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Tom Hanks

( Actor)

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Biography Tom Hanks
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Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks).
Tom Hanks was born July 9 1956. in Oakland (California).
After parents' divorce by a court order was handed over to foster care in another family. Already in his youth Tom Hanks showed his outstanding acting ability and skill to conquer the surrounding inimitable sense of humor. So the arrival of Acting Department of the University of California was for him a logical step. Tom Hanks but left school as soon as received an offer to join the small acting troupe, speaking in Cleveland. In the movie Tom Hanks began acting in 1980. ( 'He knows how you are alone'). But his real 'discovery' happened only four years later, when the screens came the romantic comedy 'Splash'. One of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood Daryl Hannah starred as a mermaid, swimming accident in a huge city. At that time, still a boy and a fragile curly Tom Hanks played a seller, who loved the strange stranger. In the final two lovers swam in the ocean, away from the cold heartless world.
Hanks were often shoot ( 'bachelor party', 'A man with one red shoe' Volunteers ',' Every time we say goodbye forever ',' nothing in common ',' web of evil "). But it took four years before Tom Hanks once again forced to talk about myself. This happened in connection with the picture of 'big', in which he played the hero with a man's body and mind of a child. Unusual plot allowed the actor to demonstrate soft humor and warmth inherent in his artistic personality. Considerable success had fallen and the share of the movie 'Turner and Hooch', where his partner made a wonderful dog.
While in the 80 years, Tom Hanks starred in more than ten scenes, the most successful of its role to include the 90-th year. The succession of victories began tape 'Sleepless in Seattle' (1993), where the actor played a single father who influenced young son finds a new love. Romance, the intimacy, sensitivity, tendency to introspection - that the features that make up the personality of his hero. However, the film 'League of Their Own' showed a different side of his talent. Tom Hanks was simply irresistible in the role of coarse, always drunk coach, with all protesting against the need to train women's baseball team.
. Unexpected result was the performance of Tom Hanks in the movie 'Philadelphia' (1993), in which he played a lawyer dying of AIDS
. When he was emaciated, disease played the hero wanders around the room, chained to a metal rack, which secured the vessel with blood, he looked like a shadow. Critics wrote with delight that Hanks as an actor would have repeated the feat De Niro, when for the sake of credibility created by nature lost 10 kilograms. This role brought him the award 'Oscar'.
But the biggest triumph was waiting for him ahead. The movie 'Forrest Gump', in which Tom Hanks played a major role, became a real sensation 1994. His hero - a rustic fellow from childhood accustomed to ridicule others. Just look at the person Gump with frozen in it an expression of stupid contemplation, to understand why he is called 'forest trusty'. Nevertheless, Forrest Gump managed with dignity and composure to move all fallen to his share of trials. Semi-invalid since childhood, he became an outstanding baseball player, the hero of the Vietnam War, a millionaire, as well as a role model to many people. The film won several Oscar, but his success he owed it to Tom Hanks, creates a warm, very human, warm from subtle humor image.
Receiving two consecutive 'Oscar', Hanks became a national hero. Look forward to the new film 'Apollo 13', on an unsuccessful mission to the moon in 1977. Although the film was an accurate reconstruction of this tragic event, he was boring and static. Used it equipment 'talking heads' did not allow the actors to reveal themselves.
In 1996. Tom Hanks made his debut in film as a director, taking off in a documentary fashion the story pointed out the youth ensemble, disintegrated after his first hit. 'What are you doing' does not become a big revelation, though, and earned a sympathetic assessment of the critics.
Tom Hanks was married twice. Has a son from actress Samantha Lewis and two daughters of the actress Rita Wilson.

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Tom Hanks, photo, biography
Tom Hanks, photo, biography Tom Hanks  Actor, photo, biography
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