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Diana Ross

( Singer)

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Biography Diana Ross
photo Diana Ross
Diana Ross (26.03.1944 year [Detroit])

Diana Ross, born March 26, 1944 in Detroit, in 1959, along with Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Barbara Martin founded the group The Primettes. In the following, in 1960 they signed a contract with the local branch of the famous later, and then just starting the record company Motown Records. And in the 1961st quartet replaces its name to The Supremes - it was under this name on them learned world. And how learned! In the sixties girl from The Supremes in no way inferior to America in popularity by the Beatles! Yes there''...''Beatles

. Over the next eight years, the trio (of the group left, Barbara Martin) created a huge number of wildly popular songs, of which as many as 12 tracks took first place in the pop charts
. The first place went to The Supremes Diana Ross, and thanks to its strong and at the same time''Silk''voice of the group and became famous. The merits of Diana were appreciated. In the 1967th, when joined by new vocalist Cindy Birdsong, the quartet got a new name:''Diana Ross and the Supremes''.

But then Ross felt that develops within the group, and in October 1969 began a solo career. From''Motown''is not gone, and rightly so. The company found for Diana composer Nicholas Ashford and poet-pesennitsu Valerie Simpson, . Ross, who gave four hits, . ranked among the first positions in the Top-40, . including the famous and which became the classic''Ain't No Mountain High Enough''(remember the soundtrack from a relatively fresh movie with Julia Roberts''Stepmother''?''Ain't No Mountain ...'' became the center-topic This melodrama ...) But, . something I digress.,

. And soon Diane is also an actress - in 1971 she performed the role of the great American blyuzmenshi Billie Holiday in the film''Lady Sings the Blues''(Lady performs blues)
. Soundtrack to the film, where almost all the songs were masterfully performed by Ross, won first place in the charts, but the singer was nominated in 1972 for''Oscar''. Next, in 1973 was also successful. This year Russia recorded the album, which entered the top ten most sold-, -''Touch Me in the Morning'', and the title track, a beautiful soul, took first place in the charts. In the same year, Diana writes a joint''''duet album with the monster of American rhythm & blues Mervinom Geyem -''Diana & Marvin''. Three songs from the album - once again on top of the charts. Including - and Perepetui them together''Ain't No Mountain High Enough''(in my opinion, even better than the first time, in the 1970th year ...) In 1975, Ross was withdrawn in its second film, which was called''Mahogany''(''Mahogany''). The musical theme from the movie, . ''Do You Know Where You're Going To'', . now better known as simply''Theme from Mahogany''also occupies the top of the charts! Word, . impression, . all, . what would Diana nor touched, . simply turns to gold (figuratively speaking, . of course).,

. Year 1976-п+п¦ become a landmark for the singer
. It was in the 76th, they released the album''Diana Ross'', or rather, with the release of singles from the album -''Love Hangover''(''Love hangover''), Diana becomes the new diva is just getting its momentum musical style ''disco''. ''Love Hangover''became the first disco hit''Motown''and, in my opinion, the best composition Ross. Success was thoroughly secured in 1978, with the record of the disco-hit''What you gave me''and''Lovin 'Livin' and Givin''. The latter track was included on the soundtrack for the era of the cult disco film''Thank God It's Friday''and was a conscious attempt to repeat the success of electronic sounds of Donna Summer's disco in''I feel love''. The attempt failed - to get fresh and unusual. The triumph of disco-diva Diana Ross has continued in 1979. Released her new album''The Boss'', which became, thanks to the title theme of''golden''. But the most successful year Ross became the 1980th and album of the same year, called simply''Diana''. The album went platinum. Interestingly, the album was created with the direct participation of the founding fathers of the famous group Chic Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. At that time, Rodgers / Edwards team were the most in demand for the production of disco-music. The results of their work - the most sold out in the career of Ross albums and two best-selling single of this album, Diana -''Upside Down''and''successor''on the charts, shining disco room''I'm Coming Out ' '. Unfortunately, the costs of disco led to the fact that the powerful''bit''drowned out the voice of a great singer, and guest backing vocalists singing''slaughtered''Ross in individual compositions. But at the same time, Diana would not be itself if it had not tried to''cope''with''a disco-groove''and eventually disco in her performance sounded much stronger than that of the same'' Shika''.

. In the eighties Fortune continues to smile Diane
. In the same 1980th title theme from the movie''It's My Turn''again takes the leading position in Top-10. And in 1981, Ross writes the most significant of her career hit - a duet with Layonellom Ritchie, the singer of funk-disco group The Commodores, she performs a brilliant ballad''Endless Love''. This composition was her last hit, recorded at Motown''''. After more than 20 years devoted Motown, Ross concludes a contract with another company - RCA. This success also remained with her.

Million copies in 1982 sold off its recorded sample of the old song''Why Do Fools Fall in Love''. At the same album - another super hit,''Mirror, Mirror''. Album''Silk Electric'', released in October 1982, the second becomes golden, and composition''Muscles'', written and produced by Michael Jackson, the newly included in the Top-10. ''Swept Away''(1984) - also successful album, which occupies the leading place in the charts. However, since the second half of the 80th Ross begins to feel a kind of creative crisis, and because in 1989, the singer returns to his father's house Motown. Over the following years, she writes more or less successful albums, including quite a good album, 99-year Every Day Is a New Day, created entirely on new material. But that commercial boom and super-success surrounding the Ross on proyatzhenii 60-70-80th years there was no. In fact, this (business failures, I mean) yet nothing said. Ross has been and remains one of the''symbolic''and even''cult''performers of the world pop scene, and hits, it has created, will be heard for a long time. And never obsolete. Lady will sing the blues ...

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Diana Ross, photo, biography
Diana Ross, photo, biography Diana Ross  Singer, photo, biography
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