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Andrei Sigle

( Film score)

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Biography Andrei Sigle
photo Andrei Sigle
Andrei Sigle Reyngardtovich
Musician, film composer, producer.
Born on 15 May 1964 in Gorky. In the same year the family moved to Leningrad Siegle. He returned from 5 years.

In 1986, at the end of the Musical College named. Rimsky-Korsakov Andrey Sigle entered the Conservatoire. Rimsky-Korsakov piano (workshop M. Zarukina). At the invitation of the Rector of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Gothenburg to study the profession 'film music' (the only precedent in Russia).

. Since the mid 80's carried away by synthesizers, instruments which allow to simulate the sounds of a symphony orchestra
. As an arranger, keyboardist and sound designer Andrei Sigle participated in recording albums bands 'Movies', 'Alice', 'Nautilus Pompilius-', as well as solo projects Sergey Kuriokhin and Boris Grebenshchikov.

. As a musician he worked with Viktor Tsoi and 'Cinema' in the painting 'Needle' (88), the 'Heart of a Dog' (88 year) participated in the project of Konstantin Lopushansky 'museum visitors', where the composer was Alfred Schnittke (89 year ).

. Andrey Sigle debut as a film music took place in the film 'tick' (1990), produced by Alexander Baranov and Bakhyt Kalibaev
. This project became a turning point in his career - Andrey Sigle began to compose music for films.

. Among his works 'Sensation' Boris Gorlova, 'The Wheel of Love' Ernest yasana, 'last thing cooked' Vitaly Melnikov, 'Prohindiada-2' Alexander Kalyagin, 'Russian Symphony' Konstantin Lopushansky, 'Fourteen colors of the rainbow' Dmitry Svetozarov

. In 1995, composer Andrey Sigle was Russia's first television series "Streets of broken lamps'
. In 1998 - 2000 he composed for the project 'Agent of National Security', 'On behalf of the Baron'.

. The new revolution in the work of film composer marked the work with director Alexander Sokurov on the projects 'Taurus', 'Father and Son', which received many awards at international festivals
. Currently completed work on a new picture of tetralogy of Alexander Sokurov's 'Sun'.

In 2002, Andrei Sigle, together with the director Dmitry Svetozarov created studio 'ASDS. " (initials of the producers). Studio has released a series: 'The Dancer', . 'Three Colors of Love', . 'Tabor', . 'Boar', . 'Syndicate', . in the production of feature films are: 'a guide' director Alexander Hwang, . 'Crime and Punishment' by Dmitry Svetozarov, . as well as the TV version of Dostoevsky's novel,

. In 2004 Andrey Sigle founded the studio 'Proline-film', which specializes in feature films
. The first work was a studio painting "The Sun" by Alexander Sokurov (together with 'Nikola-film'). The film was presented in the competition program of the Berlin Festival -2005. Then came the picture of 'Ugly Swans' Konstantin Lopushansky the novel by Strugatsky brothers, 'Serko' JoцLl Farge (together with the French studio CDP). In 2007, one of international cinema forums class' A 'will premiere a new project studio pictures of Alexander Sokurov's "Alexandra' with Galina Vishnevskaya in the title role. Currently the studio is working on a painting by Sergei Ovcharov 'Cherry Orchard'.
Virtually all the projects of their studios Andrej Sigle serves as a producer and film composer. However, he writes music not only for their own projects, but also to films from the masters, who, in his author's views on developing Russia's cinema.
Creativity Andrei Sigle has repeatedly been pointed out prizes. For music to 'Remote Access' Svetlana Proskurina and 'Ugly Swans' Konstantin Lopushansky in Sochi at the festival 'Kinotavr' he was marked as the best composer. At the award ceremony 'White slon' 2006 he got award for the film' The Sun '.
. On many domestic and foreign festivals Andrey Sigle has been marked as a producer, developing the author's cinema.
. In February 2007, Andrey Sigle was awarded the Honored Worker of Arts of Russia.

. Prizes:
. Ugly Swans
. 2006 prize of
. Michael Tariverdiev for best music at the festival Kinotaur - 2006
2006 main prize of the festival "cinema Territory: Russia, film producer Andrew
Sigle "For a special contribution to the development of Russia's cinema". (g. Rostov-na-Donu)

. 2006 Diploma of the festival "Crimea Island" "For the creation of the film" The Ugly Swans "
. promotion of moral values, its coverage of issues of spirituality,
. culture and environment in modern society. "(Sevastopol)

. 2006 Grand Prix International Film Festival of Smolensk "New Cinema
. XXI '' Best Film '

2006 Special prize of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" For boldness of conception and
embodiment, "festival" Moscow Premiere "(r. Moscow)

prize of. Michael Tariverdiev for best music at the festival Kinotaur - 2005

. Sun
. 2005
. - National award film critics and film 'White Elephant' for 2005 in the
. Best Film

. - National award film critics and film 'White Elephant' for 2005 in the category Best music for the film.

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Andrei Sigle, photo, biography
Andrei Sigle, photo, biography Andrei Sigle  Film score, photo, biography
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