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Biography IND James
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James Dean (08.02.1931 year - the year 30.09.1955)

COLD FEBRUARY EVENING in Kyoto, in 1957, after about one and a half years after the death of Dean, Truman Capote did an interview with Marlon Brando for the New Yorker magazine. The famous writer said that Brando was surprised Questions about Dean and nervous. "No, Dean was never my friend. I hardly knew him. But it was in connection with my obsession. He often rang. I heard him say through the hotel switchboard, looking for me, leaves a message. But I never return phone to him ". But after a few seconds Brando recovered. He realized that he could be caught in a lie: because the two most prominent Hollywood sex symbol of 50-ies, even photographed together. Brando went on: "He knew he was sick. I recommended him to a psychoanalyst, which he visited. At least, it began to play better. But all this deification Dina - nonsense. That is why important documentary materials. Presumably, he was not a hero, he was a lost boy trying to find itself.

. What is explainable as a strange reaction Brando? Why he wanted no one knew about their acquaintance? And what did he mean by saying that Dean was sick?

. After the death of James Dean's biography copied all and sundry
. At this there were several reasons, chief among them - the desire of the company Warner Brothers to make the image of the actor best-selling, discarding everything that does not fit with the image of "a new hero," "young rebel". People on the details of the personal life of Dinah, understood as undesirable for sanctimonious show business in those years the truth about him. Nevertheless, in the bohemian circles still cruised rumors of vicious propensities "rebel without a cause, and information about the friendship with him might be incriminating.

. But there were "eyewitnesses", for example - actors of lower rank, for which even the very mention of acquaintance with James Dean seemed significant
. Many of them felt that, inventing tall tales from the life of Jimmy, they make a kind of advertising. Particularly successful in this Shelley Winters. She wrote that "Jimmy was madly in love with a vampire - and they probably made love in that her coffin, from which she led his television program about the old horror films". If Dean Winters knew even a little better, then it certainly would have been fiction poubeditelnee.

Dean was born on February 8, 1931 at two o'clock in the provincial town Feyrmaunte, Indiana. His mother, Mildred adored poetry, and therefore gave him the middle name in honor of the great English Romantic. He weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces, and seemed perfectly healthy baby. Jimmy was an unwanted child: the years of the Great Depression "can hardly be called successful for marriage and for the emergence of a new family member H all demanded additional costs. It is known that at the time of birth of James, his parents were married only six months and twenty days. It is possible that pregnancy Mildred Wynton partly prompted Dean to marry her, and he subsequently experienced a feeling of irritation as about their unplanned marriage, and to the son whom he never loved.

. Mildred was very much attached to the boy
. She and began his art education. In two years, Jimmy would have to say whole sentences, while three - draw pictures. He was "funny and arrogant" - it usually will characterize his later. Mother encouraged her son interested in the arts: in the very young age, he took violin lessons and dance class went to Marion College. "Genius Child" as defined in the drama school, the owner of which was Zina Gled, in the past - vaudeville actress. Mildred was glad the full talents of Jimmy, it is possible that she even think of the glory of mother AmцLricas pet-prodigy (then all distinctly remembered another "wonderful child" - Shirley Temple). Either way, she became a close friend Zina, and Jimmy made his first appearance before the audience June 1, 1936, on a holiday drama school.

. Jim studied at Madame Gled long: his father, . who had a specialty dental technician, . look for a good place in a suburb of Los Angeles - Santa Monica, . and summer of 1936 the whole family, . saying goodbye to friends and relatives, . moved to a new, . more prestigious and civilized city.,

. Often the manner of playing James Dean, his lack of balance and impulsivity tend to explain the trauma that he suffered in childhood
. Indeed, it is too early to orphaned. The only person who loved him and cared about him - his mother, long bolevshaya and died in 29 years of age from cancer. Later, James' aunt on the maternal side Stegmoller Ruth remembered that in the moment of death Mildred boy was playing on the street. "I went for Jimmy. House told him about the death of mother. He took it very bravely. There was no hysteria or something like that. He was concerned. He was very lively and intelligent child. He screamed and wept ". By the sad summer of 1940 the boy was nine years old, but ever since the days of birth were no longer so important to him: Jimmy matured early.

