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Artem Terekhov

( Actor)

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Artem Terekhov: "Cadet Sobolev brings new jet '
As we know, in the second season of the series 'Kadetstvo' favorite heroes to have added new characters. Thus, the main hero Makarov writers came up with a rival in the person of Cadet Sobolev. His role went to Artem Terekhov, who had hitherto been a mystery for the audience. We met with the actor, who agreed to lift the veil of mystery and tell about themselves.

You came to the project only to the second season, and there already has its own prevailing team. It was difficult to integrate?

It was very easy, I felt no confidence on the part of partners to the site and indeed the crew. Everything was very good. My kids just brought up to date, as soon as arrived in Tver. They did not cast, explained that where, as. In general, everything was very simple and no problems.

Artem TerehovDolgo felt like a novice? And then, in fact, sometimes for weeks can not fit.

Unimaginable long experience 'at ease' was not. It continued to a maximum of one day, because one or two days do not know simply all by name, crew, location ... but, as I said already, all very well treated, so that, starting from the first day, I communicate easily with others. Feelings 'beginner', so to speak, actually was not.

How do you do in 'Kadetstvo' got?

It all started with the fact that Natalia Rodionova, casting director, found my photo. Thank you very much for her this. I photographed a very long time, I go there for 17 years, now I'm 21. I still called, I came. In fact, my name is on the first season of 'Kadetstvo', but there is something not developed. I think, maybe even this is better, Cadet Sobolev, he brings a new impetus to the plot.

Team as? Made friends with the other cadets? Or do you, like your hero, had been with someone conflicts?

Of course, became friends. First, Kirill Emelyanov. We met him before the shooting, the day of departure in Tver we met literally on the eve of our 'Kinokonstanty'. Go harping on good terms. In Tver already with all the children talked. Very good friends with the film crew, with operators, property master, etc.

Do not have a feeling that is really a Suvorov military school here? "

I do not know ... rather not, than yes. Difficult to say what we feel is as cadets. Because we will be there, and our work is already included, and physical training, and so on. Studying in Suvorovskom largely takes longer. I have friends among the cadets, with whom I communicate very well. So they say: 'We learned this a long time been, but also to prepare to go now, then fiznagruzki'. We have in some sense simpler, and something contrary. Although the comparison is very difficult, tk. are two completely different things.

You watched the first season before his claim to the role?

No, I watched a couple of times once gone, but do not hang out near a TV. I just particularly do not like to watch serials. So the first season for me was only theory.

Artem Terekhov what? You do not even know where to actually 'all started'?

Know. When I was already approved. They gave me the CD with all the series, so I went into the course case. I did not expect, but it looked very easy, fast.

Opening one veil of mystery to us, tell us about what will happen next with Sobolev?

What can I say ... Sobolev can be expected from anything. That's all that I told you I can now say about him, and I want.

Well, then tell me some interesting cases on the court?

In principle every day at something happening, something always cheerful. In the frame we are making fun of each other always. Yesterday, for example, we illuminators went crazy, staged a heroic fight with them, friendly, of course. Now more and spring has come, I want to run, so that we entertain the fact that the parade ground ball kicks. Always find what to do during breaks.

. And what have you been up to the project? I understand that now, almost no matter what neither the strength nor the time left?

. I've been in the studio theater in Zelenograd, was in the club of historical reconstruction, this historical fencing, so we were not born yesterday (laughs)
. As with all play soccer, go to watch football matches.

This is your first experience in a frame? And in general in terms of acting?

Artem TerehovNet course. I played in various productions, I remember, for the new year I'm in DC for two years worked in elkah participated. As for movies, this movie 'Call me Gin', where I played the role of the ranger, at the very beginning of the movie is such a small epizodik me. In the painting 'grandson Gagarin's also an episodic role skinhead. He had already left, the premiere was on April 12. I would like to get it, but get there .... Then the series 'adult life Polina Subbotina', where I play the main characters classmate, football fans of Spartacus. In general, experience in the frame already.

What is going to do after 'Kadetstvo'? Or have not even thought about it?

Well, why not ... thought, of course. Now comes the second season of 'Kadetstvo', then, perhaps, the third otsnimem and all. I think that after all this tightly study education, finish school. Now I'm in the International Slavic Institute, at the acting department, as you know. I, however, again in the first year, because of the filming I had to take a sabbatical.

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Artem Terekhov, photo, biography
Artem Terekhov, photo, biography Artem Terekhov  Actor, photo, biography
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