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Igor Livanov (15.11.1953 years [Kiev])

God gave him a very attractive appearance, writing in the pages of a start in life "is quite specific life line:" Don Giovanni ". But, meanwhile, each of his hero - a strong, able to make willful decisions man, with a feline grace and speed of a jet aircraft, the incident at his opponent.

. - We know that before you make a fantastic career as a film actor, you have long worked in a provincial theater.

. - Yes, ten years, I gave Rostov theater, outplayed the best the world repertoire
. It was a wonderful school, but all the time I wanted something more, and with the help of my brother Aristarchus I moved to Moscow. One immediately got a lot of work in film, so the theater had to leave, as I did not regretted since appeared freedom that I lacked. Now I can choose, in which the film removed, and the choice - it is always free.

. - Does this mean that the theater is over forever?

. - But why? The last two years I've been playing in the theater of the Moon ", this is my home, I am in it well, fantastic atmosphere, lots of friends: Despite the large load to the movies, I do not regret the time and effort in the theater
. Sure, . I tired, . but this fatigue - real happiness actor, . because the work is able to give such energy! Yesterday, . example, . I spent the whole day was the shooting in St. Petersburg, . arrived in Moscow this morning, . and by tomorrow morning I should be back in St. Petersburg already on the set of another film,
. We are with you now talk, . I was tired and sleepy, . barely rolled his tongue, . Half an hour later I will play, . and on stage I'll be full of strength - a wonderful feature of the human body, . like a toggle switch is: silk - including, . silk - disabled.,

. - Probably, your body knows that the actor went on calling?

. - By the way, I became an actor accidentally
. I did five years the business of boxing. Contrary to the wishes of parents, in the fifth grade I went to a sports school and up to the tenth grade very seriously keen on this sport. Before me loomed the very real prospect to enter the gym Institute, but it so happened that in the theater before exams, I gave the documents there and done. Mom and dad sighed with relief, and I started waving his fists in the cinema. Then, when I was: decent years, I took up taekwondo, so pure "ballet pin". It gave me a lot of fun and actually has resulted in an invitation to the film "On the thirtieth destroy". Generally, in my life a lot of coincidences and patterns - a solid fatalism.

- You got us intrigued.

- I try not to talk. But here is one example: I played in the movie "On the corner by the Patriarch," now I am working in the "Theater of the Moon," and he is just on the corner near Patriarch's Ponds: But that's not all - as soon as I start shooting in the continuation of film.

. - You are a superstitious person?

. - No, not superstitious, but trusting and believing
. Maybe not kanonistichen, but I know what I believe.

- You agree to all the roles that you offer?

- No, of course. I had one attempt to play a negative character in the movie "Bolt". There, the hero of his own truth, their circumstances, which forced people to do so. But, alas, to meet this role I did not bring. I like to live life morally pure and strong people, bring light, warmth, hope. What would a bystander, looking up at you smiling eyes. It is important to my character lived on God's laws: if the sinner must suffer, strive to upgrade:

- So you categorically do not play a negative role.

- I can not say that categorically. If this is an interesting material, the complicated fate of the hero, if I can explain to viewers why he became such that he was impelled to commit a particular act, I'll take that role. After all, art should form a human personality.

- You pathetic man?

- Yes, not in any way, I hate the pathos, because it has the pathos on something based. Sentimental - yes, vulnerable - yes. I cry when watching movies, I was touched by the sad eyes of my dog. This is normal, it is a living emotion, the heart must throb!

- Why is your dog's eyes sad?

- He has such an breed - boxer. He is emotional, kind, gentle, and sad eyes, full of understanding. This breed brought in nurseries Goering specifically to intimidate man. They managed to make a dog with a frightening appearance, but change the character they were unable. He even my cat, rooster ruffle can not.

- They say that in my childhood cat suffered greatly from your restlessness?