. After the death of his wife Winton Dean had a serious talk with his mother Emma, who still wanted to see her son happily married and had hoped that an unsuccessful marriage to Mildred - not least in his life
. Indeed, five years Winton married again, which further alienates him from his son. Emma invited him to send Jimmy back to Feyrmaunt foster care Hortensio to her aunt, the sister of Winton, and her husband Marcus Winslow. Winton agreed without much thought. So Jimmy lost his mother and father simultaneously.

Uncle Marcus and Aunt Hortensio met a boy so cordially, that soon began to call the Dean of their "father" and "mother". Moreover, Hortensio insisted that he was playing with their daughter, Joan, the former five years older than him. At this time, Jimmy discovers radio is experiencing an era when its heyday, and constantly listening to drama programs. His passion for the theater now has encouraged Edelin Brookshire, a teacher of English and French languages from the local college, which gave him acting lessons. Little actor was very effective (as was written then - "too handsome for a boy") in a Christmas play, where he played the blind receive their sight.

In the theater, Dean was not indifferent to basketball and even more - for motorcycles. When he was 15 years old, Marcus led the boy to the motorcycle shop and bought him a motorcycle Czech CZ in 1.5 horsepower. Since then, Jimmy, like the other boys in the neighborhood, you may have noticed drove a "iron friend" on the outskirts. But, unlike his friends, Jimmy never drove the girls.

. The man, who had a tremendous influence on him, was thirty priest vesleyanskoy (Quaker) Church, James De Veerd whose life is very different from the one that led the majority of citizens Feyrmaunta
. He was brilliantly educated, elegant and often during a sermon he loved to speculate about the beauty of poetry. Who else on the site of De Veerda not met would understand, but this priest summoned the unconditional respect for the parishioners. Credibility De Veerda helped him conceal the dangerous passions aroused by his local youths. Jimmy quickly became attached to the priest, and not once had dinner with him by candlelight. After dinner the boy was placed on the floor of the library de Veerda and read books of their choice - basically it was Shakespeare. He liked to have background music played softly. For example, Tchaikovsky. Obviously, the sexual life, Jimmy began precisely with De Veerda, and their romantic relationships were not just platonic affection. Even after the death of Dean De Veerd admitted: "Neither Jimmy nor I never mentioned about the relationship. None of us is not would benefit.

The priest, who gave so much for education, Jim, was not only his man. Known that Jimmy has also met with a certain sergeant of the Air Force from Feyrmaunta. One evening the pilot pulled up to the house of his friend Dean at a luxury Chrysler and asked him if he knows where he lives, Jim. A friend volunteered to sit at the wheel of a car to show the way. But very quickly he found his hand on my leg sergeant, and outrage guy was no limit.

Meanwhile, the successes of Dean's acting skills is becoming increasingly important. He participates in the recitation competition, organized by the National Trial League Indiana, and wins. Inspired by the success, Jimmy goes along with Edelin Brookshire to the next round of competitions in Colorado, where the participants must come from all over the country, but there is only the sixth. Once again, Dean is satisfied that a place under the sun must be fought, but talent does not always cause unequivocal admiration.

In 1949, James Dean graduated school and decided to leave Feyrmaunta in Santa Monica, where he lived as a child. Perhaps Jimmy really wanted to be with his father, whom he rarely saw. On the other hand, on the west coast of the boy was much more likely to make a career, whether in law, as advised the father, or acting break. Moreover, the number was Hollywood.

Went to college in the autumn of 1949, together with objects, useful for profitable specialty lawyer, Dean examines the history of theater and acting. Later, a teacher of theatrical subjects Jean Nielsen Owen remembered that Jimmy had a terrible diction and brogue. The scene behind the scenes rehearsing with him the role of Hamlet, she felt that sometimes it is impossible to make out what he says. Owen was the first who seriously began to prepare from it a professional, and that she was able to add to the enviable temperament of the young men still correct articulation. Soon after Dean becomes one of two dozen of the best college students and received the prestigious Royal Blue Jacket leader.

