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Polina Rostov

( singer)

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Biography Polina Rostov
photo Polina Rostov
- So, let's get acquainted. Polina Rostov:
-: Born in Moscow suburbs, in the town of Zhukovsky. Now I live in Moscow. In Zhukovsky left his parents. I study in Gnesinka, pop-jazz school in the pop department. Free time is hardly ever. And if it happens, I spend it at the studio. Very much I love animals. I'm in Zhukovsky parents were a dog, cat. I wanted to pick them up, but in Moscow, a rhythm of life, I'm home almost never - only sleeping, but for them to take care: So they I would have been street children.

- To sing - it was a childhood dream?
- Yes, probably a dream. I myself have never presented in a different role. I always wanted to sing, dreaming to enter Gnesinka, learn this.

. - You are a child 'with a shattered childhood': every day for three hours at the piano, my mother with a belt, my father shouting?
. - No, not at all so it was! I studied in the choral studio, the piano was there, but only insofar as
. And my parents, as is now customary to say, 'advanced', never engaged in physical abuse is not. For piano, of course, I was sitting, but, frankly, not very fond of these exercises - range batter to infinity. But had I realized that without it nothing will, the dream will remain a dream: So what's with the belt for me no one was running, everything on my conscience was. We somehow found a common language with their parents.

. - And you generally non-confrontational person?
. - No, I have a very stormy temper, I very quickly flare up:

. - And what then?
. - It depends on with whom I have a number, . unfamiliar with the man I will never be a conflict, . so, . if only on trifles: But if people close, . man, . whom I know well, . and I have a conflict with him - all, . I can 'boil', . bawl: But I very quickly got cold and I'm sorry about all deed,
. Sometimes, though, is too late: Actually, I - Sagittarius by horoscope and it probably felt.

- And who will usually ask for forgiveness first?
- In general, the very notion of 'apologize' - this is my age it. Because I had waited more than that all by itself as a dare and discharged.

- And it is difficult to ask for forgiveness?
- Yes. I can not come up with a 'duty' apologies. I must first understand what happened, realize what I did wrong, and only then try to fix:

- Do you remember your first song that you sang, for example, standing on a stool. You put the parents on a stool, . when they came to visit, . you to something good? Know, . this image of childhood: a girl of three or four in a short dress, . huge bows and eyes-'romashkami 'carefully motif displays some adult songs - is in your memory this sketch?,
. - Yes! I remember, I have been somewhere about four years, met relatives, grandparents, aunts - I have many close friends, and I gave 'concerts on demand' and all that they wanted to hear in my performance
. I actually climbed on a stool itself - it was the scene: I loved to sing! It got to the point that I could begin to show songs in the bus, all I applauded, staged applause: I could sing at demonstrations. Especially for some reason liked 'Katyusha':

. - In general, the first concerts were always a success?
. - Yes! Memoirs of the lightest and brightest:

. - What kind of music do you listen to now, what do you like?
. - My house is a lot of discs, just all of them culled
. I buy them, give them to me. I like very much 'soul'. Of the votes - Celine Dion, Mariah Carey: From our very like Agutin, from new - 'Prime Minister':

. - A recognized master - Iosif Kobzon, Alla Pugacheva:
. - Well, this is itself somehow ...

. - Why? Probably, there are many young people who this music is perceived as inevitable, for example
. Yes, there it is, what to do now. Or not actively take:
- No, it's not my case! Pugacheva, Kobzon, Leontiev, Leshchenko: - this is classic. How 'Beatles'. And I like. I do not 'fan', are not of those who are idle for hours under the windows of an idol, and shed tears of emotion - I have never had such an idol, and I do not understand such bigotry. Can creativity be interested in this or that person, to collect information about it, but to write crazy letters, paint the walls - do not understand.

. - And you can assume that a few years for someone you may become an idol?
. - We provide such a difficult, although all can be:

. - Did you have a child some kind of a favorite toy?
. - I remember very well that in my childhood I did not play with dolls, so beloved dolls I just was not
. There were no Barbie, in which love all the girls at a certain age. I very much liked to collect pictures of the pieces - the larger picture, the better. Until now, this favorite pastime, when there is time. But it almost does not:

- A teddy bear, hare:
- It was.

