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Volkova E. Lada (Lada Dance)

( Singer)

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Biography Volkova E. Lada (Lada Dance)
Lada E. Volkova, born in Kaliningrad, September 11, the mid-80's moved from Kaliningrad to conquer Moscow and soon became just a Lada - in the women's trio 'Female Council'. In 1988, the Lada was as spectators at the final concert of the festival of pop songs in Jurmala. There, she met with Alina Vitebsk and Svetlana Lazareva. At the peak of many female singers, . sang in the Eurovision Song about love, . girls under the leadership of her husband of Alina - producer Chariton Vitebsk - the trio decided to collect, . which famously and ironically sang a song on social issues, . that in those years (especially after the hit 'Architects' 'Give the people of beer') was very important - it is time to drag caustic caustic criticism on any occasion.,

. Three charming girls in mini-skirts and flashy red armbands 'Female Council' on the sleeves immediately became popular and often end up in various TV programs
. This includes not only music, but in this, whereas fashion, - 'Spot restructuring'. They sang about the lack of glass, and bad lighting of streets, and worked it sarcastically and colorful (especially given the store the appearance and artistry of the performers). But soon this song became the theme of fashion, and the trio broke up. Lada remained in Moscow without a job and somebody's support, but to return to his native city, she was not going to and remained in Moscow.

With a bold, almost jazzy, 'Negro' voice, could sing a Lada provocatively at ease, the languid, lyrical. Naturally, she tried to look for jobs backing vocalist in the tone studios, hoping to eventually meet the right producer. But such a meeting took place only a half years after the forced Ladino lost souls - in the studio her voice like the keyboard player and composer trendy in 1991-1992 group 'Technology' Leonid Velichkovsky. He has written two very hit-cycle in the style of Euro-Disco for Natalia GULKINA, now he had to find a new, preferably a nice, use a composer's talent.

. Staying in the group, Leonid invited Lada: 'Let's try to do something together'
. The guys started to work. The first hit turned out in 1992. It was called 'girl-night' and was sung relaxed, bright, outrageous. This was followed by pop reggae version - 'want to live in kaif'. To master the new stylistics Velichkovsky, as people generally solid, pereslushal lot of reggae music, and then made his reggae hit.

. Songs of the Lada, which, considering that her name is too short and not loudly for show business, took his stage name, Lada Dens, began to fall in different pop compilations
. Songs quickly became popular, the person Lada - recognizable, and finally offers concerts in 1993, began to follow one after another. Soon became a regular album release, for all the musical part of which was responsible Velichkovsky, at times, even stopped doing 'technology' (hence the one from 1994 and 1996 are temporarily ceased to exist).

. In 1994, Lada writes passionately elegant duet with Leo Leshenko 'to anything to anything', with some use of romance and style retro-sentimental music 30-40-ies
. Success has a self-titled clip. But Lada and Lenya more attracted to the western platform and on the international scene. Their trips to Europe are becoming more regular. Soon, with the help of journalist Michael Sigalova specializing recent years, ties to show business in Germany, his melodies Lada give several German composers working in the disco: M. Voss, P. Siegel, A. Vayndorf. In Russia, they are written Russian language, and eventually leaves the album 'Flavor of Love' as an attempt to intrude into show business in Europe (A statement. Velichkovsky). For some major contracts abroad, a new album, however, does not, although the music sounds on the Lada Dance Festival 'Popkomm'-95.

In early 1996, the guys are preparing the invasion of Europe and through the MIDEM.. Meanwhile Lada increasingly appears in magazines and as an erotic model. Especially notable was her appearance on the cover of 'Playboy'. Lada maintains relationships with business people, sponsors, although Leonid would prefer to use it all myself. But fall in love and cooperation comes the final break - Lada leaves. She appears a new friend and soon a baby. Waiting for first-born, however, did not prevent the singer to play in a very romantic clip 'Scent of Love' - on the background of wheelchairs.

. Lada, after the summer of 1997 is very lyrical, even languid, but still a dance album, 'The Islands of Love', appears at the end of the year is not often, preferring to educate young son
. But in early 1998, has increasingly gives concerts in Moscow clubs.

. In 1997, Lada, . before the 'Islands of Love', . out another album - 'Fantasia', . which she, along with the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem recorded as their best songs (now in the orchestral accompaniment), . both foreign and classic jazz and pop standards (including - their own version of Marilyn Monroe's famous song 'I wanna be loved by you' and 'Woman in love' Barbra Streisand),
. Disk 'Fantasy' becomes a report for the previous creative period and threshold of a new phase of career. Moreover, the producer of the last disc was already the singer. In 1998, becoming a married woman and mother, Lada has not lost its attractiveness and desire to sing. But riding with the tour due to family concerns is not so often. However, a prestigious gala concerts, and in December began to prepare the new hits. In particular, orders a few songs fashionable composer Sergei Trofimov. In 1999 Lada born the second child. After a pleasant new troubles resumed work premieres. Sometimes they can hear in the not-too-frequent, but usually very spectacular and diverse repertory concerts Lada Dance in the capital's nightclubs.

. Currently Lada Dance show everyone that it is not only brilliant singer, but also a great actress
. Her Alla Prikhodko from the popular series on NTV "Balzac Age, or all men svo ..." won the love and acceptance from all fans. Also preparing the next album, the singer, who has a working title of "my other self."

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Volkova E. Lada (Lada Dance), photo, biography
Volkova E. Lada (Lada Dance), photo, biography Volkova E. Lada (Lada Dance)  Singer, photo, biography
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