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Tom Hanks / Tom Hanks /

( Actor)

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Tom Hanks was born July 9, 1956 in g. Concord, California, USA. His parents divorced, and most of his childhood spent with his father Tom, a cook by profession. They are often moved from town to town, the boy always had to get used to new schools, new friends, new girlfriends father.

Participate in theatrical productions Hanks began while still in school. In order to master the craft of acting more professionally, he enrolled at the Drama Department at The University of California. 3 seasons Hanks was invited to play at the annual "Shakespeare Festival" held in Ohio, and Tom even got there for several theater awards.

Then he started his career in Hanks on TV. He participated in the television series and starred in several television movies. There he was spotted by director Ron Howard, who invited the actor to the main role in the film "Splash" / Splash, 1984 /. Game Hanks in this sweet comedy had the audience in mind - the film used in 84, this popular. However, after this film Hanks awaited series of failures - films in which he appeared, proved mostly unsuccessful.

. Remind yourself about the actor has again until 1988, when the screens went sentimental on tape suddenly grown up child - "Big" / Big, 1988 / Tom brought his first nomination for an Oscar.

. But then in an acting career again followed by a slight decline - paintings of Turner and Hooch "/ Turner & Hooch, . 1989 /, . "Bonfire of the Vanities" / The Bonfire of the Vanities, . 1990 /, . "Joe Versus the Volcano" / Joe Versus the Volcano, . 1990 / not met expectations and have been accepted by critics and viewers with little success.,

. Hanks was a breakthrough tape "Philadelphia" / Philadelphia, 1993 /, in which he was not afraid to change his usual comic Role and act in a dramatic role, playing a homosexual AIDS patient dying and rejected by society
. American academy "appreciated the reincarnation Hanks, calling him the best actor, and the award" Oscar ".

, Released in 93 пЁп╬п╢я┐ romantic melodrama "Sleepless in Seattle" / Sleepless in Seattle, 1993 /, where Hanks was a pair melodramas star Meg Ryan, enjoyed great popularity among Americans, and collected a good cashier.

His second "Oscar" Tom was in the same year, superbly played Forrest Gump of the same name tape. Gump became an instant national hero in America, everyone's favorite, and she won the ribbon ceremony, the Oscars, winning 6 figurines, including in the category "Best Film of the Year".

. Among these works actor worth noting tape "Apollo 13" / Appolo 13, 1995 / based on the true story of the accident during the flight of American astronauts to the moon
. The film has collected a good cashier and received good reviews from critics. Much more modest, they embraced a romantic ribbon "You Letter" / You've Got Mail, 1998 /, but the audience can meet on-screen reunion with his lover Hanks from "Sleepless in Seattle - Meg Ryan.

. Despite its enormous popularity in the U.S., Hanks does not suffer from disease and leads a stellar relatively modest lifestyle, regardless of Hollywood, the perfect husband and father
. His name is practically comes to the pages of tabloid newspapers. He is married to actress Rita Wilson and brings with her two children - Chester and Truman. Also he has 2 daughters from his first marriage (with Samantha Lewis).
. Released in 1998 tape by Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan "/ Saving Private Ryan, . 1998 /, . became one of the major films on delivery "Oscar", . once again reinforced the popularity of Hanks as a dramatic actor, . but this time the golden statue of him has not got.,

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Tom Hanks / Tom Hanks /, photo, biography
Tom Hanks / Tom Hanks /, photo, biography Tom Hanks / Tom Hanks /  Actor, photo, biography
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