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Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen (Shean, Charlie). Real name: Carlos Estevez.
Charlie Sheen was born on 3/9/1965 in Los Angeles.
Spanish blood, inherited from his grandfather, Charlie Shin, has shown no in appearance, nor yet in performing skills: excessive expression it is different. Charlie Sheen - all-American and has played with such a young age.
His motion picture "autobiography" a kind of portrait of the averaged, typed Americans. For, perhaps, the main feature is its ordinariness.
Ready suit from the store sits on it much better than made-to-order tuxedo. In general his handsome, . although, . perhaps, . and a few too thick-set figure, . where winning "looks" in the sports attire or military uniforms toilets, . he wore on the screen repeatedly and which to some extent negate even exceptional personality.,
. And in the personality Charlie Sheen originality is not enough
. He is simple, and if being clever, this trick is sewn with white thread. His somewhat dark skin is clean, though not knowing yet razor, sensual mouth, piercing brown eyes, give him a definite sexual magnetism, calculated, however, at too young or aging fans. Print prosperous good boy whose life knew no special ups, no serious disappointments, remains on his forehead so far.
. Charlie Sheen, . true, . the first time in his life appeared in the film, . far from everyday life "Apocalypse Now" * (1979), . but in this tape, . where one of the main roles figured his father, . Martin Sheen, . teenager Charlie went to only a role of extras in the crowd,
. Participation in such an ambitious and talented setting is not passed in vain, and forever identified and its fate, and choice of profession. And in his "verbal" debut star school football, . batter girlfriend at the protagonist picture "Lucas" (1986), . Charlie Sheen appeared clean-shaven, . nice, . sensitive stiff upper lip, . whose athletic talent is clearly prevail over intellectual,
. This followed a series of paintings, in which Charlie Sheen portrayed recognizable "guys living in the neighborhood," in 1985. he starred in the movie with this title, which number is legion.
However, not always his usual characters were engaged in the affairs of ordinary. Characters' Weekend Ferris Ruellera "(1986) and Charlie Sheen among them were a modernized characters of Mark Twain. In "Platoon" (1986), he is sent to the front and wrote moving letters to his grandmother, fulfilling the function of narration in the film. In "Red Dawn" (1984) takes up arms, that together with their classmates to protect Colorado from the invasion of Russian and Cuban. In "Three on the track" (1987) he, as assistant to Senator tyrant, rescues him from his own daughter. But in any adventure or would fall of its heroes, is an inherent characteristic of their ordinariness, as usual their occupation: student, soldier, reporter, agent.
. It is in the form of the latter in the movie "Wall Street" * (1987) with particular clarity is the apparent dichotomy, in which almost always turn out to Charlie Sheen and types, and the actor himself, and many ordinary Americans.
. Fact, . that the myth of universal, equal opportunities, . of "self-making" of an individual units is confirmed, . and for most sterile and routine turns into hard labor INJECTING, . intermittent dubious adventures, . collapse which often gives rise to complex and frustration,
. That's a hero Charlie Sheen, . to sweat has traditionally laid out on an anthill-like exchange, . dreams of millions, . and the ideal of his successful businessman, . tough, . ruthless, . among those most, . "made himself", . not disdaining anything neither in the past, . or present,
. Sold him, . youth reaches considerable and moral, . and material, . loses immeasurably more, . because the road to success is covered with a very wicked deeds, . soglyadataystvom, . betrayal including his own father, . worker and trade union activist,
. In this final betrayal, he still does not go through, honest rustic guy is stronger sly, craving for money and power because in every person in varying degrees, reconciled the two of magnitude. This means that it is not destined to become a tycoon in the business world. Decency big players for nothing, it only hinders and causes failures.
The quality of this Shin inherited from his father: on the screen Martin Shin often accrue to the characters with moral principles. Pets same connection type Estevez quite strong: in "Wall Street" Martin and Charlie played father and son, they were photographed together in "Spawn BeverliHillz" (1989), "Cadence" (1990), delivered by Martin Sheen. One of the brothers, Charlie, also works in cinema under this name, Emilio Estevez, wrote the script and made a film called "Wisdom" (1986), which was filmed and it is already quite famous brother.

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Charlie Sheen, photo, biography
Charlie Sheen, photo, biography Charlie Sheen  Actor, photo, biography
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