- And you have many friends?
- Let's just say - women friends - a lot. And her friends - two. One of my early childhood, and the other in this capacity is relatively recent, but I can call her girlfriend. I have very many friends, but those who truly for me is going through - their little. Of course, many say: 'Well done!', But I always see people really happy somehow my success or utters 'duty' phrase.

- And you always see when you're a person speaks the truth?
- Generally, yes, I'm noticeably. Although experienced in this case the person probably does not take much to portray sincerity. But I myself do not know how to cheat, I have it never turned out, I was all 'see through', even a child. Perhaps that is why I somehow intuitively feel when next insincere or trying to deceive me.

- And if a situation arises when the 'truth I can not say, but I can not lie'?
- It is always the question 'what to do? ". It is very difficult in such situations. I am trying to find a compromise, but better to avoid the topic altogether.

- Come back to close people. Mom and dad will probably not too glad to hear that you going to become a professional singer?
. - On the contrary, they are very happy for me.

. - And what is there to rejoice? Instead of a stable profession, which would give 'a piece of bread with something' and confidence in the future - the absolute uncertainty and unpredictability of the future
. But maybe, just and predictable - a daughter, then assembled not in opera singing. Views must have a TV mom, he sees there are many very similar to each other young girls, the same clipped, painted, dressed - as a single battalion, besides singing the same matter 'one great song'. I do not want to own a daughter lost, dissolved in this faceless mass and broke her life. There was a conversation at home?
- Of course, was. And such fears were - strange, perhaps, it would be if they were not. But my parents never pressured me not, not impose their decisions even if it depends on my later life. I will definitely be consulted, but the last word, and most importantly - action - always with me. In general, my family is very musical. My father - a musician, and his parents always wanted me to sing, that my profession was associated with music. Therefore, when the question arose about the big stage, obstacles in the face of parents I had. And most importantly - I really try not to get to 'clip'. While finding yourself on this big stage, so you no one was confused to learn your songs on the first sounds, and they were really worthy - insanely difficult task. I already know.

- Are not you afraid that your possible success - and we still hope that he will - will require of you excessive fees. For example, the price may be your personal life, your relatives and friends, which will no longer be neither the time nor the energy. Obviously, after all, that not all are willing to pay a price for success, and then withstand the test of this success.
- To be honest, a little afraid. All these tours, travel, separation from loved ones:

-: And such a sudden unexplained them life, not someone else - your:
- Probably, some separation is inevitable. Probably, leaving only the most dedicated and close. And probably, I will be very difficult to live with it. Apparently, one can only hope that I have the strength to fight and change the things I can change the mind to accept what is inevitable, and the wisdom to distinguish one from another.

. - Probably, . many are waiting on you a frank answer: tell, . please, . who is behind the tiny fragile young girl with huge eyes,'vishenkami '? Today's the way to the stage, . unfortunately, . not romantic - or money, . or contact, . or something else:,
. - My story is like a fairy tale
. I myself once before the end has yet to realize what is happening. Everything happened unexpectedly. Perhaps this is what is called 'His Majesty Chance'. Once autumn Saturday afternoon, we went with a friend on Old Arbat. The mood in my day was horrible, drizzle some protivnenky rain, and so wanted something unusual, that the sun came out, and my heart was lighter. We walked about something chatted, came to the crowd, which was around a man with a microphone. He sang some plain funny song and invited all interested to try this miracle of technology - Karaoke. Friend pushed me forward and I: went. Unexpectedly for itself, and perhaps, for her. Sounded music from 'Titanic' - my favorite: I woke up when the crowd clapped in unison and shouted 'bis'. As soon as we got before us were two sullen young men who suddenly began to ask how I was doing, where I study. Frankly, such an interest in my enthusiasm did not cause - and you something, in fact, anyone? They said that working at the studio and introduced 'Brothers Grimm'. I replied that if I - Celine Dion. They grinned, leaving your phone number and asked to call. I left, thinking that everything that happened - drawing from the series' Girl, you want to act in films? ". It took six months, I almost forgot about this fall stories from 'Titanic' on the Arbat. Spring Came. It was the first really warm spring day. Only the snow melted, the streams around, the sun floods the streets, want to enjoy life and hope for a miracle. Many of the faces of the day, I thought, reflects just such a mood. I found a piece of paper in the pocket of his cloak with a phone number. And immediately called: 'This is Celine Dion:' And the next day was at the microphone in the studio 'Brothers Grimm':
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Cinderella of Gnesinka

History Paulina Natasha's like a Cinderella story. One rainy autumn day student Gnesinka met on Arbat with two musicians, and they heard her singing, offered to write the girl album ...

