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Esipenko Marina

( actress)

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Biography Esipenko Marina
photo Esipenko Marina
Marina Esipenko - truly Vakhtangov actress. Exquisite, beautiful, aristocratic noble, musical light, letyasche-free, incredibly graceful and sonorous, Role which, like all these Vakhtangov, can be determined.

. Girl from the city of Omsk, played in a theatrical studio of Peter Pan, arrived in Moscow, the first time entered the Shchukin School for a course Evgenia Simonova and became a leading actress Vakhtangov Theater
. Disciple Yevgeniya Simonova and Mary Panteleyeva, . She began with Oli in 'Kabanchik' Viktor Rozov, . loving selflessly and sacrificially doomed fate of the boy, . with Abigail in 'teacup' Scribe, . which, . unlike other singers, . Esipenko have not been 'crafty love', . and a youth and purity, . fascination of first love, . for which the girl is forced to fight court,
. Then followed by adults and increasingly complex work. She gave the role of Turandot director vahtangovets Harry Chernyakhovskii in a new edition of his own play Gozzi, legendary for Vakhtangov. Replays dangerous comparisons, competition with a legend. Nevertheless, in the fabulous Princess Esipenko able to play his own: rapture of youth and life, awakening the brutal beauty of goodness and love. A great-sounding rich voice modulation. It is no coincidence dazzling, new Turandot has for many years, leading to the ceremony of the prestigious theater prize 'Crystal Turandot'.

Of the four performances of Peter Fomenko on Vakhtangov stage Esipenko played in three. In drama F. Gorenstein 'You are our Sovereign, sir ...' - Known in the history of Peter's time Danilovna Mary Hamilton, the beloved king, and executed by him. Companion and rival Kruchinina - a fun and sinful Thais Shelavinu - in 'Wrongfully Accused'. Lisa - in Pushkin's 'Queen of Spades'.

Meeting with Fomenko, as for many other artists Vakhtangov, proved fateful. Outstanding director turned faces, and tried to open the possibilities of this rich and diverse talent.

In movies and on television Marina was shot not much. Always opt for the theater. In the TV version of Gorky 'Last' she played the tragic role of hunchback Luba Kolomiytseva. In 'The last love Mayakovsky' - with accuracy and penetration has created a brilliant image of beauty - actress 30-ies, unhappy, talented, gentle Veronica Polonskaya. Marina has recently co-starred in the new television movies: 'Manor' A. Kvinikhidze, 'Dzisay' D. Tomashpolskogo, 'Alexander Garden' A Pimanova and O. Ryaskova and the role of Amalia in an episode of the popular TV series 'My Fair Nanny'

But its creative reputation and fame - a purely theatrical. She knows and loves, her performances always go the audience - fans Vakhtangov style. It is often praises the critic, watching the development of this difficult and painful fate. She became the winner of award "Golden Lyre" and "Hit of the Season '(2004), but Marina Esipenko appreciate and, in his theater peers and luminaries, which is expensive and much harder given than external recognition.

. Marina Esipenko lives in the profession seriously and purely
. Because it is wonderfully preserved and maintained a force. Do not stop, and goes ahead and promises a lot ...

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  • Esipenko Marina

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Esipenko MarinaEsipenko MarinaEsipenko MarinaEsipenko Marina

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Esipenko Marina, photo, biography
Esipenko Marina, photo, biography Esipenko Marina  actress, photo, biography
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