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NORTH Marieta

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Marieta Severo

23 films, 27 theater works and 15 telenovelas, this is the result of 36-year career, the actress Marieta Severo. Her first job in 1965 became the film "A Doll's World", directed by Waldemar Lima. Subsequent work in the film brought Marieta success and appreciation of the public, and some films with her participation is world-famous, such as "Bye Bye Brasil" in 1979, "Carlota Joaquina, A Princesa do Brasil" in 1995 and "Guerra de Canudos" in 1997. And for his role in the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", Marieta received the highest theatrical prize of Brazil. Itself actress calls himself "an incorrigible workaholic, constant shooting, theater, tours, festivals, life around Marieta Severo bubbling

. Short, very elegant and graceful, well-groomed skin, sparkling eyes and dazzling smile, looking at the Marieta can not be said that she is 56 years.

. This is a mother of three adult daughters: Sylvia, Helen and Louis, grandmother and grandchild Clara Francisco
. Nearly thirty years of marriage with the famous Brazilian composer and singer Chico Borja Marieta was happy, . but five years ago, the couple razvelis.Kak known cause of divorce served as a novel Chico with a young canary, . Marieta Severo but does not like to talk about it.,

. After several years of absence on television you vozratilis in the telenovela "Family Ties", in the form of Alma
. What drew you to this character?

. M. "Carlos Manuel knows how to persuade: he is usually extremely talented and all his works grandiose ispolneniyu.Mne like my Alma, . it smart, . charming, . has a bright personality, . strong personality and emotional bogataya.Mne interested in creating images do not like me, . I do not like to give his characters are my personal traits,
. More correctly, when the actor is guided by intuition and experience, we would voobrazheniem.Esli Alma were similar, I would be bored to play it. Remarkably, when seeing my Almu on the screen, you suddenly notice the features of your own aunt! The actor must be very observant to notice the little things in life, study people in order to properly establish the nature of his character. "

. You know how to combine work on the theatrical stage, with work in kino.Chto is more important to you: the theater or television?

. M. "Theater is my favorite profession, . and film and television still uvlechenie.Industriya television in our country like a big, . greedy monster, . face on the screen change with the speed of light, . one show replaces another, . serials are removed as soon as possible, . one by one,
. If you are only a TV actor, you are quite difficult to deal with konkurentsiey.Ne have time to look back, and behind you is already a crowd of young, for fresh, good-looking, whose face is not pall viewer. A very special world of the theater, the smell of backstage, rehearsals to exhaustion, the first prime minister, the eyes of spectators, applause, flowers ... I have seen actors shines through in the soap opera, but feels himself lost on the theatrical stage. Therefore, I believe that theater is the highest stage for the actor, it's like an exam on skill. "

You said "the eyes of spectators, but spectators and fans are. How are your relations with the fans?

M. "If the fans come up to me in between filming, or before the show, I try not to talk, because I'm losing my concentration. At any other time, I gladly signs autographs, photos, chat, answer voprosy.Mne naturally pleased to hear compliments, praise, kind words from my fans, this is the greatest reward you can get an actor. When the show "family ties" was in full swing, I went to El Salvador to visit the grandchildren, there I was surrounded by a crowd of fans, I remember we laughed merrily, they were jokes about Alma and scampish Danila, thanked me for my character. It was very nice! "

You are a very busy man, demanded an actress, a beautiful woman. and what you grandma?

M. "I was always a gentle mother and a doting grandmother! (Fun laughs) Actually, my daughter can not complain to me, of course I'm not ideal, but I always tried to give children the maximum time and attention. Now they vyrasli, thank God, they have formed life perfectly, I am proud of them. A grandmother from me turned out just crazy, I always ride to Clara and Francisco, they sometimes live with me. So funny to watch their growth, maturation.

Frankly, if I had the ability, you may now have given birth to a child. Nature is very cruel to women, taking away their ability to bear children after a certain age milestone. Sometimes I think about what would I now have a young son. "

. But today's youth do not seek to have children!

. M. "We live in terrible times, all too quickly, met for two days, a year spent together, divorced, is in the order of things
. Of course people are different, my daughters are brought up quite like a conservative, in our family is not lost the notion of family values, the Sunday dinners, understanding and respect. But I completely agree with us, we, the generation of the sixties, many now seem outrageous. "

Your generation fought a lot, to transform reality. This struggle has brought some results?

M. "We have achieved many things from culture. But of course then, in the sixties, we did not think that the development of Brazil will go on the road, which the country is today. We live in a world far removed from the things that we idealize in the sixties. Economic progress has merely highlighted the social inequalities of our society, violence is rampant form, level of education in the country disastrously Malachi is not a pessimist, but in the sixties, we were the second millennium quite different. I thought life has cycles, I want to hope for a bad cycle and will be good tsikl.Nadeyus era of ostentatious luxury, where money is an absolute value, the time comes to spiritual and moral values. "

. Do you think spiritual poverty reigns among the new generation of actors Brazil?