. Feeling confident in their abilities, despite the objections of Mrs. Owen and her father, with whom the last time Jimmy strongly deteriorated, he moved to Los Angeles' University - UCLA
. Since Winton Dean denies his son's financial support, the youth have in the name of his passion for art to do small underworking, for example, the work of the projectionist.

. The role of Malcolm in Macbeth, played by him on the stage of university theater, does not become a turning point in his career
. It was clear that the door to show business had to open another. However, the game in the university and the theater had a positive result: Jimmy found himself an agent in the person of Isabel Drezemer, who had his own firm. That meant very much: the mass of the actors experienced and older than his agents had. Thanks Isabelle, Jimmy starts quite actively removed in advertising.

Lacking in Los Angeles, homeownership, Dean for some time lived in a student dormitory. The atmosphere there was not too friendly. One day, Jimmy had called a homosexual, it came to the fights and the guy had to change shelter. This was required by the students, which, however, completely coincided with the wishes of Dean. That is when he finally understands that men are far more attractive for him women. At university he fell in love with a guy named Bill Bast, the actor, who came from the province to make a career. If the former partner, Jimmy, such as De Veerd or pilot, were much older than him - according to Freud, a figure that is substituted for his father - the beloved of Bast was the first Dean, just as young and attractive, as he himself. Jimmy Bill proposes to rent a house and live in it together, what immediately happens.

Bill Bast becomes a friend Dina for life. We know that Dean often departed from him, but always returned. Dreaming of a good career for young men spent the evening studying the Stanislavsky system. Even Billy, Jimmy loved to read aloud to his favorite author, Henry Miller - Dean has been a strong vision problems, and he went to the glasses.

. By the time Jimmy was finally convinced that the traditional ways, an endless and fruitless attempts to plays in the world of show business do not get
. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, there was a fairly influential homosexual mafia. There were people ready for certain types of services to help young actor. But the American public was not supposed to know anything compromising, otherwise, any career ended instantly. Known for a scandal involving the brutal rape of starlet Virginia Rapp during a drunken orgy with comedian Fetti Arbeklya. The guilt of the actor has not been proved, but the audience it still will never forgive. (What to say about it, when condemning even those completely innocent things like fornication actress Ingrid Bergman with Italian director Roberto Rossellini and the birth of their son in 1949. After that Bergman could resume their work in Hollywood until 1956.)

. While Dean is seeking high patrons, his agent Isabelle suits him the role of John the Baptist in religious television movie "Woe N1", which was shown at Easter 1951
. Even then noticed that Jimmy was not just a photogenic, but looks even better on screen than in real life. He had thereby a property which Marilyn Monroe is the ability "to make love to the camera". It is no wonder that Dean appears the first fan club, which includes girls from the Los Angeles Catholic school. He has already been recognized on the street and ask for autographs.

Naive girls are dreaming about "the beautiful John the Baptist, and people are more familiar with already discussed his personal life. Famous comedian teleaktrisa Joan Davis opposed his daughter's friendship with Dean, because there are rumors, though "his dick sucked five most influential people in Hollywood". Indeed, while the Dean was quite illegible and was ready to give anyone from whom somehow could depend on his career. Among sexual relations and one-day James still allocated three. One of his "friends" was an actor Clifton Webb, who had extensive ties to Hollywood's gay community and made friends with the most powerful secular obozrevatelnitsey Hollywood Hedda Hopper. Another of his lover - the representative of a rich California family, Alfredo de la Vega. He also met with renowned director of advertising films, and luring remember him so that Jimmy later told this to one of his friends.

