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Charlie Chaplin

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Biography Charlie Chaplin
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Charlie Chaplin (Chaplin, Charles). Born 16.4.1889 in London, died on 25.12.1977 in Vevey (Switzerland). None of world cinematography another actor whose fame would be as loud and long. Almost half a century, Charlie Chaplin appeared on the screen, to the delight of audiences and critics. During this time they went up and went out thousands of other stars, but he continued to remain a favorite of the public. What is the secret of the enduring popularity? The answer to this question is far from unequivocal. Here and great acting skills, and impeccable skills in the ridiculous, and amazing ability to combine comedy with tragic. The main thing that has always ensured its success, it is - a love for the people who studied in the visible embodiment of the image created by Charlie - a small, poor man with a big heart and good, sad eyes.
This character is familiar to the actor: he himself came from the thick of the people, as a child knowing the gravity of the half-starved existence. Early left without a father, he was a child began to appear on stage. And when he turned 18, was admitted to the Fred Karno pantomime troupe, which in 1913. and went on tour in the U.S..
A year later, a twenty-actor debuted on screen in the film studio Mack Sennett 'earning a living'. But only having behind nearly a dozen short films ( 'Baby car racing in Venice', . 1914; 'Between two downpours', . 1914; 'Best lodger', . 1914 and others), Charlie Chaplin, . Finally, . found permanent, . so beloved by the viewers the image of Charlie Chaplin: excessively baggy trousers and jacket tight, . too large, . swept up broken noses shoes, . antennae, . bowler hat and cane,
. From the film in the film (and there are only 1914. came out 34) this vagabond, trying to appear a gentleman, running, falling, tumbling, throwing pies with cream and received responses in the face, word, using all known methods of clowning and slapstick. In many ways, he then helped his theatrical past: most of the tricks was borrowed from the English pantomime. ( 'His new profession', 1914; 'night', 1915; 'Rogue', 1915; 'Woman', 1915, etc.). However, in the 'Bank' (1915) the audience was struck sad sight lone hero, but in the 'Immigrants' (1917) there were first signs of a collision with Charlie the hostile reality.
The full force of these trends are evident in the 20's and 30's, when Charlie Chaplin started his own studio and began producing full-length picture of where he was not only an actor but also a screenwriter, producer, composer. The success enjoyed a warm and humane 'Kid' (1921), where the eternal wanderer, Charlie acted as a caring father, abandoned by their parents sheltered boy (J. Kutan). Corrosive satirichen image of an escaped convict, he created a 'Piligrim' (1923). Parody lonely prospector in 'Gold Rush' (1925), which, like
posited in a Hollywood melodrama, in the final lucky to bring it 'from rags to riches'. 'Dance buns' on the fork, which the actor played, sitting at the table, enjoyed such great success that the original version of the picture of Charlie Chaplin repeated it twice.
Shortly after the release of this film, which went down in the top ten films of all time, a scandal broke out, which Chaplinskaya biography was quite a lot. Despite the small growth and 'unmanly' appearance, Charlie Chaplin enjoyed great success with women. Also amenable to sensational media deliberately blowing his love of history and the collapse of legal marriage. The first noise she raised parting actor with actress Mildred Harris. But, having received a major digression, she let him go in peace. Divorce is the mother of his two sons, talentless showgirl Molded Gray, nearly cost the actor a career in film
. Bitterness, . appeared in Chaplin after this story, . reflected in the screwball comedy 'Circus' (1928), . where metaphorical scene - the little monkey is plagued by evil walking on a tightrope Charlie - suggests, . that the actor did not forgive this baiting the American Society,
. And although this was not the best film of Chaplin's 20-ies., He received a special 'Oscar' for 'genius of the script, acting, directing and prodyuserstva'.
. The peak of creativity, Charlie Chaplin, and he found the style - intricate interlocking cams, . sad lyricism and sharp satire - was his first sound - only the musical accompaniment - the film 'City Lights' (1931, . in our hire - 'City Lights'),
. The love story of an unemployed bum for a blind flower girl (Virginia Cherry) fails, and in the eyes of Charlie understands it - sadness and despair, which he vainly tries to hide a shy smile. This line of all time, punctuated by 'friendship' hero with a drunken millionaire, shown in explicit satirical vein.
