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Al Pacino (Al Pacino). Real name: Alfred. Born on 25.4.1940 in New York. Ibid studied at the High School of Performing Arts, in the studio of Charles Laughton, in the Actors Studio.
No matter how trite phrase "the next morning woke up famous, it was she begs, if we talk about how fame came to Pacino. In 1972. Director V. Coppola invited to one of the two main roles in the movie "The Godfather" of this little-known theater actor. In the right choice questioned executives of the firm "Paramount", expressed concern for the tastes of the public specialists. "Nekrasov and neprezentabelen" - they said. But the director insisted. And he was right.
. Michael - the youngest son of the head of one of the clans of the New York mafia Vito Corleone - people with university education, . tenderhearted, . good, . truthful boy, . at the end of the picture is not only severely, . insidiously, . imaginatively destroys all its enemies and becomes the "godfather" - the leader of the clan - but turns into a calculating liar, . eludes whatever it was emotion.,
. The shooting showed that a small, dark-eyed, dark-haired, a typical Italian - not only talented, but very single-minded, obsessed business
. His natural moderation suddenly gave way to loud outbursts of temperament in key scenes, giving the picture the role of the severity and unpredictability of. He brought to the screen sharpness plastics and unusual system behavior. All this at once put forward Pacino in the first row of the masters of American cinema.
And before that had many years of work in outside Broadway theaters. And although many of his roles of that period were marked with honorary awards, nor glory, nor riches stage work he did not bring. In contrast to the theater for playing movie Pacino has not received bonuses, although the 70-ies. four was nominated for an Oscar. But his simple tastes for comfort and a fee for "The Godfather" allowed to become independent, and to choose the roles he wanted all those years on stage before his cinematic debut.
. Pacino turned down more offers than most actors get a lifetime
. This explains that during the nineteen-odd years of on-screen work, he played only seventeen roles. Gradually began to take shape and the preferred range of images. Typically, the 70-ies. They were outcasts of society or people who volunteer find themselves outside. The former may include a drug addict of "Panic in Niddlparke" (1971), which, in fact, began his work in film, was released from prison inmates in "bogey" (1973), a former soldier who became a highwayman in the half-day bad day " (1975). The second - and the role of "the other side of the law": lawyer familiar to us from the film "And Justice for All" (1979) and the police of "Serpico" (1973). In the latter role Pacino simply amazing. Sparingly, nowhere perezhimaya, it shows the transformation of his character. Initially, this - a naive idealist, brought up on the novels and films about brave police officers, sincerely convinced of the usefulness and necessity of its. In the end - a broken, driven into a corner, or does not believe in anything and everything is afraid of people.
. Teacher Pacino Lee Strasberg once rightly noted that he - the actor is not submission, and experience, which not only plays his characters as they become
. But it is the emotional side of life that the actor does not give enough material for an image romantically inclined or encumbered life of people. He - a man without family, living a recluse, letting into your house and in his soul, only a few. (In the seventies he was friends with actress Jill Kleyberg, . in the eighties - with a partner on the three series of "The Godfather", . Diane Keaton.) This is his personal human quality certainly felt in the pictures "Bobby Deerfield" (1977) and "Author!" Author! "(1982), . where in the first case - free-style adaptation of the novel E,
. M. Remarque's "Life on loan" (in our rent a movie and was called) - he had to depict the passionate lover, and the second - the playwright, a loving husband and father of a large family. After these two failures Pacino decided to repeat the success of Michael Corleone, starring in the film B. De Palm "Scarface" - a modern remake of the gangster film 30-x. But he kept shackled figure role now drawn half a century ago, Paul Mooney, to whom he was forced to follow.
In the mid-80's Pacino generally disappeared from the screen. They wrote that he quit shooting in the tape "Carlito's Way", although had to get them for 4 million. U.S.. Flatly rejected the very winning role in "Born on July 4". The reason? Alas, banal. Drank heavily. In the end, had to go to the clinic society Alcoholics Anonymous, where he was cured, not only from drinking, but smoking. Using your own sad experience, Pacino shot back in 1985. own money on the film "Shame county" in which appeared the way was at that time. But on screen, he decided to release this bitter confession, only in 1989, when he returned to the cinema.
The turn of the 90's Pacino said the two new actor's work. Created a caricature of his usual hero-gangster in "Dick Tracy" The. Beatty (1989) and most recently played his Michael Corleone in the third series of "The Godfather" (1990). In the first case, he showed evil hunchback with cold eyes, a wolfish grin smiles and sleek in a side parting hair: the grotesque turned very accurate. In the second - his character as it has done the reverse in comparison with the first series of path: the aged Don with cropped gray hair and wrinkled face of excised all the forces striving for respectability. Increasingly, Pacino resorted to comic overtones ( "Frankie and Johnny," 1991; "Scent of a Woman", 1992 - Oscar for Best Actor the year).

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