. Ranch in Malibu, a luxurious evening by candlelight, pouring the expensive drinks, a Negro servant, rolled on the shore the waves of the Pacific Ocean ..
. After dessert director invited Jimmy to continue the evening. "You know, before you select the young actor for the role in my film - he said - I should know him better". Jimmy knew the rules of the game. "I know that must. I will be only too pleased ". Then they went into the bedroom.

Satisfying the lust of the powerful, Jimmy himself hated. Painful experiences drove him to a deep depression, and his relationship with Billy, then a doorman who worked at CBS, becoming intolerable. He went to live in a hotel, for some time, thanks to his next lover, the director Roger Brekketu, works on the radio, but understands that they are in a vicious circle. And then Dean make important decisions in their lives - to go to New York to study at the Actors Studio Lee Strasberg.

. The beginning of the Cold War and the persecution of Communists - Arthur Miller, Deshila Hammett, Lillian Gish - not at all disturbed by James Dean
. He knew what was in the most prestigious theatrical school USA. All generation of film stars 50-60-x - Marlon Brando, Motgomeri Clift, Marilyn Monroe - attended this school. Relations with Strasberg Jimmy's a rather difficult. Although the master gave invaluable lessons acting technique, it is still quite adequately responded to talented students. With Dean he was often rude, humiliated him, while he could to praise some mediocre, the man who was indifferent to him.

. Many modern scholars believe that Dean was the first who attempted to destroy a classic for the time style of play, to the holders of which are conventionally attributed all the actors of the older generation
. There was primarily due to the style, demanding greater focus on the role of general. Jimmy is very well improvising, he has obtained such excellent. His game was too emotional, neotreflektirovannoy. Regarding the work in the studio, he admitted: "If I let them dissect himself as a rabbit in the laboratory, I can not play anymore."

However, not everything was so bad. In the early 50's the United States embraced this sexual fever. It is in the 50's, but not in the late 60's, as it seems now that radically changed people's attitudes toward sex. Young people understand that sex - is a real self-contained world, and make love anywhere just to enjoy. There was even a special mode for sex in cars and drive-Inns, roadside otelchikah.

At the same time began to show activity and sexual minorities. In Los Angeles, even put together a homosexual magazine One, whose goal was to dispel public distrust, disdain and contempt "to the subject.

In New York, Jimmy is going through quite a torrid romance with a dancer. Never has an actor had not received so much pleasure from sex, as if. Among his passions also appears a tendency to eksgibi-tsionizmu. Paul Alexander is based on the recollections of friends Dean describes his relationship with the dancer. "With this guy, Jimmy liked to make love slowly, but firmly. Moreover, when he was in the mood, he liked to stand naked in the doorway of the apartment of his friend. The door was wide open, and Dean was standing in such a way that he could not see anyone who likes to go up the stairs at a time when his friend fucking. Shoulders Dean during the act were above his head, and he had lived uder-balance, clinging to the jamb. In the end, he lowered one hand and the other played with his member, which, in his vast experience with men, it could take a long and thick for such a tiny body as he. And when Dean masturbated, while one was fucking him, he went into a frenzy, and the sperm assaults blasted directly onto the landing. "

This dancer was not the only lover of Jimmy in those days. Dean managed simultaneously to meet also moved to New York by Roger Brekketom and Bill Basta - along with the latest Jim stayed at the Hotel Iroquois.

. Famous avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger wrote that "Jimmy liked sex, associated with the beatings, boots, belts and slavery, seasoned with burning cigarette butts (what Jimmy has earned an underground nickname" The Human Ashtray ")
. Interesting, . that the sculptor William Fox, . for which Dean would pose later, . tries to portray him exactly in the form of ashtrays (figure Jimmy in this unrealized project was supposed to cover the feet circumference ashtrays, . and hold a cigarette in his hand).,

. At the same time, James Dean has matured as an actor
. Something in his game, even causing endorsement Strasberg. Fall of 1952, Dinah falls luck: producer Lemuel Ayers invited him to play a role in the Broadway play "Look at the Jaguar. Back in August, Jimmy went with Ayers and his wife in a ten-day cruise on a yacht. Friends, he said that he was going to earn some money as a sailor, but all knew that Dean did not understand anything in the maritime case and have never in my life was on the ship. It is clear that their role was obtained thanks Lemuel for certain services rendered to him by Jim on a yacht. The premiere was held in December and got absolutely destroying reviews, but the game in her own Dina met very well.