- As a child I was a horrible bully. We liked to organize hunting. Who can hunt in the city? Cats. I repainted the poor screaming animals in incredible colors. Generally, this time it was wonderful! I was born in Kiev, . old Kiev courtyard, . Wooden Houses: Early in the morning came the boys, . shouted: "Igor, . Igor!, . -parents is of course terribly annoying, . but it was in the yard I passed my first universities: and learned to fight, . and used obscene language, . all about women learned: We are looking for treasures, . climbed in the Pechora with ropes, . lanterns, . with provisions,
. God knows how we are not buried in these caves.

- That is, parents were happy for her son?

- They were busy from morning till night, to earn money. My parents were leaders of the puppet theater, good friends with Sergey Vladimirovich Obraztsov, visiting each other's homes. The theater was really high class, but when I was there led by the hand, I did not like it - I have always loved the freedom and continue to love her.

. - And now, as it turned out, you like free love? You really is the "Party of Love" Helen Kondulaynen?

. - Lena many different ideas
. She named me among his friends, . we were not familiar, . and then invited to one of the evenings, . organized by his party, . dragged onto the stage and asked: "Which faction will you be?" I answer: "The fraction of free love, . because love is always free, . it, . like birds wings, . it does not catch:,
. This was said for the sake of jokes, as a result of various rumors crept. In fact, I'm totally a family man, odnolyub.

- Odnolyub?:

- In the sense that for any relationship with a woman I consider myself responsible, as otherwise it leads to serious pangs of conscience. Such moments in my life was enough.

- Your lucky woman, who is she?

- No, no, on this subject there is no talk. One has only to mention the personal relationships, like all falls apart. Because the energy of the reader's incredibly destructive. People hurt to learn about someone's happiness and envy each merges into a huge stream of evil. I refuse to drown in this evil:

- All the same, how you treat women?

- I o-bo-Ms-S women! Though afraid of: I really liked it, as one woman said: "What are all the women bitches". Is cool! Woman - is the highest creature, with fine intuition and incredible wisdom. In the light there is nothing more beautiful than the female body. A woman can raise a man up to incredible heights and drop to the bottom. As if he did not resist this, he did not resist. Therefore, on 8 March, I urge men to resist women's deceit and be strong: to be able to protect women.

. - And how about the fact that for the sake of the beautiful ladies to fight a duel?

. - A great idea, if this tradition has existed now, I would be persecuted as malicious duelist
. At the time of Peter duelists were sentenced to be hanged: the survivors of the head, and the dead - the legs upside down. Despite this penalty is not willing to defend the honor of becoming less. So, if I happened to be in an era likely to survive I would not have been, because the desire to settle accounts with scoundrels visits me all the time.

- You like to give gifts to women?

- Adore. I am willing to do almost every day. Of course, I give flowers. I love to do surprises. For this, as a spy ferret out what she likes, what color, quality, size: Then the desired object and hide as if by accident announce surprise. The biggest kicks when it begins to suffer, to seek, and suddenly stumbles upon the bundle and: A! Full delight, surprise, happiness!

- We know that it was such a surprise you have prepared for the holiday for all women-telezritelnitsam. In the movie "March 8" you instead of the usual role of Superman playing ordinary plumber?

. - Not quite normal, because in the end of the movie, he would be altogether unusual.

. - Who??

. - Well, I also love to torture women, so the plot will be revealed only in the last images of the film
. My hero is quite unpredictable. And the movie so did not immediately determine the most likely is a lyrical comedy, but with an incredible intensity of each scene. For ourselves, we decided that we play "Lightly Hitchcock."

- It is ridiculous.

- Imagine, at the very moment when the RTR Berezin will congratulate women on the holiday, in our film, too:. Berezin will congratulate women on the holiday. But even before the film is a film about the film, a skit from the failed duplicate. It's very funny, reservations, omissions, mistakes. Imagine how Nina Usatova 16 doubles telling anecdote. It is quite simple, but does not receive. We have already reached the hysterical laughter, she cursed all the characters of this anecdote, just send them in all directions. In general laughter in the film will be a lot. In addition, in the movie were filmed remarkable actors: Larissa Udovychenko, Valera Garkalin, Michael Svetin: So I think that this is a gift to women like.

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