,

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Lana TURNER, photo, biography
Lana TURNER, photo, biography Lana TURNER  Actress, photo, biography
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