In 1953, the case of Jim skyrocketed. He removed the TV show so much that even forced to give up some of the proposals. But the role in the Broadway play "Immoralist" by Andre Gide (February 1954) was the best in his theatrical career. Already one of its provocative subject, this production was destined for success. Dean played the servant of an Arab, who seduces a young French archaeologist Michel, who arrived with his wife, Marcelino in Algeria to honeymoon. Audience will no bounds, and the "dance of scissors" from this show has become a real legend. This dance Arab enticed Michel, snapping small silver scissors. Feedback from one of his friends, Jimmy, when there was another click, it seemed as if an Arab Frenchman cuts from the normal world and enters it into the space of homosexuality.

. However, playing this role, Jimmy briefly: February 8, the day of his 23 th birthday, the premiere, and already on February 27 show was played in last
. The reason for this was compelling: Dean got the lead role in new movie Elia Kazan's "East of Eden".

Kazan was one of the most influential and respected directors of the United States in those years. When the leadership of the company Warner Brothers has learned that Kazan wanted to film the novel by John Steinbeck's "East of Eden", he was immediately given an impressive budget and exclusive right of selecting performers. Seeing Dean in "Immoraliste, director invited him to meet in the New York office of Warner Brothers. When the young actor entered the room, seemed caught myself thinking that Jimmy 'look and talk like the character "East of Eden". So he decided, and Steinbeck himself, when he presented to Jim.

A characteristic feature of the method of Elia Kazan was his desire as possible to learn more about the personal life is his actors. If during the filming of the actor was supposed to summon up some sort of emotion, it seemed roused in him memories of a similar case of his life. For the role steynbekovskogo Cal by Dean approached this method is the best. This director was convinced when on arrival at the location filming in Los Angeles, he went along with the actor in a hospital for sick father Dean. Jimmy wanted to show his father that he still held as an actor, and to acquaint him with the famous director, who has. But Winton this is not made absolutely no impression. According to his son, he stayed cool and even hostile. Jim was deeply wounded. Quite unexpectedly vital conflict Dina coincided with intrigue movie in which the main character also suffered from the coldness of his father.

. Before shooting film company Warner Brothers has signed a contract with Dean for which he should receive $ 1000 per week (Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor had then to $ 100,000 for a picture)
. But since Dean was eager to fulfill his old dream - to buy a sports car, he was given an advance of $ 7000, but then figured that the amount of weekly fees.

At the beginning of filming Dean ill. This has frustrated all graphics, but allowed the actor more thoroughly prepare their scene. Kazan was one of the most caring and patient of all the directors, who had to work Dean. Elia, for example, knew that Jim would not be able to make two identical double, and allowed him to improvise, including with the text. Raymond Massey, who played the father in the film, was unhappy with a partner, whose style of play was too much a stranger to him. He demanded that Dean said that "the text should be pronounced as it is written". But it seemed like Dean gave full freedom: he knew, on whom the success of the picture.

During the filming the Warner Brothers decided to do a James Dean a star, to produce a suitable heterosexual image. To this end, has been chosen candidate charming young Italian-American actress Anna Maria Peranzheli. And although her mother, a woman rather strict rules, not loved Jimmy, considering him a man with a bad reputation, yet until the autumn of 1954, they frequently got together photojournalists. When one of the stubborn journalists asked Jimmy whether they have children, he replied: "Why not?" Naturally, their relationship was, although very warm, but purely platonic.

. In addition, Jimmy was strong, but hopelessly fascinated by Marlon Brando, whom he introduced to Elia Kazan
. Even before that meeting, he proudly declared one of his buddies, which removes the same apartment where he lived Brando. As proof he submits a photo Brando, standing at the window frame, exactly the same as the frame in the flat Dina and thousands of New York Frame. Brando never particularly sympathetic to Dean, and for the recognition of the actor Dennis Hopper, and knowing that, and another, and altogether treated to Jim contemptuously, that, of course, hurt the sensitive nature Dina.

