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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Biography Arnold Schwarzenegger
photo Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger, Arnold). Born 30/7/1947 in Graz (Austria).
. Magnificent athlete (European champion and world bodybuilding, five times seeking to title 'Mr. Universe', seven times - 'Mr. Olympia'), the world-famous actor, actress, politician and public figure (at D
. Bush was the head of the Council for Physical Culture and Sports USA), . successful businessman (his condition is estimated at more than one hundred million dollars), . finally, . happy husband and father (in 1986 the actor married to a charming television reporter Maria Shriver - a niece of John F. Kennedy, . this marriage has two daughters - 1989 and 1991,
. birth) - this is a portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose dazzling career is amazing, even for the country 'endless possibilities'. All our current prosperity of this man is obliged themselves, their willpower, perseverance and hard work
. And in his time, fragile, . lanky teenager with an obsession with long hours worked 'bodybuilding' (The result is a masterpiece: height - 1 m 86 cm, . bust - 145 cm, . Waist - 79 cm, . Biceps - 56 cm), . is exactly the same perseverance and character he showed and 'construction' of his life,
Arnold was born to a policeman who had served in a small village near Graz. Schwarzenegger lived in poverty, and at the end of the school, the young man had already attained some success in sports, is recruited to the army
. Arnold Schwarzenegger, . but soon, . disillusioned with the career of the military, . Like many an ambitious man from the Old World, . emigrated to the United States (1968), . where he began to actively promote bodybuilding, . wrote a manual on this sport, . successfully participated in various competitions,
. The resulting profit extremely well investing in real estate. By the beginning of the 70-ies became a legend among athletes, a 'steel muscles' attracting the attention of Cinematographers. However, the triumphant ascent of Kinoolimp failed: not familiar with any technique of acting, either with the basics kinoremesla Arnold on the screen looked constrained and awkward, disturbed and extremely strong German accent. Bet only on winning the external data is not justified itself, and even work with such good and professional producers, as P. Altman ( "The long farewell ', 1973) or B. Refelson 'Staying hungry' (1976) did not save the situation.
The first success in film came to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the 'pumping up the muscles of steel' (1976, dir. D. Butler) - adaptation of the book of the same name, written by Arnold. International recognition and fame 'collapsed' to the actor with the release of pictures of screens D. Miliusa 'Conan the Barbarian' (1982), where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of the noble savage, which is against the backdrop of fantastic scenery, prehistoric defended trampled justice. The professionalism of the director, dynamic, exciting script and the increased skill Schwarzenegger helped create a curious and vivid spectacle. Unfortunately, . follow-up tapes of the series, . made by other directors, . proved less interesting, . although, . and "Conan the Destroyer '(1984) and' Red Sondzya '(1985) had considerable commercial success, . but in general repeated the previously found, . not more,
Arnold Schwarzenegger all these years intensively engaged in their education: student at the University of Wisconsin at the Faculty of Business and International Economics, takes English lessons and choreography, the actor understands the secrets of craft.
As he himself says: 'I did not want me talking: an athlete with a great figure and an empty head'. But the filmmakers still see him as just an athlete, bodybuilder, and continue to operate the external data actor. Well, after the huge success that befell the film D. Cameron's 'Terminator' (1984), where Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of a ruthless cyborg sent from the future in Los Angeles this day, after it finally secured Role-hero Superman. And the tapes 'Commando' (1985), 'raw deal' (1986), 'Running Man' (1987) were only variations on this theme.
But unlike many actors, who have found their successful image, Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1988, decided to break the stereotype of the hero. Debut as a comic character in the film A. Reitman 'Gemini', where Arnold with a great sense of humor played a role of 'perfect' man, opened to the public of the new Schwarzenegger: a thin, ironic, good-natured. Out on the screens in 1990 'Police from kindergarten' has confirmed that it is now 'our Aria' (affectionately known as Schwarzenegger Americans) to shoulder the role of any plan
. Recent work actor in the movie: 'time to remember' (1990) and 'Terminator 2': Day of Atonement '(1991) show, . that now he prefers the role of a rather complex psychological pattern, . and his plans - together with Dustin Hoffman to take part in the ribbon of the fathers of modern psychiatry - 'Jung and Freud' - superfluous confirmation of,
Much of his time actor devotes public and political activities, being a staunch Republican in his convictions. Provides charitable assistance to athletes and sick children
. Thus, combining the 'muscle with intelligence, . and strength with delicacy ', . received U.S. citizenship in 1983, . your sorokapyatiletiyu, . Arnold Schwarzenegger has really become a symbol of one hundred percent American: persistent in achieving, . industrious and fortunate.,

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