Voice of Charlie Chaplin's first audiences heard only in the 'New times' (1936), where he sings in some incomprehensible language song lyric. But facial expressions and movements of the actor is so expressive that the public can easily catch the meaning of the sad story of how a fat girl seduced dandy false ringlet. The principal innovation was the fact that here the hero is fighting for their right to life and happiness are not alone, but with a girl. (Flight of Goddard, perform this role, soon became the third wife of Charlie Chaplin.) In these two films a comic image of the charming little tramp silent period grows into a deep dramatic. His spiritual purity and kindness confronting the indifference of the rich and stupid, and all-powerful police brutality, and inhumanity of conveyor production.
In 1940, he published in the light of 'The Great Dictator' which, in addition to its traditional role of the 'little man', this time a Jewish barber, the actor plays the Nazi leader Adenoids Hinkel, even look like Hitler. Its amazing plastic, especially in the scene playing with a globe. This political pamphlet clearly reflected the citizenship of its creator, talent, only his inherent means, exposed the misanthropic nature of fascism. Award of the New York critics for best actor this work will be difficult, but so necessary at that time people work.
The post-war film by Charlie Chaplin 'Monsieur Verdu (1947) again showed the clash a little man with society, but not in the way Charlie. (The basis of the picture was put the real story of the Frenchman Landry, . kill women for profit.) Here is the story was given a social subtext: left without work during the crisis, a bank employee in such an original way to feed his family,
. The singularity of the material brought to the United States a fierce campaign against this film, its creator once again blamed for all sorts of evils - political and moral. Then it all went from America, settling in Switzerland, along with Una - the daughter of famous playwright Eugene 0'Nila, whom he married in 1943. After a peaceful divorce with the flight - and many children. Studio is rented in England.
The film 'Limelight' (1952), which were recorded not only his family but also many followers of youth, in particular, Buster Keaton and Edna Perviens, permanent partner, Charlie Chaplin, from 1915 to 1923. - Last love story of a clown Cal-Vero, largely autobiographical. And although the actor has here again an amazing mixture of lyricism and humor, the picture greatly inferior to his best creations. As, however, and frankly wicked satire on America 'King of New York' (1957). Melodrama is "Countess from Hong Kong '(1967), where the actor has appeared in the tiny role of the ship's steward, was a clear failure. More than an actor in the movie is not filmed ...
The genius of Charlie Chaplin had a profound influence on the development of world cinema, but equal to him there has not appeared. The figure of this amazing master still stands alone. In 1954, Mr.. He was awarded the International Peace Prize of the Soviet. In 1972. awarded a special Oscar in the same year received the Gold Prize at Venice International Film Festival for their creativity. In 1992. R. Attenborough put the film 'Chaplin', where the title role played Robert Downey Mlada shy
. Filmography: 'Extremely difficult position Mabel', . 1914; 'Johnny in the movie', . 1914; 'Tango-confusion', . 1914; 'His favorite pastime', . 1914; 'Fierce, . fierce love ', . 1914; 'Mabel at the wheel', . 1914; 'Twenty Minutes of Love', . 1914; 'Caught in a Cabaret', . 1914; 'Caught in the rain', . 1914; 'Business Day', . 1914; 'fateful hammer', . 1914; 'Her friend bandit', . 1914; 'Knockout', . 1914; 'Business Day Mabel', . 1914; 'Family life Mabel', . 1914; 'Laughing Gas', . 1914; 'property master', . 1914; 'face on the floor of the bar', . 1914; 'Vacation', . 1914; 'Masquerade Mask', . 1914; 'spender', . 1914; 'new gatekeeper', . 1914; 'These torments of love', . 1914; 'Dough and Dynamite', . 1914; 'imperturbable gentleman', . 1914; 'His music career', . 1914; 'His place of rendezvous', . 1914; 'Interrupted novel Tilly', . 1914; 'was an acquaintance', . 1914; 'His prehistoric past', . 1914; 'His New Job', . 1915; 'Champion', . 1915; 'In the Park', . 1915; 'Flight into car', . 1915; 'Seaside', . 1915; jobs, . 1915; 'enlisted', . 1915; 'Night in the Show', . 1915; 'Carmen', . 1915; 'police', . 1916; 'Triple anxiety', . 1916 'Review of creativity Chaplin in the firm' Essen ', . 1916; 'Comptroller Department Store', . 1916; 'Fire', . 1916; 'Wanderer', . 1916; 'In the hour of the night', . 1916; 'my uncle', . 1916; 'Behind the scenes of the screen', . 1916; 'Easy Street', . 1917; 'Adventurer', . 1917; 'Dog's Life', . 1918; 'Bond', . 1918; 'Shoulder Arms', . 1918; 'sunny side', . 1919; 'Day fun', . 1919; 'leisure class', . 1921; 'pay day', . 1922; 'Parisienne', . 1923.,

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