. To adjust not too masculine Dean, Life magazine, he makes a series of "masculine" photos
. Soon after these photos appeared on the covers of fashion magazines such as Look and Cosmopolitan, as the new hero of the season. Ironically, it is constantly compared with Marlon Brando; noted that Jimmy has replaced Marlon. But if the latter Dean did not seem attractive, thousands if not millions of American girls began to go crazy on it. Jim's partner in the film "East of Eden" Julie Harris said that "he was very sexually attractive, and at the same time, it was some kind of purity - as in Marilyn Monroe."

. After shooting the first film with Dean did not immediately appear serious offers
. Company "MGM" wanted it played in the film Vincente Minnelli, but the actor could not violate his exclusive with Warner Brothers. True, he was allowed to work on television. Finally, March 5, 1955 in New York City premiere tape "East of Eden", which was attended by numerous celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. Dean received the most enthusiastic press.

Indeed, a more accurate hit in the role is difficult to imagine. And only a man like James Dean, a strong sense of their isolation from the outside world, could so organically play Cal Trask, a young man, whose behavior is not too fit into the slim cause-effect relationships. Why twenty young man is so painful experiences, . when he finds, . that his allegedly dead mother is actually alive and is not an angel in heaven, . a brothel keeper? Why he avoids meeting with the girls, . that and pursue it, . but feels excruciating closeness to the bride of his brother? And why is it so unusual relationship with his brother and father, . entirely of impulsive attraction and repulsion? Cal State like some strange disease without a name,
. "East of Eden" - one of the most brilliant films to sever ties with close person seemed to him people. Cal himself explained his "irregularity" that the character is not inherited from the father of the virtuous, but from an evil mother. It is clear that the explanation is - speculative and naive. In fact, Dean has played his own drama, his "naughtiness", loneliness, personal relationship with his father. And his audience, young Americans have seen in the conflicts paintings reflected their own problems, the failure of each of them with their own fathers and old standards of morality in general. It was clear that the film hit the nail on the vital issues of the younger generation, which made the Dean and his hero.

. Of the final assembly of the film was cut out a scene in which naked to the waist Dean sat in bed lying on it, Richard Davalos, who played his brother
. This scene seemed to producers obscenely gomoerotichnoy, although may seem, neither Steinbeck similar connotations to it is not invested. The episode has turned out so involuntarily, and Dean made a sexual connotation, in addition to text and meaning, only its own history, and perhaps energy, from which it came. Among the few people who saw this scene in New York, was the actor Jack Simmons. Then he began to seek acquaintance with Dean, and soon became his lover - perhaps this novel in his life, Jimmy was the last. But that spring of 1955 Simmons confessed to friends that he wanted to dedicate the rest of his life Dean.

Financial situation Dean meanwhile has improved. He buys a Ford and racing "Porsche": his insanely attractive car racing. In March of that in 1955 it was decided that Jimmy would play in the film by Nicholas Ray's "Rebel Without a Cause," which later became the manifesto of a generation of youth. First, the picture would make a black and white, but then assigned the category "A" and shot in color. Especially for Dean came up with a red nylon jacket, which years later would be perceived as the most memorable image of the film.

During filming, there were several romantic stories. Natalie Wood, who played in the film main female role, to the delight of Warner Brothers, fell in love with Jimmy. It was rumored that she looked "East of Eden" thirty times or more. Jimmy also was indifferent to her, and for fifteen years as an actor Selu Mineo, who claimed later that he slept with Dean. It is possible that the young man wishful thinking of: during the shooting of Dean lived with Simmons and from time to time met with Bill Basto. One way or another, but censorship is still cut from the film a few scenes with Dean and Mineo, which contained clear allusions to their close relationship. Well, since the "sacred place" should not be empty, the studio invited the Dean as a possible girlfriend sex bomb Ursula Andress, with whom, however, they looked like brother and sister.

