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Mel Gibson

( Actor)

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Biography Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson (Mel Gibson). Born on 3.1.1951 in the suburbs of New York. He studied at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. When Melo, the sixth of eleven children by Gibson, was twelve years old, his family moved to Australia. The young man dreamed of a professional journalist, and least of all about acting career. But his sister decided differently and secretly from his brother sent a petition on behalf of the Acting Department at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. Unexpectedly for a Mel successfully passed all the exams and was admitted to the Institute. Soon outstanding ability of students attracted attention, and already in 1977, Gibson made his debut in the lightweight "beach" movie "Summer City". This picture has not brought him fame, but forced the Australian filmmakers to draw attention to a handsome guy with a high bright blue eyes.
. International fame Gibson brings participate in science-fiction thriller "Mad Max" (1979), . where he played the role of a brave police officer Max, . that after the disaster of World War III is still in office, . protecting the surviving civilians from rampant gang scum.,
. Next role eccentric Tim from the same movie (1979), Gibson gave the Australian Film Institute award and cemented his reputation as a serious professional.
. In the early 80-ies the actor returned to America, but in the rank of the stars of the international level
. Roles in films: "The Year of Living Dangerously" (1983), . "River" '(1984), . "Generosity" (1984), . "Mrs. Soffel" (1984), . Finally, . continuation of the series of Mad Max Road Warrior distant "(1982) and" Mad Max beyond Thunder Dome "(1985) finally fix it in the Role of the" eternal cop ",
. And two series of "lethal weapons" (1987, 1989), Gibson brought great popularity among the audience, almost taken away from the actor hopes to participate in the films of other genres. And, admittedly, it is really good at the role of people living in extreme conditions. Nervous, cruel, sometimes frightening the townsfolk their unpredictable behavior, his characters are wonderfully vital, humanly charming and attractive.
. The long-awaited breakthrough for Gibson comes with access to the screens of the movie "Tequila Sunrise" (1988), . where the actor amazingly subtle and precisely played the role of drug dealer, . but not as obviously a negative character, . but as a living person, with all its advantages and disadvantages, . will of fate forced to earn a living so unsavory occupation ...,
. A lot of gossip has caused first the news that Gibson received an invitation from F
. Zeffirelli fulfill the role of Hamlet in his film (1990). Too great a distance, even in the madness, between the Prince and the Danish police Max. And if the film does not become a masterpiece, the fault here is minimal Gibson. Much more reproach can be addressed to the director, who is too far away from Shakespeare's original.
. In short, the creative potential of Gibson's uncovered is far from complete, and this actor can expect much, especially since all his time Mel gives the work undertaken in the family (he has five children), only a few free hours.

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  • Natasha for Mel Gibson
  • I dream of a meeting with Mel Gibson, I admire him for LATER ALLOW 12 years, he is beautiful smart talented
  • Victoria for Mel Gibson
  • Brilliant actor and a dream of every woman! ...
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