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Reuben David William

( American playwright, novelist and screenwriter)

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Biography Reuben David William
Reuben, David William (Rabe, David William) (p. 1940), American playwright, novelist and screenwriter. Born March 10, 1940 in Dubuque (pc. Iowa). In 1962 he graduated from Loras College, a Bachelor of Arts, then went to work in the theater Villanova University (pc. Pennsylvania) in order to obtain a Master's degree. After leaving the theater was drafted (1965), . where served until 1967, . including a year in Vietnam in the 68 th Medical Brigade - a special unit at the headquarters, . whose functions included the evacuation of the wounded and the activities of field hospitals,
. He returned to Villanova University and received a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, was able to complete the course. Master's degree was awarded in 1968, Reuben.

In 1969-1970 was the correspondent for the New heyvenskogo the Sunday edition of 'Magazine's Register'. The first piece Reuben "The basic training of Pablo Hummel" was staged by director Joseph Papp at New York's 'Public tietr', premiered May 20, 1971. The play was awarded a bunch of awards: for best play - awards Oubi, awards for dramatic debut, as well as prizes Dramatists Guild and the magazine 'Variety'. The play was awarded the Tony for best play of the season 1971/1972.

In 1973, the play goes Reuben "Orphan", staged by Joseph Papp. In the same year at Lincoln Center put another of his play "In the room, boom-boom-boom" in the center of which a young dancer from the Philadelphia Bar.

The theme of war Reuben returns to play "Parachutes" (1976). The stated Mike Nichols, it was first played in the theater 'Long Wharf' (New Haven), then at Lincoln Center in New York. In 1976, Reuben won the Association of New York theater critics, the prize of the National Institute and the American Academy of Literature, and the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

Next Reuben - "Goose and Tomtom, the two swindlers, stealing jewelry, although it was placed in the 'Public tietr', was one of the weakest of his works. Reuben in the theater takes a small time-out and wrote two screenplay: How can, and dance (1982) and "Parachutes" on his own play (1983).

In 1984, Reuben wrote the play "commotion", set in one of Broadway theaters. One of the heroes of "commotion" which bring himself to self-destruction of actor Phil becomes a central character and the next of Reuben "Those who retains the river, as the events which would precede the plot" commotion ". The play was first staged in 1991 in Princeton (pc. NJ.

Returning to the cinema, Reuben affect the Vietnamese theme in the script "Military weekdays" (1989). Reuben was also one of the authors of a small strip "Condition of greatness" (1990). His next screenplay, also co-authored, was written by best-selling John Grishema "Company". The film was released in 1993, was a huge commercial success.

In 1993, Reuben released novel "Story of Dogs", and in 1995 the book "Marching hour". In 1997, to put a "Question of Mercy," about two gay lovers, one of whom has AIDS.

Reuben belong to two scenarios, both written in his own plays: "commotion" (1998) and "In the room, boom-boom-boom" (1999)

. In 2000, the theater 'Long Wharf' in the New Haven premiere of the play Reuben "The problem with the dog", . is an extension to 'full-length' version of his own sketch, . written many years ago for financial support.,

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Reuben David William, photo, biography
Reuben David William, photo, biography Reuben David William  American playwright, novelist and screenwriter, photo, biography
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