. The role of Jim Stark of "rebel ..." seemed even more urgent
. If Cal Trask lived in 1917, that Jim was a modern "difficult teenager". He is not just suffered a lack of understanding of adults: its existence was even more dramatic. Jim Stark was in a world of universal aggression as part of the police, without thinking They seize his pistol, and his wildly peers. Jim is growing in today's jungle, where survival of the fittest. It was the shooting of the film Dean particular fondness for fast driving: one of the most famous and cruel scenes of "Rebel Without a Cause" was devoted to racing at the edge of the abyss into which participated for the sake of self Jim Stark. When the final police unjustly killed his friend Plato (the thing that played Sal Mineo), from the throat Dean struggled inhuman heartrending cry. This was the cry of the last romance, finally lost faith in people.

In 1955, all the actors in Hollywood wanted to play in a super-"Giant". But it played a few stars: Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor and James Dean. Not having time to rest after the "rebel", just three days Dean has started a new job. With director John Stevens had from the beginning there were serious differences of opinion. If Kazan and Ray allowed to Jimmy a lot and were very careful with him, knowing that the result will be extraordinary, then with Stevens was different. It was a tough dictator, who believed that 25 percent of the success of the picture depends on the installation. Besides, it exhausting actors endless doubles, forcing to be in makeup every day, even if they were not involved in shooting. July 25 conflict with Jim Stevens reached its climax, and the director wrote a report to the studio, accusing Dean of violation of labor discipline. But by the time the agent Jimmy was already prepared and signed a new contract with the studio, . which the actor was supposed to receive, . as it should be superstar, . $ 100,000 for the painting (to be, . that Dean will play in the film by Robert Wise "Somebody up there likes me", . but after the death of actor Paul Newman gave the role),
. Complaint Stevens did not take action.

Jett Rink was the first and only age role Dina. He was the first openly enjoyed the make-up, because had to show the fate of Rinka for several decades. In his latest role, he played the collapse of human life in bringing glory and money, but have not yet found love, friendship and inner peace. At the end of filming, Jimmy confessed that terribly tired.

He liked to spend vacations, traveling with the breeze on his beloved Porsche on the outskirts, and even taking part in racing. He fascinated the sensation of speed, and the rise of Jimmy Hollywood Olympus was as rapid as the pace of his Porsche. The death of Dean in a car accident on Sept. 30, 1955 caused at least the rumors, the later death of Marilyn Monroe. It was rumored that Dean tried to kill or even that he committed suicide. However, these versions are not confirmed, and forensic medical experts was pronounced dead from the accident.

At the funeral of Dean in Fermaunte not come no one from Hollywood. They said that Liz Taylor was so shocked by the sad news that the whole day without leaving the room, and then went completely heal the nerves in the hospital. But the tomb were his old friends, and James De Veerd read very impressed witnesses it. Devotees across America by grief went crazy and even there were reports of suicide attempts.

Jimmy starred for two years only three films. In 1956 he was posthumously nominated for an Oscar for best actor in the films "East of Eden" and "Giant", but it never got. Meanwhile, he became one of the brightest stars, but his life has become a true legend. Tremendous impact on the minds had not only his role but also the style of behavior, style of dress. The best-known filmmakers such as Coppola in the film "Rumble Fish" and Altman in "Come to our meeting, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, from time to time returned to the image of Dean. Now in Hollywood are going to shoot a biographical movie about him, starring one of the brightest representatives of "Generation X" Leonardo Di Caprio. Soon we realize that most wants to see one generation to another myth.

However, there were many legends, and each mifotvorets thought up the. Only now it has become clear as Dean lived in reality, and his real fate is no less interesting than the existing folklore. Those who after becoming acquainted with the facts will see in a James Deen crafty cynic, should recall the words who knew him, Julie Harris of rare purity Jimmy. A litter from which the flowers grow, always the same.

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