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Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna

( Singer)

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Biography Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna
photo Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna
Lydia Andreyevna Ruslanova (27.10.1900 year - the year 20.09.1973)

Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna, performer of Russian folk songs. From the earliest days of the Great Patriotic War Lydia Andreyevna was in the front-line brigades that served the forefront. She, like a soldier, came to Berlin to the Reichstag.

Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna, performer of Russian folk songs, was born in 1900.

Special education had. Musical literacy was trained in an orphanage, where she, after her mother's death. There, it drew the attention of the Regent of the local church, who liked her voice: 'Yes, you have a real contralto! " 'In the church choir - recalls Lidia - I quickly became a soloist. From all over the city began to drive us to the merchants, to listen, as an orphan sings ... And after the orphanage, when I was sent to apprentice in a furniture factory, for the song to me, all helped. In 17 years, I was already an experienced actress was afraid of nothing - no stage, no audience '.

Ibid - at a furniture factory - young Ruslanova heard Professor Saratov Conservatory MM. Medvedev and invited her to attend classes at the Conservatory. However, the academic lessons are not attracted to it, and maybe it was one of those happy cases where non-scientific approach has helped to keep the vocal singer's voice in all its rare pristine beauty. And one could only wonder her artistic intuition - as delicately and precisely, she felt the character of Russian folk songs as masterfully able to transmit its infinitude and charm.

. Civil War found her in Rostov-on-Don, where Ruslanova podvizalas already on stage as a professional artist
. Then she moved to Moscow, and here to there quickly comes a universal love of the people. Mainly affects the entire tone of voice Ruslanova, which can not be confused with any other voices. And its unique style of singing as it revived the forgotten traditions of Russian pesennits that once appeared on national holidays, and later, at the beginning of this century, came to the concert stage. It owns a large share of, . if I may say so, . in memorable of Russian folk songs, . many of whom live in human memory and familiar to modern listener is in ruslanovskom execution: 'Felt boots', . 'Between the high grain', . 'Oh, My, . garden ', . 'Okrasilsja month crimson', . 'Century-old linden', . 'Gold Mountain', . 'Captivating Eyes', . 'I walked up the hill', . 'Saratov pripevki', etc.,
. Immortalized it and a number of works by Soviet composers ( 'Who knows' in. Zakharov M. Isakovskogo, 'Katyusha' M. Blanter and M. Isakovskogo, 'in the dugout' K. Listova and A. Surkov, a different kind of 'collective farm' ditties, etc.).

Since 1933, over fifteen years she worked as a musical actress-pop department of the State association of musical, variety and circus companies. It was the most difficult period in the history of the domestic variety, and Ruslanova, despite its very 'loyal' specialization 'populist', also had the opportunity to experience many. Then it was considered simply a good habit to blame the platform for or without any reason. Indiscriminately hayali all for their commitment to the 'pub' genre, in addition, each individual - for some personal flaw, which always was, and under all being put on the ideological base. Somebody does not like the fact that Isabella St George's well-dressed and seeks to upgrade their concert dresses. Vadim Kozin irritated someone that - oh my! - Refused to speak with a microphone. Now would be an artist, an eccentric who had the courage to sing in the hall without a microphone, would look like on the abnormal.

Ruslanova get and for that to earn a lot, and for her bad temper, and even for its Russian costume. One critic in the article 'Let's talk about the stage' ( 'Owls. art 'from the city of 17.04.48) wrote:' A number of serious accusations is a claim to such a popular stage actress, as Ruslanova. Some people still call the Russian singer actresses who appear on stage in sarafans and sandals and perform ditties under Saratov accordion. But these outfits out of fashion even in the most remote villages, and even more out of fashion 'expanse removed and cardiac depression'. It is no coincidence L. Ruslanova, extending the line of singers, with such difficulty mastering new repertoire. She should seriously think about his position on the Soviet stage '.

. Interesting, . that after three and a half decades, . idem, . forgetting completely what has been said previously, . moved by 'Saratov' image of the singer: 'Lydia Andreyevna Ruslanova! " - Announced the master of ceremonies, . and to thunderous applause as she left (usually accompanied by two accordionists) on the scene: a beautiful, . trim, . smiling face, . decisive step was diverted to the edge of the platform and a low bow replied to the greetings of the auditorium,
. In her face, figure, in her gait to feel confident. From it proceeded as if the currents of optimism, daring, mental health. She has performed on stage in colorful costumes, which were in her home province of Saratov, and this suit is the best suited to her figure, to all of her looks'.

. From the earliest days of the Great Patriotic War Lydia Andreyevna was in the front-line brigades that served the forefront
. She, like a soldier, came to Berlin to the Reichstag. And there, on its steps, Russian actress sang the Soviet soldiers, the winners of folk songs.

In the late 40-ies, on the wave of new repression, Ruslanova was arrested and sentenced. Term was serving in Transbaikalia. For creative work, she returned only in 1953, after Stalin's death.

In 1942 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Singer died in 1973.

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Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna, photo, biography
Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna, photo, biography Ruslanova Lydia Andreyevna  Singer, photo, biography
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