. M. "I can not answer definitely
. There are excellent, . thin, . talented, . educated young actors, . they learn, . they seek to gain experience, . znaniy.No sometimes on their way are upstarts, , . this girl enough to withdraw for "Playboy", . pobarahtatsya in the bathroom, . advertise regular soap, . go to bed to a famous TV producer, . lighted in a trendy TV show and all, . role in your pocket! They can run agents, . Entrepreneurs, . to assist in career ..,
. But what a career! I call this "success at any cost!

Let's go back to talking about shestidesyatyh.Pravda that you wore Indian dress and smoked marijuana?

M. "1969 and 1970 I lived in Rome. When they came back to Brazil, . All my friends were talking on the terribly strange psychedelic jargon, . I do not ponimala.K that time I already had a daughter and I was very responsible and sobrannaya.Poetomu in mass demonstrations on the beaches, I did not participate,
. And wore Indian dress, but it was a tribute to mozhe, no more. I will not say that I have not tried drugs, but this was an isolated incident in my life. "

. You continued to advocate for the legalization of soft drugs?

. M. "Even more than before, in connection with the crime situation in Rio and Sao Paulu.Torgovtsy drugs without shame sell directly to schools, the police their cover, soon did not understand any of them who it is! Legalization will have control and management
. I was against the hypocritical idea of drug prohibition, you might think of this in the country reduced the number of addicts!

. I for understanding and good will! Too many of my friends died from drugs, and some have been unable to recover from this zavisimosti.Legalizatsiya give a chance to save many, I'm sure of it. "

. You still keen on psychoanalysis?

. M. "This habit of the sixties, almost obligatory, it is the search for new knowledge, find themselves ...

. I am fascinated by the psychology of almost fifteen years, Freud was a great symbol of our generation
. I was always very enthusiastic about topic of the afterlife, reincarnation, where humanity came from and where we go. The saints have always been for me too abstract concepts. "

. You adhere to any religion?

. M. "My mother was a Methodist, his father, an atheist, and my grandmother, a real mystic, was fond of spiritualism, duhami.Protestanstvo then generally had no influence on society, in contrast to the present time
. My generation has been denied by all religions and dogmas, I am no exception. I baptized my daughters, eg I can say that I have a sense of sacredness, a sense of faith, but religious attributes, I absolutely do not accept. "

. Are you afraid of old age?

. M. "I find it interesting and it is the state does not scare me in terms of loss of physical attractiveness, . molodosti.Edinstvennoe causes fear, . lose mental sposobnosti.Esli in old age I will stay strong, . smart, . I will continue to look at the world sober glance, . I'll be happy,
. If my brain I will not fail, even chained to a wheelchair, I no longer find life interesting. "

. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, you see many differences between them?

. M. "Although I am a native of Minas, I am convinced of the Carioca (resident of Rio de Janeiro) and not tire of admiring the beauty of this city
. I live in a prestigious district in the prestigious building, the windows of my apartment is visible to the statue of Jesus and a piece of the sea. The feeling is that the city lies at my feet. But I love and Sao Paulo, . this city charmed me the rhythm of life, . rich culture, . it is more business, . more sereznyy.A residents of Rio unlike Paulista (Sao Paulo residents) are relaxed lifestyle, . probably affected by the presence of the sea and beaches. ",

. You traveled a lot, who do you can claim the title of the most beautiful cities in the world?

. M. "I love Rome, . where I lived for two years, . but the most beautiful city I think Parizh.Eto special place on earth, . Architecture, . History, . a rich cultural life and natural krasota.Eto city where the feelings of being, . Paris does not necessarily go on excursions, . there simply to walk the streets of sweat, . look, . watch, . admire,
. And the smell of fresh croissants, which in the morning just floats around Paris? In this city, I would like to be born and live in the next life. "

. And the last question, we have heard that you are clever kulinar.Eto true?

. M. "Who told you that?" I am the scourge in the kitchen, . catastrophe! All my burns, . overdo, . do not get it, . was planned iznachalno.Odnazhdy in Rome, . I decided to show off the culinary talent and feed breakfast grandparents, . came to visit,
. I decided to cook beef stew, got up early, all prepared, covered beautiful stol.Sama I was sure that the dish turned out divine. But the faces of all the table were very strange, then her husband admitted to me that much shit in his life he did not try. It turned out that when I cooled pan of stew in the sink, dropped there by chance a piece of soap and zametila.Mylo naturally melted and added a kind of stew taste! So cook, I can only soap (laughs). "

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NORTH Marieta, photo, biography
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