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Ksenofontova Elena

( Actress)

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Biography Ksenofontova Elena

Elena Ksenofontova was born in Kazakhstan in the family of a mining engineer. About his childhood Helen recalls: 'I remember my mother's shoes of brocade, and her red wig, his grandfather' Budenovsky 'mustache; grandmother's non-female hands, . which always smelled of fresh milk, chewing gum factories 'Red Front'; seedlings, . whose grandmother traded in the market; book 'Kazakh folk tales', . where Baba Yaga called 'Zhalmaus Kympyr'; snotty friend Kazachenko, and constant trips to the wake the dead grandmother's friends and acquaintances, . whom were innumerable: ',

. The family then moved to Helena in the suburbs of Moscow, Serpukhov
. My mother tried hard to give her daughter an excellent, broad education. And in this it succeeded. Elena is very good grades in school, where her favorite subjects were history and literature. In addition, she studied painting, music (four-class music school in piano), sports (athletics), which reached a rather significant results:

. Initially, after school, Helen decided to enter the Historical - Archives Institute
. But in high school, she seriously 'ill' theater. Helen was the winner of several competitions readers, organized a beauty contest and played Babu Yagudin in the play by Leonid Filatov 'Pro Fedota Sagittarius:' in the school theater. It is predetermined and its future:

Nevertheless, since the end of the 1990 school and before entering into VGIK held for four years. Helen remembers that time: 'I remember the communal on the 3 rd Monetchikovsky Lane (lived there cockroaches, . in whose veins flowed the 'blue' blood, . and woman Katya, . which crushed them, . Cockroaches, . own hands) and I remember saving bank, . in that month came, . to buy one - the only lottery ticket (while other opportunities to get rich I was not),
. I remember the theater - the studio 'Time', directed by NR Eshbo. There I played my first role on the professional scene in the play 'Snow Maiden' by the same name by Alexander Ostrovsky's play (incidentally, the role - it was very Snow Maiden) '.

Finally, in 1994, Helen entered the Drama department VGIK. She happened to be taught by a teacher Joseph Raihelgauz, who is also the artistic director of Theater 'school of contemporary plays'. He then invited Helen already at 1 year at his company.

Very soon the favorite pupil of his master was a good role in the theater. During the period of training it were played: Tanya in the play 'Mrs. Leo', Dulcinea in the play 'Yours sincerely, Don Quixote', Her Majesty the Queen in the play 'As to the promise of oil'. At the graduation performance 'Love Karlovna' Elena Ksenofontova sang the role of Begonia. And in 1998 (year end fighting positions), she played the role of Nina Zarechnoj in the immortal 'Seagull'. Acting Elena Ksenofontova comprehended, speaking on the stage with such recognized masters as: Eugene Dvorzhetsky, Lev Durov, Vladimir Steklov, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Irina Alferova, Michael Gluzskij, Albert Filozov.

. Job young actress was highly appreciated
. In 1998, Helen became the winner Ksenofontova Prize. Tamara Makarova 'For his work in theater and cinema during training at the institute. "
. Raihelgauz and Dzhigarkhanjan

. After graduation, Helen Ksenofontova received an invitation directly from 6 Moscow theater, but preferred to remain in the theater 'school of contemporary plays'
. But a year later, the actress decided to leave the troupe. His action, she explains: 'After working for five years in the theater, I came to the conclusion that a fan of my ability is operated only one link. There comes a time when you feel like a bank: '

The first attempt at theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan failed. Proposed characters in the play 'Homecoming' Helen seemed uninteresting, and she chose to return to Raihelgauz. Yet Dzhigarkhanjan not left trying to get a talented actress. In the end, Helen began working at two theaters.

. We Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Elena Ksenofontova played in productions of: 'The heart is not stone' (Vera Filippovna), 'Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro' (The Countess), 'Close your eyes - will tell you tales' (Jeanne), 'Three Sisters' (Natasha) etc.

. The work in the theater Ksenofontova Elena says: 'Theater - that is me, if not all, much
. Port registry. Gym for rastelepunkivaniya sandwiched Psychophysics. Place where dreams come true (even if not yours, but still). Gas chamber, from which occasionally a terrible headache. Item distribution advances. Temple. Theater - this is my personal psychoanalyst, in the end. All that is born in the theater, then with impudent ease of use in film. Yes, the theater of life is not worth. But my life without theater, I can not imagine '.

