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Anthony Hopkins

( Actor)

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Biography Anthony Hopkins
photo Anthony Hopkins
Hopkins, Anthony (Hopkins, Anthony). Born 31.12.1937 in Port Talbot (Wells). The boy's father, a baker who sent him to an expensive private school, where a young Tony felt lonely and in protest at poor student. The only thing he, by his own admission, engaged in - is playing the piano and mimicry teachers. After school, the parents sent him to the College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, where his ability was given out. Favorite of fellow pupils, magician and clown, he continued his acting education at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (1961-1963). Then - the provincial scene and in 1968 - film debut.
Hopkins in the film 'The Lion in Winter' directed by Anthony Harvey, Prince Richard, the future King Lionheart, one of the sons of Henry II Plantagenet, who was standing before the problem of whom to hand over the crown. Paradoxically, that chubby, short and silly hero Hopkins does not look like a gallant warrior, known to us by the legends, in fact, he - a hidden homosexual. This role was relatively unnoticed against the background of Peter 0'Tula - Henry and Katharine Hepburn - Queen.
In the seventies actor played mostly supporting actor, played quite professionally, but without the special revelation. Mainly military and detective films. The main thing for him at this time happened in the theater and on television. There, the squat burly with simple-face gradually gain experience and awards. So in 1973. He was recognized as "Actor of the Year 'for his role in Pierre Bezukhov TV series' War and Peace', and in 1975 received the prize of the New York critics as best actor for the role of the psychiatrist Dayzerta confronted with a strange case of vandalism in the play A. Schaeffer 'Ekvus'. (After Hopkins, this role was transferred to P. Burton, who subsequently played it in the movies.) Gradually formed an artistic image of Hopkins - the man slowly, thoroughly, even a few slow. His calm gaze and nesuetlivaya manner equally characteristic could become an action hero and the product, . and the purely psychological, . when in both cases the actor is required to show the internal energy, . lurking in the ordinary appearance,
In 1978. Richard Attenborough invited Hopkins role in the film 'Magic' to the limit is sharpened the tension between internal and external. A young ventriloquist, . schizophrenic whose second 'I', . sick and deadly, . projected on to the doll, . thereby removing himself from the responsibility for the killings committed by them, . lost its usual this actor smooth slow, . passing into inhibition, . you suddenly like a flash break through the destructive and self-destructive impulses,
So, along with the characters, the treatment which does not extend beyond the thin psychological pattern, there are heroes-maniacs (among them, in particular, Hitler, played on television). And if the movie who starred in England, the predominant role of the first kind, the Hollywood of Hopkins tend to last. Among them special prominence acquired Hannibal cannibal in the movie 'Silence of the Lambs' (1991, dir. J. Demme), for which the actor received the 'Oscar'. His character, has a terrible appearance, the impression of a growing constantly worn 'muzzle', while clever and astute, as is evident in his eyes
. Several years ago, Hopkins, . suffering from alcoholism, . but reformed with the help of society 'Alcoholics Anonymous' is back from Los Angeles to England, . where he lives with his second wife, . devoting free time to his hobby - piano,

. Filmography: 'Hamlet', . 1969; 'War Through the Looking Glass', . 1970; 'When ringing eight bells', . 1971; 'Young Winston', . 1972; 'A Doll's House', . 1973; 'Girl with Petrovki', . 1974; 'Juggernaut', . 1974; 'Audrey Rose', . 1977; 'bridge too far', . 1977; 'Skakun international class', . 1978 'The seasons', . 1980; 'Bounty', . 1984; 'Blunt', . 1986; 'Good father', . 1986; 'Daybreak', . 1988; 'chorus of disapproval', . 1989; 'Hours of despair', . 1990; 'Free Falling', . 1991; 'Manor Howard's End', . 1992; 'Charlie', . 1992.,

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Anthony Hopkins, photo, biography
Anthony Hopkins, photo, biography Anthony Hopkins  Actor, photo, biography
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