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Sarah Jessica Parker

( Actress)

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Biography Sarah Jessica Parker
photo Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker (Sara Jessika Parker).
Sarah Jessica Parker was born March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio. Her parents Stephen Parker and Barbara Frost soon divorced, and Sarah, along with two brothers and sister was in the family's stepfather, which already had four children. Despite the fact that the girl grew up in a very large family, she was given enough attention and care. The parents decided to do a little Sarah's professional actress (as, indeed, from other children) and not mistaken. Sarah Jessica Parker in 1976, received her first role in the Broadway production of "innocent" (which also participated and her older brother, Timothy). Soon the girl was invited to the famous musical "The Sound of Music".

Youth musicals followed one after another, however, Sarah Jessica Parker has been one of only a few scenes. In 1982, she participated in the television sitcom CBS "Square Pegs", continuing in school. Science has never been a strong point of the girls, and after finishing school, Sarah Jessica Parker has decided to devote himself to acting career, despite the fact that her parents insisted on continuing education. Alas, like many other aspiring actress, she had to be content with television series and tiny roles on the big screen. However, the elite of show business still drew attention to Sarah Jessica, thanks largely to her tumultuous romance with Robert Downey Jr. (she lived with the actor for several years), Nicolas Cage and John F. Kennedy Jr.. Shortly after the relationship with the scion of the Kennedy family, she became acquainted with the main man of his life - the actor Matthew Broderick.

Meanwhile career Sarah Jessica Parker was developed without any jumps, but she managed to win the respect of critics and colleagues, which brought the coveted role in Hollywood. However, detractors argue that the success came largely thanks to the unusual appearance and the ability like men. Its partners are Steve Martin, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage, Ed Wood. Being a big fan of Woody Allen's creativity, Sarah Jessica Parker enthusiastically participated in a television project in 1995, where the main role fulfilled her idol. Next in 1996 was particularly significant for the actress - she was able to work in several big-Hollywood productions, among which were "first wives club," "Extreme Measures," "Mars Attacks!".

Sarah Jessica Parker has continued to work as a theatrical actress, having received several very prestigious awards for his game (including bonus "Tony" for the musical "Once on a mattress"). Incidentally, in one of our shows it is not afraid to play the role of the entirely unexpected - Sara played a dog!

. Star Hour Miss Sarah Jessica Parker came when the cable channel HBO has launched the production of series of independent and strong women living in the heart of New York
. "Sex and the City" not only brought the actress many award nominations for a Golden Globe and an Emmy, but also made it really famous.

Sarah Jessica Parker 19 May 1997 married her longtime friend, Matthew Broderick, and October 28, 2002 gave birth to her husband of the beautiful baby David Perkinsa Broderick.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been successfully involved in charity, working in UNICEF, and even a member of the Hollywood Women's Political Committee.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, photo, biography
Sarah Jessica Parker, photo, biography Sarah Jessica Parker  Actress, photo, biography
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