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Elijah Wood

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Biography Elijah Wood
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Elijah Wood (Elijah Wood).
Elijah Wood has spent almost half his life in various shooting areas. Evidence of that - his track record. The story of his life - the story of his career. This year, the actor playing Frodo Baggins was only twenty-two years. A number of films, which played Elijah, far ahead of his age: despite his youth, he played nearly forty motion pictures and television.
Elijah Wood was born January 28, 1981 in the town Selar Rapids, Iowa, the son of Warren and Debbie Woods. He has an older brother Zachariah and younger sister Hannah, also actors. As often happens, to the set of young Wood's parents have. It is no accident: at an early age Elijah Wood liked to speak to the audience, for what my mother called him "little monkey".
In 1984, three Elijah first appeared on the set - Malcolm Moubrey took the baby in the film "Private function", a satirical comedy about the kidnapping of a pig. It is unlikely that this first experience has left a mark on the minds of the child, but three years later he was again invited to the shooting - this time in the strict melodrama "Little Dorrit". Elijah stoically endured a significant amount of prose of Dickens, which he had to memorize, and returned to his native Iowa.
Elijah Wood at the same time managed to try their hand at modeling business, and in 1988 at the insistence of a model school Avant Studios, his family moved to Los Angeles. In seven years, Elijah begins to appear in advertisements on television. "The manager has been recruiting children for the film, asked me whether I want to play - actor recalls. - In this age of the child has no fear, everything was very fun, I first saw the palm trees, it was just a fantastic spectacle! "
Elijah Wood in Los Angeles starts acting career. Having played the son of Aidan Quinn in the third part of the trilogy of Barry Levinson's "Avalon", Wood subdued American critics. In 1990 the film was nominated for Oscars in several categories. He proved to be fatal for Elijah - the role showered on his curly head, as from a horn of plenty. After the project "Children in the night, Wood was in this" Paradise ". There ten Elijah Wood was destined to fulfill his first major role in the company of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. History mature young Willard came out so successful that next year it was Elijah Wood, Richard Donner gave the role in "Radioekspresse".
Elijah Wood in a few years manifests Vulnerable young people: in 1992, he shone in the television movie "Dayo," a few months later played in this Hollywood hit "Forever Young" with Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis. In his next project, he shared the laurels of success with another boy, a star - he played in a pair with Macaulay Culkin in "good son" Joseph Rubin.
"Looking back, I can say that the world of child actors rather cruel," - remembers Wood. Elijah Wood is very grateful to her mother because she supported him by attending the shooting along with his sister: "This is a very complex world, it is not so easy to survive if you do not have reliable support behind. My mom always wanted me to have had a normal childhood, so I grew up as a normal child. I have rarely met a family that would be just as close, how close we. I'm really lucky. I had no particular emotional contact with his father, so for me it was not a big problem ". Actor seen his father in the last seven years ago, when he divorced his mother.
In 1993, Stephen Sommers offered Voodoo role of Huckleberry Finn in the eighth adaptation of the famous works of Mark Twain, and the Role of the child from a dysfunctional family was developed in postvetnamskoy "War" by John Evneta. Despite his age, Elijah withstood rhythm: two films a year. By 1994 he had already earned a red Ferrari and was not going to stop.
"I love everything connected with film production - he says. - I love the process from beginning to end, from sound technicians to editing. I love to play, get into the skin of his characters, try on different characters and discover other people, I am learning to understand not only them, but life in general ".
New home and new role of success accompanied voodoo Rob Reiner in the drama "North" (1994), in which he played the role with dignity perfect child. However, as its growing selection of characters markedly narrowed. After the comedy "Flipper" (1994) with Paul Hogan and dolphin embody and further the image of the child was already difficult. Demand really serious projects, foremost among which was "The Ice Storm" (1997) directed by Ang Lee, where Elijah was playing with Christina Ricci.
In 1998, Robert Rodriguez gathered the team for the filming of the Faculty, where Elijah Wood played a major role, and in the same year he appeared in the form of a young astronomer in fiction Mimi Leder "Deep Impact". These paintings are enjoyed sustained love of the public and collected good cash in the global box office. The amazing growth of Wood's career was continued in 1999: then came a youth drama of Martin Duffy's "Unbreakable bumblebee" in which the company was charming Elijah Rachael Leigh Cook.
Then, Peter Jackson, who wanted to film "The Lord of the Rings" J. R. R. Tolkien, Elijah offered the role of Frodo Baggins. It was this film and became the most significant in the career of the "eternal boy". The first part of the magical saga of Jackson was awarded in 2002, four Oscars.
Elijah Wood on the future filming trilogy heard while working on the "Faculty". He persuaded his friend, producer George Hong, make a screen test with him in the role of Frodo. Spot a success: Elijah Wood sent him to New Zealand director, and Jackson agreed to listen to young talent. And after the meeting, he had no doubt that the leading man is found. Wood went just perfectly the description once given his hero the author of a trilogy. At the time of filming Elijah had to move to a temporary residence in New Zealand than it has been very pleased. "Zealand - stunningly beautiful place! - Telling an actor in an interview. - This is an absolute Tolkien Srednezeme! "
. Elijah Wood has joined the remarkable constellation of actors: Ian Makkellenu in the role of magician Gandalf, Ian Mound in the role of hobbit Bilbo Baggins, Cate Blanchett as elf queen Galadriel and Liv Tyler in the role of the elf princess Arwen
. "It was like he was invited to take part in the journey, which allowed me not only learn acting skills, but also to develop as a person. It's like performance boyish dreams - to pick up the sword and fight the monsters, climb the rocks ".
By the way, the victim, who brought Elijah Wood on the altar of art, worthy of admiration: for example, two and a half hours of daily makeup, for which had to get up at five. But it is precisely such a role waiting for Elijah. Along with hard work on the next series of "Fellowship of the Ring" (marathon in New Zealand lasted 274 days), he played in the film "Prosazhennaya environment" (2001) as a victim of Irish gangsters sitting in bad hat guy "on the tail". Later, when Jackson decided to reshoot some scenes from "Lord of the Rings", he had to return to the shooting. Wood acknowledged that the image of Frodo still lives in his soul. The Hobbit, but his short, yet distinguished by purity, love of life, the ability to make friends, love good food and good conversation - he said. - This is the most wonderful things in our lives. I felt a little hobbit, and before shooting, but now I started it in his heart. "

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