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Biography AUSTIN Jane
photo AUSTIN Jane
Jane Austen (16.12.1775 year - the year 18.07.1817)

. Writer, . Classic British and world literature, . founder of the family, . "Lady's novel for her book" Sense and Sensibility "(1811), . "Pride and Prejudice" (1813), . "Mensfild - Park" (1814) "Emma" (1815) are recognized masterpieces and conquer bezyiskusnoy sincerity and simplicity of the plot, . against the background of deep psychological insight into the souls of heroes and ironic, . soft, . true "British" humor,
. Jane Austen is still considered by law "First Lady" of English literature. Her works are required to study all colleges and universities in the UK. Creativity Osten different constant quest for perfection. For the first time she used the genre of the novel "a view from outside", "voice of the author". Died at age 42 - years. Her last novel, "Senditon" (1817), even as an unfinished fragment is genuine interest in the reader.

. Its called: "the incomparable Jane, . in her novels - were brought up and checked, . honed literary taste of the English lady of noble families and obscure, . it still attracts and charms Filmmakers, . the world is a memorial centers and museums, . literary clubs her name,
. There is even an Internet site, which is daily - weekly replenished critical articles and essays devoted to the work "Miss English novel!

. But I'm afraid that her life for us so far is the same mystery as ever, as more than two hundred years ago!

. We know nothing about it very much, although the family, Jane, devoted to her memory, reverently kept her works: everything, including fragments and unfinished!

. But the trouble is, diaries, she almost did not lead, but her letters, or not preserved, or buried in the archives
. Yes, and a Russian translation of documents nearly three hundred years ago seemed to many a dull affair, if not worthless. I will try to tell you something little that I managed to find, collect, organize, synthesize. Above what has happened to reflect and draw conclusions. You be the judge - to get there:

Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775 in Stiventone (Hampshire County), England, the son of rural pastor. Also it has been in the family has six brothers and sister. Systematic education of Jane - for lack of funds could not get, . but, . With a remarkable talent and strong will, . open and cheerful character, . lot of self-education, . read, and together with his brothers and sister, . sorting out read, . recording everything in a notebook,
. In the family of a village priest, not only read the Bible and spiritual books, . but played the spektali - charades, . jokes and sketches, . read novels and arguing about read before, . enthusiastically and attentively listening to the opinion of Jane, . which could in two - three words capture the essence of reading the book and with an indescribable sense of humor, . Personalities, . retell from memory a few scenes of the novel.,

. In fourteen years, Jane wrote his first parody - a joke, entitled "Love and Friendship" - by edifying opus 18 th century with a sentimental boring heroes and heroines, . sniffing roses, . wept over them, . and every five minutes to faint!,

. What - novels! She has composed more and more a parody - and a pamphlet on the "History of England" by O. Goldsmith - fundamental work of the historian - a political scientist! This dusty folio stored in a closet in the office of his father, . and Jane is not too lazy to study it, . meticulously and carefully,
. Visitor to visit his father a local doctor, . long, and listened with interest to read Jane, . praised her for, . she reads interesting, . Serious books, . and learning, . the girl introduced him to the attention of his own playful work, . amazement, . Laughing, . wagged his head in amazement, . and then talked at length neighbors - to patients about, . what a clever little Jane - daughter of a pastor, . not only can make bouquets and poured into a porcelain tea cup!,

. However, worries about the house, too, brought Jane pleasure
. Preserved evidence of, . that living a fairly closed and secluded, . rarely leaving the manor, . she, . unless, . remained steady and amiable disposition, . smile almost never leave her face, . and the end of his days, . darkened grave illness - how much can be judged on the documents she had signs of cancer, . heavy metastases throughout the body (author) - it remained a favorite nephews, . brothers, . mother and, . especially, . father!,

. Neither herself, nor her sister was not able to get married
. Played a role here meager dowry Miss Jane, or her plainness - external - or a greater degree of independence of mind and that was it evident almost immediately - it is difficult to judge.