. - Once I was walking along the Arbat, and saw that some small group of young men and girls singing karaoke
. I decided to also participate in this. Sing something. Already assembled to go further, when suddenly approached me and suggested that two people to write them in the studio song. They left a phone number and asked to call. I took a piece of paper and ...

- And so it came to the studio?

- And nothing happened. I have long thought that they really want, who they are, and categorically decided not to call. The thoughts in my head climbed variety, but not that they are really musicians. I then shoved away a piece of paper with the phone and forgot about it for about six months. And then ... Something in his head hit, I thought: "Why not?" Suddenly they really did not deceive me? " It was.

- As far as I know, you're born into a family of professional musicians ...

- Yes. So sang from childhood - the very young age, with four years. Even when I was very tiny, it kept trying to climb on a stool at some festival for a long time to sing an encore, the applause of all the relatives. Often even happened that I began to sing in public transport. Imagine: riding the bus this little girl with bows and suddenly begins to sing. At first softly, then louder and louder ... Ambient first smile, and then start to sing along. Finally - singing half-bus. It's fun, class!

- Then followed by a music school ...

- Yes. And classes for six hours a day at the piano, the endless range. Then - Gnesinka. Now I'm on my third year and I think that the artist simply need a professional musical education.

- We have to sacrifice something?

- Yes, but not communicating. I'd rather less sleep! Loneliness me contraindicated. However, I think, like all people. I doubt that sincere people who said: "I'd rather one or the one."

- Parents were not against the fact that you decided to go on stage?

- No. They just advised me very carefully weigh and consider all. They have always supported my endeavors, if you want - gave advice, but never pressed. I was just lucky with them. And with my grandmother, too. Incidentally, the name she chose me.

- That is a difficult teenager you were not?

- Uh-uh. And run away from home never thought. Even now, when I'm on a long tour, it is very often homesick for mom and dad, for his taxi with a cat.

- It creates the impression that you are very domestic man. Do you ever feel like otchebuchit something sort of, to shake the others?

- Shake just for the sake of shaking - no. But I'm bo-o-Larger fan thrill. As someone said a friend, a lover of life to the maximum.

- Do you like extreme sports?

- I generally like all the extreme and unusual. Rest on the couch - it does not rest. I always have something to do, somewhere to escape. I love to drive a scooter. A year ago, took up parachuting. This is such kicks!

- What to you love?

- Something very strange that eludes any miscalculations and calculations. People meet - and between them broke out some sparkle. They just saw this, it needed the two of them, the sparkle in each other, their views coincided.

. - Do you agree with the fact that the unhappy love does not happen?

. - One hundred percent! Even the unhappy love with all her sleepless nights, suffering, tears in the pillow - all the same happiness
. The only thing that you can experience this feeling - this is happiness. But I am probably too exacting people. It is very difficult to forgive the people close to treason, deception, or simply false. If I catch a loved one at any untruth, I would trust him much less. And when you stop to trust - you stop and love.

- For some time ago wrote about the fact that you have an affair with one of the participants Eiffel 65 ...

- They wrote. But no novel was not, although he could be. We met in Kiev, where they and I have had concerts. One of the guys tried to look after me, someone took a picture of us together a couple of times. So any rumors about the novel.

- Many of today's "stars" flashing - and disappear after a year or. You are not afraid of the future, after all show business - an unpredictable thing?

- Unpredictable and therefore very interesting. Again, the extreme. But I have yet to make plans far into the future. I just love to sing. I like to enjoy what I sing now, not only for close. I like that a number of my friends. And there - we'll see.

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  • Pauline, YOU ARE SUPER! I really miss you ...
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  • Paulina! I want to express my gratitude for your creativity. You gave us hope and faith, Thank you!
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  • Thank you for your songs and clips! Pauline, come back! Among the dominance of the untalented, voiceless, drab factories stars your bright and original works are necessary for all of us, like fresh air! Yuri Bystrov, 29 years old, Saransk.
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  • site Polina Rostova polrostova.narod.ru fan club Pauline Rostova mp3 www.polrostova.narod.ru Polina Rostov polina rostova ru net com welcome songs tekt download songs Pauline Rostova site
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