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OZEROV Leo Adol'fovich

( Russian poet, translator, literary critic)

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Biography OZEROV Leo Adol'fovich
OZEROV, LEV Adol'fovich (1914-1996), the real name of Goldberg, a Russian poet, translator, literary critic. Born 10 (23) in August 1914 in Kiev in a family of employees. He graduated from the seven-year period, workers' school and the first course of the Philological Faculty of the University of Kiev. In 1934 he entered the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature (MIFLI), where he studied classical philology and Russian. Was among the first graduates mifliytsev with Tvardovsky, Yu Levitanskaya, D. Samoilov, K. Simonov, S. Narovchatov etc.. In the years of study were written the first literary work of Pushkin, Tiutchev, Pasternak. In the future, many literary works have been collected Ozerov in the book "The Work of the poet" (1963), . "AA Fet" (1970), . "The mastery and magic" (1972), . "Poetry Tyutcheva" (1970), . "Verse and Style" (1975), . "The need for beauty" (1983), . "Double Portrait" (1986), . "Beginnings and endings" (1989), . On Boris Pasternak "(1990),

The first verses Ozerov in Kiev and Kharkov editions were printed under the signature of Leo Goldberg, Leo Berg, L. Kornev and others. Signed Lev Ozerov appeared in 1935 in the journals' New World 'and' October ', because MIFLI it creatively linked to Lakers'. The first book of poems Ozerov "Dnieper" was published in 1940 in Kiev. Total poet, published a dozen books of poetry.

Important place in Ozerov occupy poems about nature. He was interested in subtle natural phenomena: 'flickering light dark-blue plums' ( "What an apple!" White filling ", 1985), 'suspicious murmur of leaves on the eve of Storms' (" Suspicious chatter before the storm leaves, "1963), etc.. For the love lyrics Ozerov characterized by the fact that his lyrical hero is able to see through the eyes of his beloved: 'I dream about you? / I dream of thee, / I with thine eyes / On the green earth watch ( "I dream about you?", 1964). Ozerov wrote about the tragedy of Babi Yar in the Black Book, published in many countries. In the poem "Babi Yar" (1944-1945), he said: 'After all, until death tormented me, / What did not die a death'. Reflecting on the present, the poet said: 'In the last quarter century / has a special milestone / And there is a special meta. / No mercy for the soul and the market / Fatal lead duel, / In the arena of honor and dishonor "(" The last quarter century ", 1981).

In 1941, Ozerov a postgraduate MIFLI. He taught at MSU. From 1943 until the last days led to the Literary Institute. Gorky workshop of poetry and literary translation, in which the learned Drunina Yu, A. Mezhirov, Fedorov, N. Starshinov, G. Efron, and others. In 1964 the library created the Oral Poet, which was conducted in the House of the actor for 27 years. Author of numerous poetry translations - from Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Georgian, Armenian, Ossetian, Jewish.

Ozerov did much to explore or return to the literature the names of Anna Akhmatova, Pasternak, N. Gumilev, Osip Mandelstam, M. Zenkevich, V. Narbut, D. Kedrin, G. Oboldueva, A. Kochetkova, P. Semynina, V. Zvyagintsev, L. Kvitko, P. Markish, etc.. An important part of his work is devoted to Russian literature. On it are written the poem "In memory of Boris Pasternak" (1960), "Anna Akhmatova" (1961), "Nikolai Aseyev" (1964) and others. Many heroes of his poems - the poet-contemporaries - Lake knew personally, and wrote about them in a special, they invented the genre of vers libre-memories. Each memory is repelled by bright episode in the life of Andrei Platonov, Akhmatova, Sergei Prokofiev, AA, UNC, I. Selvinsky, V. Favorskogo, V. Shalamov, Shostakovich and many others, and transformed into an artistic compilation. Free verse were merged into a collection of portraits without frames, released after the death of the author.

Ozerov - author of aphorisms, which acquired the character of folklore: 'talents should help, / Mediocrity strikes themselves', 'The great city with a regional destiny' (of Leningrad). Some aphorisms Ozerov entered the dictionary of Russian language in 4 vols. edited Evgenyeva.

Lyrics Ozerov translated into 28 languages. On his creative writing Aseev, Selvinsky, V. Lugovskoi, A. Adalis. M. Svetlov said 'naturalness of his intonation. No tricks on me, and he is not trying to surprise. He just put his hand on his shoulder and led me, the reader throughout the book. This is a very great merit of the poet '.

Ozerov died in Moscow on March 18, 1996.

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OZEROV Leo Adol'fovich, photo, biography
OZEROV Leo Adol'fovich, photo, biography OZEROV Leo Adol'fovich  Russian poet, translator, literary critic, photo, biography
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