. To learn whether she fed Jane to whom - or heartfelt feelings - unknown
. She preferred to lock his heart and soul to the castle, frankly, fully, speaking only in his books, became famous more for her life. By the way, . She published them absolutely everything under the pseudonym: "a kind of Lady D and, . sure, . fully, . enjoy his fame could not, . but, . unless, . reading in British newspapers review of his novel "Emma" by Sir Walter Scott, . (he criticized the book almost immediately after its withdrawal, . in 1816 - author), she felt truly happy!,

. Walter Scott, . reviewing this latest novel writer, . released during her lifetime, . noticed, . the main thing in the works of Austin - "subtle touch, . whereby, . even poshlenkie events and characters are interesting descriptions of the truthfulness and feelings ",
. Austin did not put himself above his characters. It is only slightly jeering at them. In "Emma" is not entirely bad people. Even the slackers to Frank Churchill are decent apology and a wonderful wife. Such a complacent attitude to the characters comes, . probably, . from the warehouse nature of the author - she had a wonderful sense of humor and irony, . but always restrained her tact and rare mellowness, . as a result, the irony is rarely able to go to the sarcasm.,

. There is sometimes a kind of addiction to Jane on "hunting for the suitors, which she develops and shows from various sides in the majority of his novels
. Even tactless as the reason for such intrusive plot works, referred to "starodevichestvo" most Jane Austen!

. But, I think, the last fact had no significance here.

. Jane Austen - master bytopisatelstva, . master of subtle delineation of characters and persons through the prism of irony, . humor, . unobtrusive reasoning, . shows us with "unpretentious chronicle the lives of two - three families of" the history of the senses and souls, . fight darkness and light in a person's character, . where - it might be and the history of national type, . history of the country through a piece of the life of the individual, . entire epoch in the history of one, . sharply defined, . memorable, . character.,

. What are the heroes of the novel "Pride and Prejudice": Miss Elizabeth Bennet, . her father, . always deep in thought and books; disheveled and always kudahchuschaya, . like chicken, . mother, . preoccupied only secular gossip and lightweight device, the fate of their daughters! Or a caricature portrait of a young girl from the novel "Nortengerskoe Abbey", . which was obsessed with gothic horror novels and seriously considered, . that real life is also full of mystical ghost!,

. Jane constantly improve their skills
. She tried several forms of the novel and they were all over, even if you were magical - perfect with its feather light and volatile, which increasingly fell out of her thin fingers: from recurrent pain she could not keep it long!

. She perebrobovala all forms of novelistic prose, . it was written even a small novel - novel in letters "Lady Susan" - a vivid and intriguing portrait of a heartless society woman and a novel - an epic (in short form) "Mensfild - Park, . with many actors and many storylines,
. Both the novel enjoyed enormous popularity, . in secular living in London is not tired of guessing, . who is this mysterious lady, . which gives readers every year on a new book - an interesting other! Novels borrowed from each other, . read aloud to the dilapidation, . ladies and talked and behaved, . as the heroine of "Lady D", . but she still enjoyed the quiet of a small estate and quietly faded, . despite all attempts to help her family,
. Outwardly, her life was uneventful. She lived for hundreds of other lives in his books, where her heroine laughed, fell in love, ironic and teased each other and loved ones, despair and fought for their love until the end.

. Was it on - my happy "lady of the English novel? Probably yes
. She does not put himself above his heroines. Do not identify with them. It simply created his own world, where she was not only "on the right of the author," but also "on the right feeling and heart desire". And he continues to live up to now.

Jane died July 18, 1817 in Winchester. Before her death she tried to finish his latest novel "Senditon.

Unfinished only a few pages, leaving his readers eternal riddle by name: "Jane Austen". Family writer conscientiously collected and kept everything she wrote. Even the rough bits. The three thick volumes, bound by hand, became the basis for the complete works of Jane Austen, was released exactly one hundred years after her death!

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    AUSTIN Jane, photo, biography
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