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Clive OWEN

( Actor)

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Biography Clive OWEN
photo Clive OWEN
Clive Owen (03.10.1964 years [Koverntri])

Clive Owen - brilliant actor, who played in many famous films. Even at school he decided to become an actor, it predetermined his fate.

Clive Owen was born on October 3, 1964 in g. Koverntri in the UK. His father deserted the family when the child was 3 years, and Clive was brought up by his mother, along with his stepfather, who worked seller of tickets at the local station. In Clive 4 brothers, the eldest of whom, Harry - a sailor, two others - Alan Lee - musicians, younger brother named Scott.

Clive distinguished excellence, always being among the leading students. Even at school he told his parents that he wanted to become an actor, but that his calling is the theater, surrounding realized only after he played in the play Oliver Twist. At age 13 he became a member of the youth theater, and directing all our energies in that direction, virtually abandoned his studies - had blocked almost all subjects except English Language. It was decided to exclude from the Clive school and only one teacher came to his defense, and saw potential in him, decided to help the teenager to continue his studies, but in a drama school. Initially, Owen showed adolescence maximalism, arguing that it is impossible to teach acting, that this talent given by God. But the teacher did not give up and arranged his interview at the college Mauntvyu and even bought him a ticket to London. Clive was adopted, but soon gave up his studies again, considering that only practice game on the stage can raise it to a new level - he returned to the Youth Theater, at the same searching for the work. However, work in their town to find it was almost impossible, and about 2 years Owen dally.

. Make sure that the path to them is not going anywhere, Clive had applied and was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts / RADA /, where together with him were his studies, Ralph Fiennes and Jane Horrocks
. At this time the study took place without pads and in 1987, Owen received a diploma.

. During training at the academy, students from the class of Owen participated in the formulation of a new Howard Barker play, which premiered to have been held in the Royal Court, but the main role was to play Gary Oldman
. But on the eve of the premiere Oldman fell ill and his place was asked to take Clive, as he was the only student who knows that role.

. After school, Owen began to look for work in the theater - he was involved in staging the musical Cats, the performances of Romeo and Juliet, The Canary at Watford, Twelfth Night at the Crucible in Sheffield, Measure For Measure, The Doctor's Dilemma.

. With his wife, he also met on the stage, and this story was the classic example of a romantic match - playing Romeo in a production of Romeo and Juliet, the actor fell in love with his Juliet, Sarah Jane Fenton
. Their relationship was quite volatile - parted several times and starting all over again, as a result of the lovers were married in 1995 and produced a two daughters - Hannah and Eve.

. In 1988, the debut of the actor in the film, the film Vroom
. Further, he has starred in a pair of TV movies, . then all of a sudden it fell off the real glory (the local, . British scale) - TV series Chancer, . in which he played a major role, . enjoyed the mega - life Oueena become a cycling star - yellow press, . paparazzi, . harassment and invasion of privacy - a full range of attributes of Fame,
. Oeun hard to bear'll put the public attention and are extremely reluctant talked to the press, journalists have the reputation of having a heavy actor. Another danger, . that beset a young star - a weekly appearance on television in the same manner could lead to, . that the other roles he could then do not invite - soberly weighing the pros and cons Clive left the series,
. He also dismissed any suggestions for shooting in commercials.

. His next role, Owen decided to change the image drastically, . playing the tape in 1991 Close My Eyes / Close My Eyes / extremely negative and unattractive hero, . that caused complete rejection of his fans - they are accustomed to the glorious hero in his execution and refused to accept him as a villain.,

. Like DiCaprio, stuck to the bottom after the Titanic, Oeun decided to lay low for a couple of years, returning to the theatrical stage to wait until it settles telepopulyarnost and viewers will no longer associate it with a certain character.

. In 1993 Oeun returned to the cinema, when he first got a job in the U.S.
. Almost all the 90-ies have been an actor under the sign of TV films and television series - he has starred in more than 15 tapes, have left on our television screens the U.S. and Britain.

. There were more serious paintings, for example, in 1996, on the screens of America released thriller Money-man's wife / The Rich Man's Wife /, where Oueen made a couple of Halle Berry, while not yet a very famous actress.

. Around the same time, Clive took part in the creation of computer game Privateer, becoming the face and voice of one of the heroes.

. Not afraid to experiment with bold images of Clive played a homosexual in the film adaptation of the popular play Bent - in theatrical productions that role until he performed such stars as Ian McKellen and Richard Gere.

. Do not forget to Clive and his theatrical roots - in 1997, he played a major role in the adaptation of the novel proximity / Closer /.

. In the next two years on the screens came out a few pictures with Owen, but they were pretty mediocre nature
. Much great success film series Second Sight / Second Sight / his participation, was screened on TV - Owen played blind detective, solve a crime with the help of his co-worker, who became his second eye.

. In the same year, BMW is launching PR - Project BMW films - Action series of short films (which are more than just commercials) shot well-known directors (John Woo, . Guy Ritchie, . Ang Lee, . Tony Scott, and others) with the stars (Madonna, . Mickey Rourke and others) in the center of the plot which was always one of the models BMW,
. Clive Owen took part in several such minilentah, playing a mysterious driver performing various tasks.

. In the new age 21y actor came back with a large number of paintings, none of which failed to bring him worldwide popularity
. And only in 2001 could be called the beginning of the period blockbuster with his participation. In 2001-2002, Clive can be seen in Gosford Park, Robert Altman, as well as in The Bourne Identity.

. In 2003, Owen made a couple Angelina Jolie in the film beyond borders / Beyond Borders /, . promising project, . not fully lived up to his expectations and fail miserably at the box office - charges tape at 4, . 5 million with a budget of 35 million,

. 2004 saw a breakthrough by Clive on the main roles - he played King Arthur in the eponymous project Jerry Bruhkaymera (producer of such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, . Pearl Harbor, etc.), . and became part of the stellar quartet of Roberts-Portman-Lo in the movie Performance Proximity, . over which he has had to work early on the theatrical stage,
. Tape was nominated for a Golden Globe in 5 categories (including best film), . winning two of them - Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress, . and Clive Owen - as Best Supporting Actor - they also have a very good chance of being awarded the Oscar in the same nominations in late February.,

. On the approach is one stellar band with actor - film adaptation of Frank Miller's comic Sin City - Robert Rodriguez's author's project in Bruce Willis, . Josh Hartnett, . Jessica Alba, . Kate Bosworth, . Elijah Wood, . Mickey Rourke, . Benicio Del Toro and many more stars.,

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Clive OWEN, photo, biography
Clive OWEN, photo, biography Clive OWEN  Actor, photo, biography
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