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This legendary ensemble written so much that this account can hardly make a major addition to the known. With "Beatles" was formed in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in 1959. Source of: Paul McCartney (p. 1942, bass, guitar, vocals), John Lennon (1940-1980, guitar, vocals), George Harrison (p. 1943, guitar, vocals), Stuart Sutcliffe (bass), Pete Best (drums). Direct descendants of American rock 'n' Roll 50's Beatles' first hardly been known outside his native Liverpool. Figuratively speaking, they "helped out" Germany, where they had left in 1960. In one of the Hamburg clubs "Beatles" started to work for 8-10 hours a day for a modest fee, yet they did not pay attention very well known then the English rock-n-rollschik Tony Sheridan. As a result, the Beatles became his accompanist and recorded a studio album by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles, with which, for obvious reasons regarding the copyright Sheridan, not to begin the Beatles discography.

In short, Sheridan pulled "Beatles" on the international show-orbit, and since 1961, things went their separate ways. In the autumn of the same year the Beatles' LPs interested store owner Brian Epstein, who since then and for many years was the manager and just a friend and supporter of the great quartet. In December, "Beatles" have undergone radical changes in the composition: left Sutcliffe, and they became what they and it was decided to become - a quartet. McCartney finally switched to bass guitar, and Epstein started looking for record company. At first he come back in a "Decca", but there he was refused, and gave consent then little-known company "Parlophone". However, the head of "Parlofona" George Martin set a condition: to change the drummer Pete Best's. 1940).

The first author's single "Beatles" under the title "Love me do" was recorded at "Parlofone" in December 1962-September, but the debut album - in the beginning of 1963. CD includes just three international hit, and by 1964 Beatlemania swept the globe, and the group of all time and people start climbing to the top of popularity, hitherto unconquered. In 1964, the "Beatles" took off in the movie "Hard Day's Night", which he wrote the music for themselves. Actively working author duo Lennon - McCartney, and for the year group, usually have the musical material at least two giant. At the same time formed distinctive, instantly recognizable "brand" Beatles sound.

1965 and 1966 were characterized by a craving "Beatles" to the conceptual texts and melodic songs of the ensemble has reached at the same time of genuine excellence, and everyone began to realize that this is from God. At the concerts of the group in those years, something unimaginable happened: it was a real delight, hysteria, a frenzy of ecstasy with a fainting female fans and a throng stadiums and concert halls, taking the new idols.

You can just say that in this situation, the Beatles made the only correct solution: they virtually abandoned the major concert events and devoted his work to further the closed studio work. Changed attitudes and musicians on the world: as if they took off their rose-tinted spectacles and see those plagues of modern world society, which so far have been for them to retouch their youth and the dizzying success. Some of the "Beatles" appealed to non-traditional eastern religions (especially Lennon and Harrison donated a huge portion of their income to build the temple of Krishna in England). Studio work has borne fruit, . that in regard to the great "Beatles" does not seem accidental, . In 1967 was recorded monumental and groundbreaking album, "Lonely Hearts Club Sgt Pepper", . which gave a direct impetus to the emergence of rock music genres such as apt-pok, . hard rock and psychedelia,
. In this most fruitful period in qualitative terms poisoned overdose of drugs depressed Brian Epstein (version suicide during an attack occurred, but no one hundred percent proof). Now the action taken over the ensemble producer "Parlophone", sheltering in the difficult early years, George Martin.

Recovering from the incident, "Beatles" returned to his favorite work, and soon took off in yet another film - "Magic, Mystery Tour" (1967). Followed two months of recess, after which they recorded another masterpiece of ensemble - double white album "Beatles". The last significant work was in 1969 album "Abbey Road", named after a London street, which housed many of the leading British studio. At the same time personal differences between members of the great quartet reached its peak (especially between Lennon and McCartney) and in early 1970, "Beatles" officially announced the decay. Each of the former members of the legendary quartet made later solo career.

December 8, 1980 John Lennon was murdered, and in November of 2001, for George Harrison died.

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