For a long time, Elena Ksenofontova was known only to theater-goers. Mass audience her name is nothing to say. No, she was invited to act in films, not once, but she was too absorbed in the theater.

This popularity as a film actress, came to her only in 2002-2003. It all started with the series 'Taiga', in which persuaded her to withdraw producer Valeri Todorovski. In movies Elena showed fanatical love for his profession, not meneshe than in the theater. After the filming series actress refused to understudy. Unable to swim, she was not afraid to jump into the seething mountain river. 'Stuntmen pulled from the river then, nahlebalas water' - she confesses. And the next series' Heaven and earth, "where Helen performed the role of Barbara, she happened to run across the ice and fell into the snow at twenty below. But by the time the actress has already been eight months pregnant!

. This was followed by roles in serials: 'Best City of the Earth' (Marina Slutskaya), 'Red Orchestra' (Helen), 'Cadets' (Maria).

. About his work in the series' Cadets' actress says: 'For me it was mostly - do not hit the face in the dirt in front of his grandparents, who fought or worked on the home front during the war
. Because I am about it I know nothing, not seen. I have only heard and read. It had to somehow justify. Memoirs written P. Todorovski, who saw it all, participated. And we all - young, all hearsay, it has stimulated us. Another major change was teamwork. All, without exception, wanted to make this film, and treated this not as a series, namely, as to the cinema '.

The series was highly appreciated not only spectators, but also specialists. He was even nominated among the four best drama series on the prestigious Emmy (award went to the Danish television movie 'Eagle').

No less interesting was the role of Helene in the 'Red Orchestra'. Elena Ksenofontova says: 'We have come to be creative: In this series I have been involved not only as an actress, but also as co-writer. The original image is not in fact bear no load: a kind of function - a woman encountered on the path of the hero-spy. After his exposure, the authors decided they should go together in the USSR. But this is unlikely! He's not an idiot to carry your favorite to certain destruction. After all, Jean knew: front - only the cellars of Lubyanka. But even alienate Helen for her salvation Gilbert purely a human could. She had to let him go myself. In short, the finale of the movie I totally invented. Incidentally, in a shoot in Paris, Helen was featured on my initiative. 16 series blow off the nerves of the Gestapo, the protagonist, the audience, at last, and nothing to do - this is just silly. Favorite female protagonist can not be only a function. My arguments seem convincing authors of the script, new scenes were invented specifically for my heroine. "

Recently Elena Ksenofontova removed a lot. Among her roles: Anna Zheleznyak in the movie 'Theater The doomed', Natalia Silantyeva - 'Carom', Katerina - 'Chief caliber, Jeanne Streshinskaya -' Hunting for a genius', the Countess Ekaterina Panina - 'Satisfaction'.

'What is the movie for me?.. - She says. - Blue Chips. Very dangerous, but incredibly exciting. No right to fail - will not be possible to fix ... And the public is not stupid, and you will never forgive her. And a good thing! Do not repeat itself, be evidence, and to love his character, believing him to want to be able to - it is a principle which I try to stick with the beginning of their relationship with this great art. But how I do not judge you. "

Helena Ksenofontova first marriage broke up after 11 years. 'Just relations outdated - she confesses. - At some point we have established between the infinite calm. But I am an actress, and to play, I needed emotional lift or emotional decline, but not calm! I left a tragic - it's hard when 11 years old and all is well, life is arranged: But we have remained close friends'.

. In 2002, filming the series 'Taiga' she met her future second husband Ilya Neretin
. They had a son Timothy. But the marriage fell apart 'Now we are not together, but it is - a good father, - says Elena Ksenofontova. - One can say: when I look at my Timka, I see - a child of love: '

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  • lenkom39006 for Ksenofontova Elena
  • You know, Helen, in our country is not so imngo such actresses as you. Your play on stage or in film leads to the idea, . that you cease to be EY Ksenofontova, . and become just the chelovekm which vyigraete.Mne liked your role in the TV series "Mothers and Daughters", . where you beautifully "lived" the life of a power, . but vtozhe time very soft kind loving woman,
    . I want to wish you я?я?п°я?я?я?, uachi and above all love and health! PSZhelayu that whatever you pleased us (fans) with their roles.
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    Ksenofontova Elena, photo, biography
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