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Emma Watson

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Biography Emma Watson
Emma Watson (Emma Watson).
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born April 15, 1990 in Oxford. Emma Watson, the first five years of his life spent in France, before again returning to England. Parents of Emma Watson - Jacqueline and Chris Watson - both lawyers, they are now divorced. Emma had their first child, and a daughter they named in honor of his good friend.
Since three years she wanted to play in the theater, and in seven years, Emma Watson won his first "acting" award - a prize for poetry reading at the school recitation contest. In the school theater, she played an evil sorceress Morgan in a musical production of "Youth of Arthur" ( "Arthur: The Young Years"), . Swallow in the play "The Swallow and the Prince" ( "The Swallow and The Prince"), . wicked cook in "Alice in Wonderland", . as well as one of the main roles in "The Little Prince",
. Another Emma Watson often dressed for a Halloween costume witch, little suspecting that one day she will be a real witch! However, in the magic of it, too, never believed. "When someone says" magic ", it seems to me a white rabbit, which is taken out of a hat. I'm not superstitious. I only read the horoscopes for fun. "And yet, once happened to her magical.
Emma Watson was only ten years old when the head of drama circle of her school asked her to take part in tests for the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," along with many of her friends and classmates. Emma initially not treated this seriously, but when she was invited to the second round of tests, her attitude changed dramatically, though, Emma Watson, until recently, did not expect to be able to get the role of Hermione, which claimed hundreds of girls. She argues that since she starred in the Harry Potter films, particularly her life has not changed: "Naturally, I was recognized on the streets, and I spend more time away from home. Ever since I made a doll. Except this, everything is so normal as possible. "But it seems Emma Watson a little disingenuous on this subject. Still, she is well aware that it has become a celebrity. And the most remarkable in the fact that you're a celebrity, in terms of Emma Watson, is that ": you can walk on steep premiere and really cool to wear clothes". Generally, like any normal girl, beautiful clothes is one of the main hobbies of the young actress. She is even thinking about becoming a fashion designer. For the "Potter's" Emma Watson had to slightly change their appearance - blonde in her life, so for the shootings, she had dyed her hair a darker color, and the hairdresser had fairly "conjure" over her hairdo. But flaunt on the screen in beautiful clothes she could not - because Hermione is almost always dressed in school uniforms and robes. It is true that Emma Watson is compensated by the fact that, having received an honorarium for "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", made a great shopping trip for clothes.
Celebrity - is a public person. Emma Watson quickly learned how to communicate with journalists. Once she told them, . that it is easy to walk to a press conference, . on Harry Potter, . because there all the time asking the same questions: "On the need to invent anything new, . you're just standing there and how zaevshaya record repeating the same thing: ". With regard to public, . Emma Watson does not like, . that sometimes it "staring, . as if you were an animal in a zoo, . not man, . who have their feelings. "In addition, . was, . that is constantly signing autographs - is hard work,
. But the attitude of her close to her has not changed: "I am very grateful to my friends because they treat me like a normal person. They know me as Emma, and do not call me Hermione Greyndzher. My parents supported me, too, is. They gave me to understand that if I had not got the role, I would have been for them the same special ... ". Emma Watson hopes, . that she would be able to not arrogant: "I'm just going to try to: keep your friends and family, . and lead a normal life. "In his free time shooting a young movie star really leads a normal life: talking with her mother and brother, Alex, . which under its three-year, . playing with his cats - Bubbles and Domino, . feeds his goldfish, . spending time with friends (some of whom are Emma Watson led to the set), . and, . sure, . goes to school,
. Emphasizing that her life was not so changed after "Potter, Emma Watson said that she still has to look after his brother and the most obscure bed. How much she earned for shooting, . She does not know: "My parents decided not to talk to me, . much I earn, . because that is all the easier. "Most of the money the parents of Emma put on a bank account, . to save them to pay for further training of daughters,
. True, some of them, they mounted her and her friends posh party with disco and laser show to mark the completion of filming aspiring actress in "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone".
Unlike her heroine, Emma Watson, although he likes school, not so much carried away by so-called academic subjects, and of them would prefer the English language and history, but does not like mathematics, geography and Latin. Most Emma Watson likes to play sports (this passion she inherited from the mother) and fine arts. Emma Watson - a member of the school hockey team (she plays hockey as much from four years), but she liked rounders, netball, tug of war and tennis, as well as she takes part in school competitions in athletics and rowing. Uoston, like her heroine, is a student at boarding school, but they do not learn magic, but instead of Quidditch played in field hockey.
She also loves to sing and dance, and she once remarked in an interview that she would not mind becoming an actress musicals. And she loves to just chat with friends, who call her "Em".
Like any normal teenager, Emma Watson loves contemporary music - Bryan Adams, Suzanne Vega, Dido, and generally be happy to listen to all the new songs on the radio, but with the classics, as well as with opera music, it has cool relations. But her father instilled in her a love for good old rock 'n' roll: from childhood she was accustomed to sounding in the home of Chuck Berry songs. And although its a perfect gift for the holiday is a CD player on which she could listen to your favorite music, it can suddenly gravely declare that her dream is that between America and Afghanistan was the world.
Emma Watson is very fond of movies with Julia Roberts, who is her idol and one of her favorite actresses, along with Goldie Hawn and Sandra Bullock. One of her favorite actors - John Cleese (Nearly-Headless-Nick). She loves Italian cooking (mostly pizza) and chocolate. She loves to read, because it helps her to relax (her favorite author - an American children's author Roald Dahl), but it is not so crazy about the books, as Hermione. But she goes crazy for Prince William and Brad Pitt. By the way, she still dreams that the latter somehow appear in one of the films about Harry Potter, in whatever role.
Journalists are constantly trying to find some romantic story unfolding on the set of "Harry Potter". Emma Watson is always annoying when it is asked whether it is in love with Dan or Rupert. "We're just very good friends, but I'm in love with them. I know them very well. And I have to constantly prove to them who's in charge here ". In her statement, she soon is not going to fall in love with anyone else. Kenneth Branagh, her partner on the second film, told reporters that the shooting was always romantic atmosphere. "Oh yes, there was enough of love stories, to remove the soap opera:" But not with me! ". Asked how she reacted to the on-screen kiss with one of its partners, it just horrified: "Oh God, no, in any case, I did not sign this contract".
Where is she going to be when you grow up? She still have not thought of that, in general, of course, because in 12 years is usually not made the fateful decision. Despite his acting fame, she does not want to leave school and entirely given to the profession. She hopes to go to the Humanities College. Will it be a lawyer, like her parents? "No, sit at the table and fiddle with the papers - it's not mine." Will she be an actress? "If this works out, it is possible. If not, it is also normal. I open other ideas! "
Given that she herself, Emma claims that it "sporty, purposeful, and wants to try everything new, you can be sure that it will succeed.

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